Evil is a living entity desiring nothing less than the domination of all existence. It existed before creation, lurking in background and waiting for the moment when it could gain purchase in a rapidly expanding universe. Eternal, indestructible, even the loss of its agents could not remove its stain from reality. Not even the Creator himself can expel Evil entirely.
From the distant past to the far future, the battle between Good and Evil continues. For the villains a single goal: the conquest of the planet Earth and with it, the key to ultimate power. For those seeking to stop them a vital task: protect the world.
For although Evil cannot be destroyed, it can be vanquished, contained and fought. And so long as there are those to fight it, it can never claim victory. And as the lines between Good and Evil blur, the question should be: is Evil the natural state of things and Good the abomination?

Myth and Legend

Chapter Added / Updated: 21st March 2023

How did it all start? Where did the war between good and evil begin? How did an existence at the point of oblivion pass into the creation of a new reality, a reborn creator and the start of a new war? Just how was the universe formed, what role did the Power play and what of those that tried to tame it?
The Age of Legend is the period during which all those questions are answered as existence emerged from the darkness and begins anew.


The Conquest Of Evil

Chapter Added / Updated: 23rd March 2023

When the war between Zordon of Eltar and Rita Repulsa ended, it promised a new era of peace as the forces of darkness raced to fill the void left by one of their most skilled commanders. And while Zordon’s forces could claim the victory, they did so with the knowledge that their noble leader would no longer be amongst them in battle. The cosmos entered a period of unease as both sides worked to recover from their losses. Who could step up and take the place of Rita Repulsa; would such a being be allowed the opportunity to prove his worth? And without Zordon, who would take up the challenge of leading the forces of light?
In the meantime the Earth has been revealed as a world of interest to the cosmos at large. How will the small planet cope when it suddenly finds itself the prize for every villain wanting to prove their worth and those willing to do anything to deny the dark forces their moment of triumph? Perhaps the Earth will need to look to its own heroes, but for every hero that emerges, there is another threat looming.


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