Evil is more than a concept. It is a living entity desiring nothing less than the domination of all existence. Throughout time and space, since the very creation of the first universe, Evil has been there, lurking in background and waiting for a moment of weakness when it could strike. Even when its forces were decimated Evil remained, seeking a way to snatch victory from defeat.

From the distant past to the far future, my fanfiction is an exploration of this universe where the unwritten future of another universe is as important as the unrecorded past of the mainstream reality. For the villains a single goal: the conquest of the planet Earth and with it, the key to ultimate power. For the Rangers a responsibility that stretches beyond the boundaries of time and space: to protect their world and vanquish evil wherever it appears.

My fanfiction has always circled around Conquest of Evil or COE as I often call it. COE is a Multiversal series covering a larger area than the original show. A series where cross-dimensional, cross-time and parallel universes are possible if rarely seen; a reality where a throwaway monster can return as a near god and bring existence to its knees.

Some people claim that every story should have a happy ending. With COE the question should be is evil being conquered or doing the conquering? It’s a cross between the Marvel and DC multiverse with hints of the Saban universe thrown in for good measure. It’s a place where you can walk on the Moon without a space suit. It’s a place the characters I write call home.

Book One: The Beginning
Existence is the end of endless eternity without a beginning or an end.
Book Two: The Oncoming Storm
Evil is not a new thing and the fight to overcome the darkness stretches back before the Universe began. But when the wicked witch Rita Repulsa was released from her prison and Zordon summoned five teenagers with attitude to protect their world, the war really heated up. But this is not a universe where Rita is the only threat and the Power Rangers are the only heroes.
The Perils of Grayskull
On the planet Eternia the battle between He-Man and Sketelor reaches it's climax. But if the Masters of the Universe truly believed that such evil could be destroyed they were mistaken. And far from Eternia the planet Earth is about find itself facing a new threat. Will the evil villain succeed where so many have failed before or will the Earth's magic claim a new victim?
The Machine Age
After facing the evil of Rita and Zedd, the Rangers face a new threat from King Mondo and his Machine Empire.
The Refugee Knights
Fleeing from the destruction of their homeworld, can they work out a peaceful existence on a planet? After all the hardships they’ve faced, do they even care about peace or would they sooner take a world by force?
Book Three: Holding Back the Dark
The forces of darkness grow ever stronger, drawn to the planet that seems to hold their peers at bay. For such a planet must be truly valuable if it is so fiercely defended. Right?
Book Four: The Minion of Darkness
Twice Minion has been defeated by the Power Rangers. But he is a villain who lacks the sense to just die. And now he is back once more with his own forces and a growing madness that could threaten more than just Angel Grove. When the Power Rangers Zeo meet their match, can some old friends save the day or is this one occassion where evil does triumph?
Crossroads of Evil
Minion is invited to a spectacle that might encourage him to change his plans.. or cause him to double down on his decision.
A side story set during Minion of Darkness.
Shatter Point
The Power Rangers and their allies were too late and existence ceased. But in the darkness a single reality remained, shifting in time and space, reflecting the many realities that had been lost and sustained by what was left of the Great Power.
Can a team of humans who never wanted to be heroes step up to accept the role fate has given them to restore existence, especially when they realise the cost?
Book Five: The Eye of the Storm
Minion is gone, the disaster was narrowly averted. But there are always costs. Even as the storm clouds move on, darkness is looming on the horizon and the Rangers must enjoy the peace while they can. As the Zeo Rangers recover from their ordeal, they must also contend with Lord Zedd and a group of new friends.
Book Six: Summer Days
As the darkness continues to gather, the Rangers had best enjoy the peace and quiet. Or at least what passes for peace and quiet on a planet that is a target for every would-be villain and opportunistic pirate that fancies making a name for themselves
Book Seven: Transitions
A new era is about to commence as new villains emerge to take their rightful places. For the Alliance of Evil it means the end of the road for Maxell; for the new members of the United Alliance of Evil it means a new regime under a Grand Monarch that won't tolerate infighting.
Book Eight: The Dark Season
The darkness has grown stronger, the light falters against its power.
Book Nine: Countdown to Destruction
The timetable changed. Suddenly Dark Specter is no longer willing to wait for others to conquer the Earth and orders his own forces to advance. How will the heroes of Earth fare when they are faced with the overwhelming might of the UAE?

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