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Epilogue 3: Release and Catch
By The Q team

Inside the Morphin Grid

On a plateau inside the Morphin Grid, at the base of an Input/Output tower, Zordon sat looking out at the terrain, and paths of power before him. But they were more than just paths.

Zordon always mentioned the Morphin Grid to the Rangers, but always had trouble describing it. He tried to picture in his mind while in the plasma tube. He wondered how he could explain it. Power? A world of magic? Both? More?

He tried to picture something he never thought he'd see. And then, he got in and saw the Morphin Grid for himself. But so did Dark Specter.

Zordon and Dark Specter always tried to keep distance from one another. Yet they also wondered what a confrontation would have been like between them. There was no way to determine a victor if the world of the Grid was at risk. And neither was willing to do that.

At the end Dark Specter left through Zordon's escape path leading to Zordon's plasma tube. Dark Specter now shared Zordon's fate, while Zordon was stranded inside the Grid until a new plasma tube could be built. Until then, Zordon would wait, and admire the scenery.

Zordon marveled at the sight of the physical manifestation of the Morphin Grid. A world of power that was healing from their battle. The structures below looked like a city with people. But these people were manifestations of those connected to the grid. When a Ranger was created they were tied to their manifestations sharing the knowledge and experiences of the real world to the manifestations of the Grid. The Rangers created became part of the Morphin Grid as the Morphin Grid became part of them.

It reminded Zordon of the stories Kevin Flynn said in his book 'Mapping the Digital Frontier'. Zordon thought Flynn had a more unusual experience with computers than he let on as he described a digital world. A world Zordon knew about if the rise of Kilokhan in North Valley was any indication.

But he also wondered what other horrors the Grid would hold. Not to mention the hopes, as he thought he saw manifestations of Rangers that haven't come across their powers yet. At least, that was what Zordon believed themselves to be.

He also saw manifestations of those that could well be villains in the Grid. And when they came across their powers those dark manifestations would also be joined to their real world counterparts. But he also wondered about other evils within the grid.

Zordon also wondered what the being that was called 'Polybius' was. It felt like a malignant force operating on instinct, but there was an intelligence behind it as well. An intelligence Zordon did not know, yet it also felt familiar.

Zordon continued to wait on the plateau until he was shaken out of his contemplation when he saw the I/O beam come from the sky. Making his way through the tower to the beam Zordon immediately stood in the center of the beam.

Taking his disk off his back he held it up within the beam and the disk flew out of his hand riding up the beam to establish the connection with the physical world. When the link was established Zordon awaited the transport beam to activate to take him back to the Power Chamber. He figured the Doctor had created a new plasma tube by now.

Zordon had digitized in the beam ready to return to the real world. But his destination would not be the Power Chamber.


The kaleidoscope of colors swirled around Zordon as he left the world of light, power and color that was the physical manifestation of the Morphin Grid. Finding his way through the corridors of power as he was guided to his destination to where the plasma tube would be assembled.

Soon he found the output destination and felt himself redigitize inside his plasma tube. When he felt himself completely assembled Zordon took in his surroundings, and found he was not in the Power Chamber. He recognized his location though.

"The trial chamber on Eltar." Zordon said as he seemed to be placed on the Defendant's podium where he would address whoever sought to seemingly put him on trial. But he wondered what crime he was accused of committing. So far no one addressed him indicating why he was in the Council's Judicial Chamber rather than the Power Chamber on Earth.

Looking off to the side he saw Council balconies where councilors would sit in judgement of the accused, which Zordon was accused of being. At the very base would sit the inquisitor of the trial, but for now the chair was empty. The balcony seats also were empty.

Across from his podium on the other side pf the trial room sat the prosecution podium. It was empty as well, but Zordon saw what was happening, and if the Doctor was to be believed from his own long ago experience, Zordon of Eltar was about to go to trial. _ For what?_ he wondered to himself. He wouldn't have to wait long for an answer.

"Welcome home Zordon." A voice said from the other side of the trial room. Pulling back the curtain the figure revealed itself to be Councillor S'Hera.

"S'Hera. What is the meaning of this?" Zordon asked. "Why am I here in the trial chamber?" Two guards then appeared by S'Hera's side, and she seemed to speak her next words with relish.

"Zordon of Eltar you are under arrest." S'Hera said. "The charges are illegal acquisition of power assets, interfering with the planet's developing culture, and possible conspiracy against the council. Do you have any counter argument to these charges as they are present to you?"

Zordon shook his head 'no.' He didn't have time to prepare for an argument, and he thought shouting that what was happening was an outrage would be of no help. "I trust I will have time to prepare worth arguments for this 'trial'?" he asked biting down on the last word.

"You will Zordon." S'Hera said. Mentally she added _For all the good it will do you._ "Do you wish to adjourn to prepare you defense?" Zordon said "Yes".

"Then you are hereby remanded to the custody of the Council of Eltar. A chamber has been prepared for you to adjourn in, and you will be permitted one comm channel communique to whoever you wish to contact. Whether your Rangers, or whatever allies you wish to bring to trial." S'Hera then smiled a sinister smile in Zordon's direction and said her final words with gleeful malice.

"And I hope, for all the gods in the universe, that you are found guilty."

After a few hours Zordon's plasma tube had been remanded to private quarters so he could prepare for the trial. In the balcony of the council chambers S'Hera and Darkonda look down as preparations were being made for it to be turned into a courtroom for what they looked to be the greatest trial in the cosmos.

"At last." S'Hera said. "Everything hinges on this moment."

"We haven't crossed the finish line yet my dear." Darkonda added. "We still have to get the guilty verdict."

"Which we will acquire." S'hera said. "The Valeyard will make certain of that." Darkonda nodded, but something still troubled him. "I never asked, but I wonder what the Va;eyard's motivations for helping us in our plan are."

"I also asked that question myself." S'Hera said. "I never really got a clear answer. He only mentioned that he wanted to wipe away something of importance. And it was a matter of his own personal freedom."

Darkonda nodded as he got the same answer once upon a time. "Regardless, all our goals are coming to fruition. We shall finally wipe away that speck of savagery called humanity, and claim the natural magic of Earth for ourselves."

"And Zordon, and the Power Rangers will be no more." S'Hera said with a smile. Both S'Hera and Darkonda chuckled to themselves at the thought of their plan almost complete.

Then the chuckling turned into full blown sinister laughter.

To be continued in: Trials and Wars

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