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Author's Note: The character Mistress Vile has been a part of my series for some time now. I have long had her enter as the mother of Rita Repulsa and the estranged wife of Master Vile. In this story, I have changed her character a bit based on the comic book series by Boom Studios. I found parts of Rita's backstory surrounding her mother intrigued me and the character of Reaghoul from Dino Fury was a suitable means to create a villain I can almost feel sorry for. The final inspiration for this however comes from the most recent issues of Boom Studios' comic and the introduction of Mistress Vile, which is the look I have gone for in Monastra Repugna's initial appearance. The opera glasses she uses to see long distances are taken from Rita's appearance as Mystic Mother.

On a final note, I have held for some time that Rita's role as Mystic Mother is hereditary. The woman who gave birth to Rita Repulsa was the Mystic Mother of this reality. As for Junior... his fate will eventually be discovered, but not in this story.

The Power of Repugna

Gamma Vile
Long Ago

"It is done," Reaghoul announced as he stood back to admire his work.

"Very impressive," Master Vile agreed as he studied the body. "But have you fixed the flaws?"

"She is as you wanted her, Master Vile," he assured. "Her mind and body were restored, and her soul cleansed of all traces of purity. She is now all the darkness Lady Fienna possessed, multiplied a thousandfold. A true wicked queen reborn to take her place at your side as Mistress Vile."

He removed a device and made a show of placing it around the neck of the reborn queen. There was a purple flash before the collar disappeared.

"As with all my work, I provide a guarantee of good service," he announced. "The control collar around her neck at its lowest setting will prevent her from attacking you. Should you wish, you can increase her subservience to the level you desire. She is now your property."

"As she should be," Master Vile agreed. "For too long, Fienna was allowed to defy me. She dared to fight against me and paid the price. But, her death was too simple and eternal peace a reward I refuse to allow her. She will not escape me, even in death. And now she will learn the true delights of what it means to be evil. Fienna of Magitopia is dead and gone; Monastra Repugna, the Mistress Vile, will live as my queen until I decide that she has earned her rest. And then she will go to the grave knowing all the evil I have caused her to do and spend eternity despairing at what she has become."

The Moon

"So, you dare to return, despite my warnings," Zedd growled as the battered form of his mother-in-law teleported into his Chamber of Command.

"They beat him," the woman murmured. "They defeated my Minion. I will make them pay for that. They haven't heard the last of Mistress Vile."

"They haven't heard of you to begin with," Rita pointed out. "Those Rangers have no idea who you are. I bet Zordon didn't recognise you either. You were just some witch that they had to defeat."

Zedd watched as his wife continued to berate her mother. For the first time since she had entered his home years earlier, he could feel that the power she had held over him was gone. She had been the one defeated by the Rangers. As far as magic was concerned, she had received her opportunity and failed. And now having failed, she dared to come crawling back. Well, Zedd was no fool and he realised that if she was feeling weak, then she was vulnerable. He took full advantage of the opportunity to rid himself of this nuisance.

"You came here, usurped my authority and changed my plans. You promised victory and instead you failed. You are as useless as your daughter. Now, get out of my palace!" he snarled, aiming his staff at the woman.

"You can't," she protested. "I'm in charge here. I defeated you."

"Oh I think you had your chance and you failed," Zedd reasoned. "Now I am resuming command and I want you gone! Unless you think you can battle both of us."

"Rita... please," she begged, appealing to her daughter's better nature. Unfortunately, Rita didn't have a better nature and she hated her mother.

"Don't let the door hit you on the way out," Rita waved, cackling.

"Your father will hear of this," Mistress Vile warned, but the only response from Rita and Zedd was the crossing of their wands as they blasted her with dark energy, propelling her out of the door and off the surface of the Moon.

The music started and Rita cackled, placing a rose in her mouth as they started to Tango across the lunar surface. Conquest would come later, but first, they would dance. They never even noticed that instead of heading toward deep space, Mistress Vile had been thrown toward the Earth.

Time passed. Rita and Zedd successfully located Goldar and Rito Revolto, returning the sinister duo to their service. With their recent problems forgotten, they turned their attention to eliminating the remnants of the Royal House of Gadgetry before Mondo could return.

