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Epilogue 2: Accelerated Deployment
By The Q team

Hangar 15
Angel Grove Airport

The battle was over. The heroes left the scene, and returned to their lair. The base known as Hangar 15.

General Flagg requested the Jet Rangers debrief from their mission. Red Hawk gave his report on what happened during the Mariner Bay battle, which the other Jet Rangers backed him up on. General Flagg then nodded and said "Thank you everyone. You can wait in the rejuvenation center. Dismissed."

The Jet Rangers then turned and demorphed into their secret identities as they headed towards the rejuvenation center. Once Flagg was alone Kennede stepped from the shadows. "They got lucky this time." He said as he walked forward. Flagg turned to face their trainer.

"You found the location well enough?" Flagg asked. Kennede nodded. "I believe there is a problem. I feel the Jet Rangers have been deployed too soon." Flagg nodded himself at what Kennede thought, but he also stood by the decision.

"The Lightspeed Rangers were in no condition to continue the battle. They were being poisoned by their own powers, and Lightspeed needed someone to fill the void." Flagg said. "With the Power Rangers in Angel Grove gone, and the rest of Earth's heroes stretched thin, I saw no choice but to do a 'field test run' of the Jet Rangers and their zords.

Kennede seemed to understand, but still held his stance. "Even so, I still question the wisdom of this accelerated deployment. We were not sure about the functionality of the Jetman power source, or how technologically sound the Zords were."

General Flagg was sympathetic, but he defended his decision. "Bruce Wayne ordered the deployment of the Jet Rangers. The Walsh model of Lightspeed morpher was corrupted and it was affecting the Rangers. The Jet Rangers needed to fill the void of defense of Mariner Bay with the Lightspeed Rangers being corrupted by a version of their own powers."

Kennede understood, but he still felt deploying the Jet Rangers too early might have unforeseen consequences. He hoped no one was looking in on the powers being developed in this old airport hangar which was converted into a Ranger base. "How are the Lightspeed Rangers right now?" Kennede then asked. "Any word from the Aquabase?"

"Recovering according to General Abernathy." Flagg said. "The Lightspeed organization has called in Rebecca Cranston to help get the Fairweather design again." Kennede then asked "And Walsh?"

"Forced to resign under Mr. Wayne's orders." Flagg said. "Her morpher designs were ordered destroyed. Miss Fairweather confirmed their destruction."

"Fortunate." Kennede said, though he had a feeling about their destruction he couldn't quite place. He then turned to General Flagg and said "I understand the reasoning behind deploying the Jet Rangers as quickly as you have. If they had not filled the void left by the Lightspeed's power corruption Mariner Bay would have fallen and we would have had a Demon palace in its place."

"I sense a 'but' coming though." Flagg had said. Kennede nodded.

"I am hopeful this is the one, and only, time we will accelerate deployment of the Jet Rangers." Kennede said. "They are vulnerable until we finish this project. If the wrong people find out about the work here before we can finalize the program…."

"I understand." Flagg said. "The actions we took that seemed good at the moment might haunt us later on, unless we're completely careful." Kennede nodded agreeing with General Flagg's conclusion. Especially as he came to the same one. Kennede couldn't help but ask "How are our heroes holding up?"

Flagg couldn't help but smile. "Wishing they could use their real names and not those of obscure characters from a 'Peanuts' cartoon." Kennede also gave a smile as he was familiar with 'Peanuts' and said "Better see if no footballs are pulled away."

"Yet." General Flagg said as both men headed to the recreation area, where the Jet Rangers were waiting.

Inside the lower levels of Hangar 15 was the Rejuvination Center where the Jet Rangers could relax. Next to that was the gym where the Rangers would train, as well as established living quarters where they could sleep.

All five of the Jet Rangers tried to make their quarters seem like those of typical teens. Posters, memorabilia, odds and ends of different types and tastes. Nowhere was there any personal pictures, or of family and friends. In a way the Jet Rangers were a family of their own. Kennede encouraged that relationship amongst the team, and the Jet Rangers became closer for it.

Along the wall of the Rejuvination were different arcade games of different eras. Also were books and vids for the Rangers to learn from, read and watch. Kennede and Flagg encouraged their continued education. They would not allow a Ranger team to 'wallow in stupid' if they could help it.

