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Fathers and Sons

"He's definitely keeping something from us," Adam's father declared with a heavy sigh. Adam shifted uncomfortably, feeling the weight of his father's suspicion pressing down on him. Lately, things had been different, and even a casual observer could notice the strain the Rangers were under. Rita, Zedd, and the Machine Empire's relentless attacks had taken their toll. Their battles were leaving more visible marks, and their powers weren't what they used to be.

Their transition from the Morphin powers to the Zeo Crystal had its drawbacks. Unlike before, their bodies weren't healing as swiftly, and the rush of power from morphing was fleeting. It was evident to everyone, including their families. Adam had recently faced a brutal encounter with Putties, leaving him battered and bruised. His explanation of sparring too hard fell flat with his parents, who saw through his excuse.

As Adam lay there, trying to find a comfortable position despite the pain, he overheard his father speculating about the cause. Detective Park always seemed to expect the worst, whether it was gangs, drugs, or something else entirely. Adam wondered if confiding in his parents would ease the tension, but his promise to Zordon kept him silent.

His relationship with his father was strained, to say the least. They rarely connected, and when they did, it often ended in a lecture from Mr. Park. It wasn't that his father was a bad person; he was dedicated to his job and his family. But Adam knew that his father would never approve of his role as a Power Ranger.

Detective Park didn't despise the Power Rangers; he appreciated their efforts. However, he often criticized their actions, believing they attracted trouble. Adam knew the truth lay deeper, rooted in the Ley Lines beneath Angel Grove. But revealing this would mean exposing his secret identity, a risk he couldn't take. The secret threatened to drive a wedge between them, adding to the already strained relationship.

The following day proved to be a series of unfortunate events for Adam Park. It started with a lecture from his father, Detective Park, who seemed to accuse him of various misdeeds without clarity. The interrogation meandered from topic to topic, leaving both father and son puzzled and frustrated. By the end of it, Adam's resentment towards his father had reached new heights.

As the morning progressed, they were abruptly pulled away from each other; Adam to his practice and Detective Park to attend a break-in. After exchanging terse excuses, they parted ways. Adam, still grumbling inwardly, hastened towards the park for his practice session.

However, his plans were thwarted when he encountered Putties, plunging him into an unexpected battle. With no time to contact Zordon, Adam wondered why their mentor hadn't called in reinforcements. Before he could ponder further, a blade whizzed towards him, knocking him off balance.

"I see what's running through your mind, Adam. But I didn't go through all this trouble just for your friends to intervene," Scorpina's voice cut through the chaos, her blade dangerously close to his neck. She reminded him of their previous encounter when she had attempted to manipulate him, only to be thwarted by Aisha.

Switching opponents, Scorpina directed Adam's attention to a formidable adversary, Captain Golem, crafted from Rita's re-energized Super Putty. Their clash intensified, with Scorpina maintaining her advantage, sparks flying as Adam struggled to defend himself. Despite the onslaught, Adam managed to counter her attacks with his Zeo Power Hatchets.

Their battle reached a crescendo as they grappled, Adam making a desperate attempt to disarm Scorpina. Meanwhile, Captain Golem continued to barrage him with relentless strikes. Eventually, Scorpina teleported away, leaving Adam to contend with the persistent golem monster alone.

"Trevor, come take a look at this," Detective Park's partner called out urgently.

Trevor sighed and reluctantly tore his attention away from his paperwork to see what had Rick Winslow so excited. He joined his partner at the window and was surprised by what he witnessed. A Power Ranger was locked in combat with Scorpina and an unusually large Putty. Initially resembling a standard Putty, a closer inspection revealed it to be crafted from darker, denser clay.

As the battle unfolded, Trevor observed the Green Zeo Ranger struggling against his adversaries. Scorpina and her ally gained the upper hand, prompting Trevor to furrow his brow in concern. A sense of foreboding washed over him as Scorpina vanished, leaving the Green Zeo Ranger at the mercy of the formidable Putty creature.

Dubbed Captain Golem, the monstrous Putty possessed formidable strength, sending the Green Zeo Ranger crashing through the park and into the city streets. Trevor winced as the Ranger collided with a delivery van, causing chaos and confusion. With civilians in danger, Trevor realized the gravity of the situation.

"I think it's going to kill him," Rick remarked grimly as they watched the unfolding chaos.

"Damn it!" Trevor exclaimed, drawing his gun and rushing out the door. He couldn't stand the Power Rangers, but he couldn't let one of them die either. He took aim at Captain Golem, hoping his shot would hit its mark without harming the Ranger.


The shot rang out, startling the Green Zeo Ranger back to consciousness. He looked up to see his father, Detective Park, standing firm with his gun trained on the monstrous Putty.

"Freeze, you ugly son of a gun!" Trevor shouted, reciting the Miranda warning with an odd mixture of seriousness and absurdity. As the situation unfolded, Adam couldn't help but find some humor in his father's actions, despite his pain.