But, as their schemes and bungled attempts to conquer Earth failed, Mistress Vile had been recovering from the beating she had taken at the hands of the Power Rangers and then her own family. When she had been blasted from the presence of Rita and Lord Zedd, they had expected her to limp home to Gamma Vile. Instead, she had allowed the energy wave to push her to Earth. After surviving and recovering from violent re-entry and an uncontrolled landing, she had spent weeks on board a fishing ship after washing up in their nets.

Now finally her strength had been restored at the cost of only twenty lives. Her magic had exploded in a burst of dark energy, which had set off alerts across the planet. Oh, Mistress Vile was out for revenge, and she was stronger than ever.

Power Chamber

"Alpha, have you found anything yet?" Zordon asked.

"Negative Zordon," Alpha replied. "The dark energy was located in Angel Grove Harbour, but is now gone."

"Have you detected any abnormal readings from the Moon?" Zordon asked after a moment's thought. It was possible that Rita and Zedd were up to something and that the scanner failed to show the right location.

"No Zordon," Alpha answered after a brief check. "Everything is completely normal."

Zordon frowned although it was difficult to notice given the severe distortion created by his plasma tube. The Power Chamber's sensors were usually extremely sensitive, yet in the last few days, they had picked up several unexplained anomalies and failed to pinpoint the source. Although he was prepared to explain it away as the result of planetary movements, it seemed unnerving.

"Ai-Yi-Yi, somebody just unleashed a massive amount of dark energy in Downtown Angel Grove," Alpha said as the computer beeped. "The computer does not recognise the source."

That was unusual. He would have expected a would-be conqueror to attack immediately. He wondered if it were simply Rita and Zedd planning something. He gave that possibility a few seconds thought and then dismissed it. Zedd had been growing weaker since his marriage to Rita, causing Zordon to speculate that the witch had used a love potion and messed up his magic as a result. Even their combined might did not come close to the massive surge the computer had reported. And since the recent contest between their champion and the Power Rangers, they had been concentrating on removing the competition.

Zordon knew from experience there was little he could do except wait and hope that whatever the threat, his Rangers would be up to the challenge. For some reason though, this time he felt particularly on edge. His connection to the White Power and the sensitivity it provided, told him that this was more than just another of Zedd and Rita's schemes. He had the feeling that there was something they had overlooked. And now it was coming back to haunt them.

Angel Grove

"That feels so much better," Mistress Vile hissed as she dropped the last of her victims, this one a red-headed female, on the ground. Draining the life energy of a sentiment being was not pleasant, but once the unwelcome side effects passed, there was a sudden sense of euphoria as the magic in her body reacted to the foreign energy. It was an addictive feeling. "Maybe I should drain those Power Rangers and use their energy to teach Rita some respect for her mother," she mused.

She glanced at the bodies around her. A part of her that was locked up deep inside the persona of Mistress Vile, protested at the needless loss of life. She ignored it, as she had since Master Vile had ordered her resurrection and transformation from Fienna of Magitopia. Over thousands of years, it had gotten easier to ignore the voice, to feed upon the torment her actions inflicted upon her other self. Still, this time she decided her conscience had a point.

"Quite right," she decided. "It would be a shame to let raw material like this go to waste."

She waved her hand, using her control over the elements to lift the now lifeless flesh. With a gesture, she watched as the dead bodies were torn apart and broken down into mush that rained upon the floor of the wooden hut. At her command, the clay mud beneath the hut bubbled as her magic brought it to life, merging with the mess she had made to create a new army of foot soldiers.

"So, I have my warriors and now I want to get the Power Rangers' attention..." Mistress Vile mused. "Is there a ritual I should follow here, or do I just throw a few energy blasts until they decide to investigate?"

She started to whisper, giving instructions to her new warriors. As she chanted, the clay soldiers shot into the air and raced toward Angel Grove where they would gain the attention of the Power Rangers.

The Rangers had been joined by Billy and Jason for a quiet afternoon when an explosion shook the Youth Center.

"Everybody, take cover!" Ernie warned and the assembled teenagers obeyed.