In the center of the room the Jet Ranger known as Red Hawk was playing a game of Air Hockey with White Swan, and White Swan was gaining ground on Red Hawk's score. Black Condor just played a Pac-Man arcade cabinet, and was already surpassing the High Score.

That left Blue Swallow and Yellow Owl, who were sitting in the library reading. Blue Swallow looked around and said "It's almost like our own private Ernie's."

"Except there's no Ernie." Yellow Owl said, with a touch of sadness. "Man, I never thought I'd miss the Youth Center."

"I know. I'm even starting to miss Oliver's group." Blue Swallow said. "Wonder if they added anyone new lately."

"Maybe they found someone we knew. They're always adding someone new…." Red Hawk started to say Blue Swallow's name, but stopped before it could be said. "Forgot, we're not supposed to use real names."

"Not yet." The voice of Kennede said standing in the doorway with General Flagg. "Good catching of yourself though." Kennede and Flagg then crossed over to where Red Hawk stood and Kennede said "There is a new girl in Oliver's group. A transfer from San Francisco. Wears quite a bit of silver."

"Anyone we need to know?" Red Hawk asked. Kennede didn't answer as he then started to ask how the mission went, while using the code name provided.

"The mission went well….'Shermy'?" Kennede asked. Red Hawk sighed at the thought of having to use a code name from a forgotten 'Peanuts' comic strip character, but General Flagg and Kennede both thought the use of their real names, or as General Flagg put it-'File names' was too much of a risk. To that end Kennede listed a selection of character names that could serve in the real world when they were not hidden from view in Hangar 15.

Red Hawk took the name 'Shermy'. Black Condor called himself 'Pig-Pen'. Yellow Owl was called 'Thibault'. White Swan called herself 'Violet', while Blue Swallow was called 'Patty'. She always had to say that her code name was not based off of 'Peppermint Patty', but an earlier character of the same name. Despite the name, 'Patty' was able to work with it.

With the Jet Rangers being 'Off the Grid' they could not reveal their true names. So the code names were selected. They did wish however the choices they were given were more….cooler. General Flagg however said "How can you be cooler than Charles Schultz?"

The Jet Rangers had several answers to that question, but they would not reveal those feelings. The names they were given were the names they were stuck with. With that 'Shermy' gave his report.

"It went pretty good." 'Shermy' said. "We were able to help push the attacking forces in Mariner Bay back." Kennede nodded and asked "Casualties?"

"The Lightspeed Rangers for the most part." 'Thibault' said. "It was like their powers were trying to take them over. Make them something…..'evil'."

"But we flew in and helped push the demons back." 'Violet' said. General Flagg then added "For now."

"Sir, what do you mean 'for now'" 'Pig-Pen' asked. General Flagg had a feeling that what he saw was not everything with protecting the town.

"The Demons were not part of the attack." Flagg said. "The legend is that Mariner Bay once stood on top of a Demon Palace that was destroyed and buried over time. The Demons would want to make sure any resistance was destroyed before they claim the town as their prize." Everyone seemed to understand, but Yellow Owl then asked "Do you mean the Demons are still out there?"

Kennede nodded. "That's why we have to present the front that Mariner Bay still has protection while the Lightspeed Rangers recover. Lightspeed is severely weakened. It will take time for them to come back and get the new powers ready."

"But if we stay ready..." 'Shermy' started to say. "The Demons might have second thoughts." Kennede finished. 'Violet' then asked "How long until the Lightspeed Rangers recover?"

"Uncertain." Kennede said. "So I ask for more patience from you. Not just to reveal your true names, but for your fellow Rangers." The five Jet Rangers nodded and then Kennede and Flagg turned to leave. Stopping in the doorway Kennede then asked "Have you enjoyed the code-names I had assigned to you?"

All five Jet Rangers gave one another a look as 'Shermy' then said. "They are…..different." Flagg then smiled "Don't worry, we will help you find who forced you to hide."

Kennede and Flagg left the OR and stopped 'Pig-Pen' asked "I wonder why he didn't decide for us to use names like 'Charlie Brown' or 'Linus' and 'Lucy?'"

'Shermy' answered. "Those names were too popular. The characters they picked were characters that became less popular as the strip went on. The original 'Shermy' was one of Charles Schultz's original characters until he decided he'd only be used if he needed a character with little or no personality."

