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Conquest of Evil Multiverse Index

Welcome to the Conquest of Evil Multiverse, home of my fanfics. It is an alternate universe from the events that take place in the original book, television show, movie, etc. My interests cover a variety of shows and films from anime to Power Rangers to films such as Dogma.

Conquest of Evil Main Reality

Conquest of Evil

My main series, and the longest running series I have written. Conquest of Evil is based in a reality here things did not go completely in accordance with the television show. From the appearance of Rita's mother, to the destruction of all reality and back, I've tried to maintain the view that even if good will eventually triumph over evil, it will be a hard fought battle.

Shadow Ranger's Fanfiction

Minion is invited to witness a spectacle that might cause him to abandon his plans... or double down. Set during the Minion of Darkness Saga. Guest written by Adam Pearlman, Adam Safran and John Chubb.

Night Fighters

When treading the path between good and evil, some walk so close to the darkness that the light they radiate seems lost. Yet they are some of the greatest champions for good acting because they must while knowing their deeds will never be recognised and that there are those that consider them as dark as those they oppose. They are the Night Fighters and this is their story

Conquest of Evil Shatter Point

The Power Rangers and their allies were too late and existence ceased. But in the darkness a single reality remained, shifting in time and space, reflecting the many realities that had been lost and sustained by what was left of the Great Power.

Can a team of humans who never wanted to be heroes step up to accept the role fate has given them to restore existence, especially when they realise the cost?

Alternate Conquest of Evil Realities

Minion of Darkness

Following a series of failed attempts to take over the Earth, Rita and Zedd stumble upon a plan to create another evil Power Ranger, this one using the power of the Green Ranger and the face of Billy Cranston. This is an AU series based upon the Minion of Darkness storyline in Conquest of Evil. It is unreleated to any other series.

It all began with a clone of the Blue Ranger. And from there the tale unfolds. This is an AU series of Conquest of Evil. It is unreleated to Minion of Darkness, Conquest of Evil or any other series.
Minion of Evil

The story that started it all. This is the original version of the story that became Minion of Darkness (although Minion did appear in an earlier spinoff series based on Ellen Brand's Personality Conflicts). If you have already read the Minion Sage in COE: Reckoning, most of this will be the same. It was only the ending that change in COE: Reckoning, and a few names. This is an AU series of Conquest of Evil. It is unreleated to Minion of Darkness, Conquest of Evil or any other series.

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