"Come on guys, we need to check this out," Tommy urged even as the Rangers slipped into a back room. "Zordon, what's going on?"

"It appears that Rita and Zedd have sent a new squadron of Putty Patrollers to a nearby location," Zordon replied.

"That explosion was just to send down some Putties?" Rocky asked. "I thought they used Tengas now."

"Maybe they're still low on stock," Adam offered.

"The Machine Empire did slaughter their stock when they arrived," Billy confirmed.

"I have detected an unusual energy reading from these Putties," Zordon warned. "You should show extreme caution when confronting them. Rita and Zedd may have found a way to empower them."

"I guess that means we morph," Tommy supplied. "Rocky, we clear?"

Rocky took a quick look around, checking through the door to make sure they were well away from the other teens.

"All clear."

"Billy, you should get to the Power Chamber, just in case this is a distraction. It's Morphin Time!"

"Zeo Ranger I - Pink!"

"Zeo Ranger II - Yellow!"

"Zeo Ranger III - Blue!"

"Zeo Ranger IV - Green!"

"Zeo Ranger V - Red!"

"Gold Ranger Power!"

They teleported the short distance to where what they had thought were Putties were causing trouble, not realising that while these foot-soldiers had created using clay, they also carried the rage of their creator and her victims. This batch of Putties was positively feral.

"Ah, here they come," Mistress Vile crowed as she watched the Rangers arrive from a vantage point on the rooftops. And the moment they had arrived, her constructs had attacked, catching the Rangers by surprise; in the past,  Rita and Zedd's Putties took their time to start the fight. "I hope they enjoy my little creations."

These were not the traditional smooth grey-skinned Putty Patrollers that came from the Monster-Matic. Nor were they the lighter grey variety enhanced with Zedd's magic at the cost of their stability. Mistress Vile had used her magic on the ground beneath Angel Grove's streets. Her magic pulled at the various materials and mixed them into the clay, combining the mixture into an almost humanoid form. In the process, she had ended up with something less intelligent than the average Putty Patroller, but with increased durability and aggression.

"This should be fun."

In the past, the Rangers would consider Putty Patroller to be the weakest foot soldiers that they faced. The Tenga Warriors had been fierce, especially after Master Vile enhanced them, and the Cogs' metal hides had forced the Rangers to fight harder. Putties in comparison had seemed easy to defeat either by striking a weak spot or fighting them long enough that they ran out of energy and fell apart.

The current batch, however, made the Rangers reconsider their previous thoughts. These new Putties not only looked different, but they were also much stronger. Already the Rangers had been forced to use their weapons against them as punches and kicks bounced off their toughened bodies. And despite managing to knock the constructs around, the Rangers were still finding it a struggle to damage their opponents.

"Do you think Rita and Zedd were drunk when they made these?" Blue Zeo asked.

"I think Rito made them," Yellow Zeo replied. "They stink!"

This latest group of Putties were different from those they had faced in the past. For a start, it was clear that they had been constructed from more than just clay and magic. Their bodies were a mixture of clay, mud, tarmac, metal and rock; the street was a mess and now that they had the opportunity to look at their opponents, the Rangers couldn't help thinking that these Putties had been victims of the explosion and had ended up impaled by debris. It certainly explained their grotesque appearance, but not their increased strength and aggression. It was also clear that while in the past a batch of Putties was almost identical, there were clear differences and deformities in the latest incarnation. And while a few were easily overpowered with a shot from a Zeo Pistol, others required five or six shots before they started to weaken.

The battle was interrupted by a loud whooshing sound and a burst of black fire. A powerful shockwave knocked the Rangers off their feet and when they looked up, they were confronted with the sight of a woman that Tommy first thought was Rita Repulsa, as she appeared before she had married Zedd. Her face was older, but the family resemblance was clear in the shape of the jawline. Her hair appeared to shift from black flowing locks with emerald strands to mostly grey with the odd patch of white hair. She wore a black bodysuit with gold lining the edges. And her hair was covered by an impressive golden headpiece; her boots were also gold. In her hand, she carried a black wand with red highlights. It reminded the Rangers of Rita's wand, although it was thicker and much heavier. The design was much more ornate. Somehow, they could not imagine anybody throwing this wand out of a window to make a monster grow. Her eyes were cold green that flickered to brown and even blue as she regarded the Rangers with a harsh stare.

