Evil is more than a concept. It is a living entity desiring nothing less than the domination of all existence. Throughout time and space, since the very creation of the first universe, Evil has been there, lurking in background and waiting for a moment of weakness when it could strike. Even when its forces were decimated Evil remained, seeking a way to snatch victory from defeat.

From the distant past to the far future, my fanfiction is an exploration of this universe where the unwritten future of another universe is as important as the unrecorded past of the mainstream reality. For the villains a single goal: the conquest of the planet Earth and with it, the key to ultimate power. For the Rangers a responsibility that stretches beyond the boundaries of time and space: to protect their world and vanquish evil wherever it appears.

Some people claim that every story should have a happy ending. With COE the question should be is evil being conquered or doing the conquering? It’s a cross between the Marvel and DC multiverse with hints of the Saban universe thrown in for good measure. It’s a place where you can walk on the Moon without a space suit. It’s a place the characters I write call home.

Chapter Added: 2nd April 2021

Time Goes By
Chapter Added: 20th April 2021

Genesis: The End
Before something new can begin, the old must make way. Behold the end of the universe.

Genesis: Birth and Rebirth
With the ending over the next story can begin. Sometimes multiple times.

Genesis: Birth Of A Conflict
In the fledgling universe the battle between Good and Evil has already begun.

Genesis: Enter The New Gods
As the Avatars of Light and Dark pass so their former disciples assume the roles of Elder Gods. And just what did happen to Shadow?

Genesis: Shift in Power
The surviving Dark Gods make a pact that will see the forces of Evil share power while the Dark Throne stands empty

Genesis: Change in the Celestial Guard
The Celestials prepare the realm of mortals for habitation as they themselves get ready to depart.

New Chapter Genesis: Under New Management – The Guardians of the Universe vs Magic New Chapter
Added: 23rd March 2021
The First Ones departed, leaving behind a number of races capable of directing affairs for the new fledgling universe. The first to step up: The Maltusians. Their problem: a cosmos on the brink of chaos. Their solution: remove all magic.

New Chapter Genesis: Guardians, Lords and Masters New Chapter
Added: 2nd April 2021
The new races take over the care of the universe.

New Chapter Time Goes By: The Great Eggscapade New Chapter
Added: 20th April 2021
The saga of the Power Eggs is long and convaluted as the descendants of the Morphin Masters undertake a difficult and drawn out journey to reach a place where their ancestors can safely retrieve them.

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