Evil is more than a concept. It is a living entity desiring nothing less than the domination of all existence. Throughout time and space, since the very creation of the first universe, Evil has been there, lurking in the background and waiting for a moment of weakness when it could strike. Even when its forces were decimated Evil remained, seeking a way to snatch victory from defeat.
From the distant past to the far future, my fanfiction is an exploration of this universe where the unwritten future of another universe is as important as the unrecorded past of mainstream reality. For the villains a single goal: the conquest of the planet Earth and with it, the key to ultimate power. For the Rangers a responsibility that stretches beyond the boundaries of time and space: to protect their world and vanquish evil wherever it appears.
My fanfiction has always circled around Conquest of Evil or COE as I often call it. COE is a Multiversal series covering a larger area than the original show. A series where cross-dimensional, cross-time and parallel universes are possible if rarely seen; a reality where a throwaway monster can return as a near god and bring existence to its knees.
Some people claim that every story should have a happy ending. With COE the question should be is evil being conquered or doing the conquering? It's a cross between the Marvel and DC multiverse with hints of the Saban universe thrown in for good measure. It's a place where you can walk on the Moon without a space suit. It's a place the characters I write call home.
For in the beginning there was nothing. Then something happened and the nothingness was no longer empty and existence would never be the same. From that tiny piece of something grew first a universe and then a whole multiverse filled with posibilities. This is the Conquest of Evil Multiverse.
The Conquest of Evil is a saga that spreads beyond a single story. These are the tales from outside of the Prime Reality. From the far reaches of the Multiverse, to the twisted tales of The Minionverse there are stories to be told. And then there are those books that hold their own sagas and all the wonders to be found in places familiar, but oh so different.

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