"Hey, that's the woman that was with Rita and Zedd when Tommy faced their champion!" Blue Zeo realised.

"Zordon, you getting this?" Tommy asked.

There was a considerable delay.

"So, we meet properly, Power Rangers," the woman announced. The surviving Putties had by this time relocated to her side. She absently patted one on the head like an obedient dog. "I hope enjoyed playing with my constructs. I think you'll find they're a little longer lasting than the things Rita and Zedd managed to produce."

"Who are you?" Red Zeo demanded, as his team regrouped. They couldn't let their guard down but used the opportunity to regroup.

"My name is Monastra Repugna," she replied.

She waited, her face turning into a scowl when she noticed that they didn't recognise her name.

"Never heard of me? No matter, perhaps the name Mistress Vile will be more familiar. In the end, all that matters is that I am the one who will conquer this pathetic little planet. And if you stand in my way... I will destroy you."

"Yeah, you're not the first to try," Red Ranger replied. "We defeated them, and we'll soon send you back to where you came from."

Her response was to send a bolt of energy in the Red Ranger's direction. Red Ranger had expected an attack and moved before it could strike. He leapt forward, Zeo V Power Sword swinging at their opponent only to find it blocked as she shifted her wand to intercept. A pulse of dark energy and a softly spoken word was sufficient to send the Red Ranger flying off to land on the side of a building. The other Rangers took that as their cue to attack.

Mistress Vile proved to be a difficult opponent. Unlike some who relied purely on magic for attacking, she was a capable fighter, able to move and deflect her opposition's blows with her wand. At the same time, her magic allowed her to trap the Rangers so that she could deliver painful strikes. She dodged around Pink and Yellow Ranger to confront Blue and Green Ranger before teleporting behind them and striking with a ball of black fire.

"Jiruma Majuna!" she chanted.

A blast of cold air struck the four Rangers, binding them in places as she swung her wand in their direction. The ice that had formed around them shattered as the Rangers were thrown to the ground.

"Magi Magika Electro!" she cried, her words came faster and her tone was not as deep as she spoke the command.

Black lightning shot from her wand, pinning the downed Rangers as they writhed in agony. A smile crossed her face as their screams filled her ears. Unfortunately, her focus on the four Rangers had allowed Red Zeo time to recover and open fire with his Zeo pistol. The shots were blocked by a swiftly summoned shield, but in protecting herself she was forced to drop her attack on the others.

Red Zeo kept firing even though she managed to block each of his shots. His intent was not to harm her but to buy time for the others to get themselves together. He wondered why Zordon had not teleported them away, a bolt of black magic exploded at his feet, forcing him to roll to safety. As he came back up he could see that Mistress Vile's Rock Soldiers had regrouped ready to attack again.

"It seems you still have some fight in you," she acknowledged, brushing a few soot stains from her clothing. "Let's see if you can handle something a little more challenging... Jigen Transfiguro!"

Her constructs exploded, forcing the Rangers to shield themselves from a barrage of stones and boulders. When they turned back, Zeo Pistols at the ready, they found that only one of the warriors remained, transformed and empowered by Mistress Vile's magic. In place of the mashed-up rock and clay, it looked as if somebody had pulled up a section of street complete with signposts and traffic signals.

"Have fun, Rangers. I'll leave you in Lamp Ray's capable hands and come back later to pick up the pieces." She made a vague gesture and into a plume of black smoke.

The Power Chamber

"Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi!" Alpha exclaimed as he witnessed the appearance of Lamp Ray.

He had been trying in vain to contact the Rangers since the start of their battle, but the surge of dark magic in the area had made communication impossible. Meanwhile, despite being unable to identify any record of a monster known as Lamp Ray being used before, the Power Chamber's computers had been able to scan it and determine some of its abilities.

"It says here that its traffic light eyes are capable of firing energy blasts and that it can use the signposts on its body to cast spells at the Rangers," he read.