"Could have been worse." 'Thibault' said. "They could have named us after 'Garfield' characters."

"I for one would not want to be code named 'Odie'." 'Pig-Pen' said. 'Patty' then asked "When can we get our names and identities back?"

"I know. It feels weird named after cartoon characters in a witness protection program." 'Violet' said. 'Shermy' had the same question.

"Kennede said there were some things that had to happen first." 'Shermy' said. "But he promised the time would come. We just have to make sure no one is looking for us right now."

"But when the time is right?" 'Patty' asked.

'Shermy' nodded. "We'll know." They then decided to leave the Rejuvination Center, and go to the gym to train.

Silver Hills
1000 Years in the future.

In a computer center an individual wearing a white uniform with sunglasses sat looking at the images on a monitor before him. The images adjusted from an image of a team of Time Force Rangers in the year 2001 to different teams from different times.

Some even from different possibilities if the Time Force database was to be believed. Alex Drake however would leave nothing to chance. Whether it be possibility, or reality.

Alex looked through as much data as he could, but when he came to the information on the Jet Rangers he noticed all information in the file had been redacted. The computer indicated "Delta class only. Authorization by Lawrence J. Flagg II."

Alex wondered about General Lawrence J. Flagg the Second. It was well documented that he was the son of the original Lawrence J. Flagg. Lawrence Flagg the first was a well decorated service man with citations and medals. He was said to have gone through West Point like many high rankers had gone. Some even in the Flagg family.

Lawrence Flagg II had a similar history, and his service and history were more or less for him to see, except for those that were redacted. One reference however stood out for him though. His file indicated that his father died at the hands of a mercenary. The mercenary's file was just underneath Flagg's.

Major Sebastian Bludd.

Alex then read Major Bludd's file. He had been in the Australian army until he was dishonorably discharged, for reasons redacted, and went into mercenary work immediately after. He had done work for the Cobra Organization off and on, as well as some for the cabal of Generals known as 'the Jugglers'. If you could meet his price, Bludd would take the job.

The only drawback Alex saw was that Major Bludd wrote poetry, badly. He looked at an example of Bludd's poems, and was glad that Bludd's mercenary skills said more about him than his poetry did.

Alex had a plan he needed to put into place. He would need the Jet Rangers and General Flagg dealt with severely so they would not be a threat to him, or his plans.

So Alex Drake figured when the time came to move on Time Force, and others, he would want to give the Major a call.

And Alex would make his move soon. For he would make sure, as he pardoned the pun, time would run out for the Time Force Rangers….and even time itself.

To be continued in: The Ravolox Chamber

Additional Note: In case you were wondering about the Peanuts Code Names used I'll explain who these characters actually are.

Shermy: This was one of Charles Schultz's original four characters when he launched Peanuts in 1952. The first four characters were Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Shermy and Patty (not Peppermint Patty-She didn't make her debut until around 1972). When the cast of Peanuts expanded to include more characters Shermy was a character that fell by the wayside to the point that Schultz only used the character when he needed someone with little, or no, personality. Schultz also never liked the way Shermy was drawn. He never seemed to come out right.

Thibault(pronounced T-bow[not sure why])-This character only appeared in two arcs and was a played on Peppermint Patty's baseball team. The first time was when Peppermint Patty needed Charlie Brown's glove to loan to Thibault as he didn't have one of his own. Thibault refused to return the glove saying he would fight Charlie Brown to keep the glove. When Thibault said he thought Charlie Brown was better than him Charlie Brown let Thibault keep the glove.

The second time Thibault appeared was when Marcie was brought on the team and Thibault refused to play because Marcie was a girl. When Marcie confronted Thibault for his attitude she wound up hitting him if he said one word. The word he said was 'Oh?'

Pig-Pen-One of the early characters who always carried a cloud of dirt and dust around him. He was continuously mocked for his dirty appearance, but his conscience always was clean. Even if he cleaned up, he would be dirty in seconds as he was always a magnet for dirt and dust.

Patty and Violet-Patty was one of the original four characters, and when Violet appeared the two formed a 'mean girls' duo who bullied characters like Charlie Brown and Pig-Pen. They were also part of Lucy's 'crab squad' early on, but as Lucy became a more rounded character Patty and Violet fell by the wayside and joined 'forgotten characters' like Shermy.

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