It stated that the signs would work on anything they hit, but Alpha was working on the assumption that most sensible people would be out of sight by this time. He did briefly check to make certain Bulk and Skull were out of town. All things considered, this was a powerful but limited monster for the Rangers to face. They had faced similar warriors before and Alpha knew that they had overcome such threats. However, their arsenal seemed less effective against Mistress Vile's creations.

While the other Rangers had morphed into battle, Jason had teleported to the Power Chamber. He had been watching the battle alongside Billy after Zordon had refused him permission to join his friends. For some reason, Zordon had been reluctant to allow Jason to use the Gold Ranger powers except as a last resort.

"Maybe I can reconfigure the energy feed between the Power Chamber and the Zeonisers," Billy offered.

The Zeo Crystal was a powerful magical artefact that was too potent to be called upon directly. The Zeonisers Billy had constructed allowed the Rangers to create a small-scale Morphin Grid through which the power could be filtered, using the smaller crystal as a capacitor to store and safely release the energy in safe bursts. Until now, Zordon and Alpha had maintained a close watch on the power the Rangers were able to draw since overuse of Zeo energy would put a strain on their bodies and risk serious injury.

Trey had proven that even the Lord of Triforia was not immune to the damage those powers could do. While it was the waters of Aquitar that had caused the issues that had made it necessary to give up the Gold Ranger powers for a time, it was the power itself that had made Trey vulnerable to the effects of those waters. Zordon had been careful to limit Jason's exposure since the young man had taken on the duties of Gold Ranger, realising that direct exposure to the Gold Ranger powers was a greater risk than using a Zeoniser.

So while seeking to increase the protection the Zeo powers offered the Rangers seemed like a good idea, Zordon and Alpha had to be mindful not to increase it too much and risk injuring the young warriors. Despite his good intentions, they were worried Billy might inadvertently injure his friends.

"It's no good, Billy. We cannot adjust the Zeoniser Cyrstals while the Rangers are using them," Alpha warned.

It had been a safety feature installed by Zordon and Alpha to avoid the possibility of accidentally overloading the Zeonisers and leaving the Rangers vulnerable in battle. Unfortunately at this moment that safety precaution put the team at risk.

"How about increasing the power flow of the Defender Wheel and sending it to the Rangers?" Billy asked.

The Defender Wheel used a separate power source and could be overpowered for a short time. Long enough to hopefully allow the Rangers to regain the advantage. So far their five-to-one advantage had kept the monster from causing too much harm.

"An excellent idea, Billy," Zordon agreed. "Alpha, transport the Defender Wheel to the Rangers immediately."

"Yes Zordon," Alpha said as he pressed a few buttons, all the while watching as Green Zeo was taken down by a blast from one of the monster's eyebeams. "Defender Wheel is on its way!"

"Now we just need to figure out who she is and how we stop her," Billy mused. "What does she call herself, Monastra Repugna? I'll search the databanks."

"There is no need to do, Billy," Zordon rumbled. "Alpha, send Billy all the information available on Lady Fienna."

"Lady Fienna?"

"Mistress Vile's original name before her untimely death," Zordon explained.

"You know her?" Billy asked.

Zordon nodded and Alpha's head lowered.

"Lady Fienna was an old friend," Zordon explained. "Before Rita was born, we were close allies and protected the universe from harm. Then one day, she married a being that she believed to be a good man, only for him to turn out to be a monster."

"Master Vile," Billy realised.

"Indeed. It took some time for Fienna to realise the extent of Master Vile's wickedness. And by that time she was with child. She fled from Vile's palace, but he was unwilling to let her escape and defy him. In the confrontation that followed, Fienna was murdered at Vile's command and Rita was taken by her father."

"So if she's dead, how is she out there throwing Jason around like he's nothing?" Billy wanted to know.

"Master Vile was not willing to let Fienna escape him, even through death," Zordon explained. "He employed a necromancer to restore her to life while stripping out the traits Master Vile found undesirable. He then had her fitted with a control collar that would prevent her from harming Master Vile or taking her own life. Since then she has been the Queen of Gamma Vile."

"If we destroyed the collar would it release her?" Billy asked.

"I do not know," Zordon replied. "The collar prevents her from attacking Master Vile and those he deems important. I do not know if it still makes her evil."

"Even so, the computer is detecting that she is not in good shape right now," Billy told him. "Probably still suffering from being hit by her own attack. If there's a chance to free her from Master Vile, this is it."

"Zeo Ranger I - Power Disk!" Pink Zeo called. "Zeo Energy Shield!"

A blast from Lamp Ray's middle eye was sent back to its source, cracking the amber lens. In truth, the only real difference between Mistress Vile's monsters and those used by Rita and Zedd was the amount of power she had given them. While Rita and Zedd preferred to hold back and wear the Rangers down, Mistress Vile did not want to be trapped on Earth fighting a war of attrition. She wanted the Rangers destroyed and the Earth conquered.

The outcome was that while the Rangers had found themselves on the back foot, using their more powerful attacks had evened the odds. However, doing so puts an additional strain on their bodies.

"Hey look!" Blue Zeo pointed into the sky where they could make out Zeo Zord V heading in their direction.

"Zordon must have sent it," Green Zeo guessed.

"The Defender Wheel!" Blue Zeo realised as they noticed an object drop from the Zord's cargo bay.

"Zordon must have realised we were having problems and sent the Defender Wheel to help," Red Zeo agreed. "Let's put it to use!"

"Right!" the other agreed, before taking up guard positions on either side while their leader climbed aboard and activated the systems.

"Defender Wheel activate!" Red Zeo called, flicking the switch to release the wheel at maximum speed.

The Defender Wheel shot forward, unfazed by Lamp Ray's energy blasts. The explosive impact sent the monster to the ground as Red Zeo teleported to his comrades. Lamp Ray was down, but not out.

"Let's take this up a notch and bring out the Zeo Cannon!" Red Zeo ordered.


The Zeo Cannon appeared and Red Zeo opened the loading chamber.

"Zeo V Power Cell, Power Up!" Red Zeo called.

"Zeo IV Power Cell, Power Up!" Green Zeo added.

"Zeo III Power Cell, Power Up!" Blue Zeo cried.

"Zeo II Power Cell, Power Up!" Yellow Zeo stated.

"Zeo I Power Cell, Power Up!" Pink Zeo called as she inserted her cell and slid the chamber closed. "Power Cells charged and loaded. Zeo Cannon: ready for action."

The Rangers hoisted the cannon upwards and aimed at their opponent. The cannon glowed as the cells drained into the firing chamber before being released as a single concentrated burst. Unlike the Defender Wheel, Lamp Ray did not get back up.

"Oh this is not over, Rangers!" Mistress Vile promised from her lookout. "I won't be defied by a bunch of teenagers... HAH!"

Black energy ripped through the sky and blasted the street where the Rangers stood. If they had been expecting her monster to grow, they were in for a surprise.

"Guys, look out, she's back!" Pink Zeo warned as Mistress Vile appeared in a column of black flames.

Mistress Vile did not waste time posturing. She attacked, her wand sweeping outward as she spun around. She jumped, using the momentum to carry her forward, blocking Pink and Yellow Zeo as they attempted to strike her, raising her wand in time to deflect Blue Zeo's weapons before driving the end backwards to catch Blue Zeo. She then traded blows with Red Zeo, her leapt avoiding his kicks as her wand blocked, deflected and returned his punches.

With an angry cry she spun around producing a swirling blur of energy that smashed into the five Rangers and flung them to the ground. At her command the street furniture came alive, seizing the fallen Rangers and holding them in place as she prepared to finish them.

"Time for a Gold Rush!"

She looked up just in time as Gold Ranger barrelled into her. His momentum countered her defence as she was pushed along by his charge. As he finished, she was shoved brutally into the side of a building, her hold on the Rangers lost.

"Guys, Alpha has confirmed a possible weakness," Billy reported. "You need to strike the collar around her neck. She can't hide it at the moment."

Sure enough the magic that normally disguised Master Vile's collar had been lost when she had been hit. Without the spell, the necklace-like collar was both visible and vulnerable.

"Right!" Red Zeo agreed. "Let's do it, guys!"

The Rangers pressed the attack, striking out as they attempted to cut the control collar. Mistress Vile fought back, her forced loyalty to Master Vile requiring her to protect the collar and his power over her. But when Yellow and Pink Zeo grabbed her arms, Blue and Green Zeo did the same to her ankles, allowing Gold Ranger to grab her around the waist.

"Now Tommy!" Gold Ranger bellowed.

Red Zeo complied, the Zeo V Power Sword slicing across her neck and severing the collar. The explosion of dark magic knocked the Rangers flying as Mistress Vile stood back up.

For a moment she looked confused, but then her features turned into a snarl as she bombarded the Rangers with magic.

"Did you think that little stunt would save you?" she as she grabbed Red Zeo by the neck. "Do you know how badly I am going to hurt you?"

She swung her wand and knocked Red Zeo away.

"Now you shall feel the wrath of Monastra Repugna, the Mistress Vile. Maagi Magi Magika!"

And suddenly, Mistress Vile was a giant, stomping through the streets of Angel Grove. She raised her hand and the ground erupted and covered her body, forming a thick armour.

"Aw man, we need Super Zeo Zord power, now!" Red Zeo called.

The Super Zeo Zords were launched and quickly joined together as the Rangers teleport on board. Mistress Vile tried to blast them, but the Super Zeo Megazord was not something she could push around. As she gave a scream of anger and charged in, she was met with a firm fist from the Megazord, cracking her rocky armour.

"Super Zeo Megazord Saber!"

The twin blades appeared in the Megazord's hands and combined into a single large blade that sliced down upon the villain. Mistress Vile cursed as she shrunk and jumped free to a nearby rooftop and left her armour to be destroyed.

"You think that this is over?" she yelled as she raised her wand. She knew her power was low, too low to act against the Rangers. But she was too angry to let them stop her. "Curse you Rangers!"

She leapt from the rooftops toward the Megazord, her wand raised ready to strike a decisive strike against its head. But the blow did not come. As she drew near, she was swatted aside by the Megazord's massive hand and thrown into space where she vanished. Leaving the Rangers victorious.

Power Chamber

"Zordon, I'm sorry we couldn't free Lady Fienna," Kat said after the Rangers had heard the story of Master Vile's wife.

"I thought the control collar would be the answer," Billy said. "It looks like I was wrong."

"On the contrary, Billy," Zordon rumbled. "Your idea has freed Mistress Vile from her husband's power. That is the reason why she grew weaker soon after the collar was destroyed."

"The why didn't she turn good?" Tommy asked, confused.

Zordon sighed. For Rangers like Tommy and Katherine, it was such a simple matter. Their own experience prevented them from understanding the complexities of dark magic.

"Master Vile's control collar only secured Lady Fienna's loyalty to him," Alpha explained. "It was not the collar that made her evil."

"Indeed, Mistress Vile is little more than a monster created by Master Vile that bears a strong resemblance to my old friend," Zordon stated. "I have tried to deny that fact for a long time, but Fienna of Magitopia perished at the hands of Master Vile. And Mistress Vile was the monster he created to take her place."

"So is she gone now?" Adam wanted to know.

"We lost contact with her after she passed through the upper atmosphere," Billy admitted. "I don't know if she managed to teleport, but there's a good chance she burnt up when she fell back to Earth."

"With her magic exhausted, she would not have been able to cast a shield to protect her," Zordon confirmed.

It was not the outcome he had hoped for, but at least the Earth was safe.

"You should return home, Rangers," he said at last.

The Rangers nodded and teleported away. Sometimes it was difficult to know if they had won or lost. And this time even though they had won, it was clear that little good had come from their victory.


Author's Note: Villain's Who's Who.
Master Vile - Rita Repulsa's father, ruler of the M-51 Galaxy.
Mistress Vile (Monastra Repugna) - Wife of Master Vile. Mother (adopted) of Rito Revolto. Was once the mother of Rita Repulsa. (It is complicated)
Junior - Master Vile's eldest son. Half-brother of Rito Revolto and Rita Repulsa. Missing and presumed dead.
Rita Repulsa - Master Vile's daughter, space witch and wife of Lord Zedd.
Rito Revolto - Master Vile's second son, Rita Repulsa's brother.

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