However, Captain Golem's defiance was clear as it proclaimed its superiority over human laws. Adam realized that the creature had transformed, its appearance becoming stonier and more menacing.

With determination, Adam hurled himself at the monster, using his knowledge of Putty weaknesses to his advantage. As the battle intensified, he unleashed a powerful Zeo Power Punch, causing the creature's skull to crack and its true form to emerge.

As the defeated Putty crumbled, a residual magic threatened to engulf Adam and his father. Reacting swiftly, they braced themselves as they were suddenly pulled into darkness, their fate uncertain.

Waking up on something soft, Trevor Park felt a wave of gratitude. He checked himself over and found everything more or less intact, with his .38 lying beside him. Nearby, the Green Zeo Ranger began to stir.

"Ohhh," the Ranger groaned. "Where's my stomach?"

Trevor chuckled, sitting up. "Probably in the same place as my lunch. What just happened?"

Sitting up as well, the Green Zeo Ranger assessed their situation. "We've been teleported, sent through some sort of dimensional warp. We could be on another planet, or in another dimension. But it's not one of Zedd's creations," he added thoughtfully.

"How can you tell?" Trevor inquired, looking around.

"Too much life," Adam replied, also examining their surroundings. They found themselves in a lush jungle clearing, surrounded by the rustling of small animals in the underbrush.

"What can we expect to encounter here?" Trevor asked, scanning the perimeter. Adam shrugged.

"Almost anything. I don't know where we are, and some planets have very unique wildlife. Other than that, it's your typical jungle. Not too different from Earth," he explained, then sighed. "Look, I'm sorry I dragged you into this. I know you're not a fan of the Power Rangers."

"How did you know my opinion of the Rangers?" Trevor asked, his eyes narrowing.

"Everyone knows," Adam replied, with a silent addition of, ~And everything else for that matter!~

Trevor sensed bitterness in Adam's voice. He was surprised to realize that his thoughts were so widely known.

"Well, I'd rather be home having dinner, but I could have been stuck with worse. So could you. I'm not entirely inexperienced with jungle fighting," Trevor said.

"Vietnam?" Adam asked casually, curious about Trevor's military background.

Trevor shook his head. "Too young for that. After college, I spent a couple of years in Delta Force, an anti-terrorist unit. They trained us for all kinds of combat. Then I joined the Police Academy."

"If you have that kind of training, I'm glad to have you along, sir," Adam said respectfully.

Trevor's suspicions returned. "Why do you keep calling me 'sir'?" Then it dawned on him. "You can't be more than eighteen!" he exclaimed.

"Close. I'm seventeen," Adam confirmed.

Trevor was astonished. "That's quite young to be fighting monsters. Are all the Rangers teenagers?"

"Yes. I'm not the oldest, but I'm close. It's not as young as it seems. We can die for our country at eighteen. Why not for our planet?"

"Facing monsters at your age…" Trevor trailed off.

Adam gave a grim laugh. "Tell that to kids in war. At least we know who the monsters are. Out there, they can wear anybody's uniform, anybody's face. Even your own."

Trevor was speechless, realizing his misconceptions about the Rangers. Sighing, he changed the subject. "Come on. Let's get moving if we want to figure out where we are. I say we follow that stream over there."

Green Zeo nodded. "No objections here." Rising, the two vanished into the underbrush, swallowed by the jungle.

After hours of hiking through the dense jungle, the Green Zeo Ranger suddenly spotted a column of smoke rising above the trees. "Look!" he exclaimed, pointing ahead. "That indicates there are people nearby!"

Trevor nodded, his expression cautious. "But can we trust them?"

Green Zeo chuckled confidently. "Chances are they're friendly. Rangers are respected across the galaxy. Unless we've stumbled upon a world under a tyrant's control, my Ranger suit should ensure our safety."

He decided to withhold the fact that despite his uniform, he lacked the typical aura associated with Rangers. It was a detail best kept to himself.

With a shrug, Trevor motioned for him to take the lead. After a few more minutes, they reached the top of a rise and beheld a village below. The houses, woven from grass, were ablaze, creating the smoke that had caught Green Zeo's attention. Men on horseback rode around, setting fire to homes, terrorizing the villagers, and reveling in their cruelty.

On the ground, a woman was tied up, forced to witness the unfolding horror. Without hesitation, the Green Zeo Ranger stood up.

"I can't just stand by and watch this."

"You're not planning to charge in, are you?" Trevor asked, concern evident in his voice. "We have no idea what we're up against."

"I have a duty to protect the helpless, and these people are clearly in need. You don't have to join me, but I could use your help."

Trevor sighed. "If you're diving headfirst into danger, I might as well tag along. What's the plan?"

"Well, you're the stealth expert. I'll draw their attention, and you take them out. There are only eight of them."

"Only," Trevor muttered, but he concealed himself, ready to await Green Zeo's diversion.

Expecting a distraction like a brush fire or an animal stampede, Trevor was taken aback when the Green Zeo Ranger boldly walked into the heart of the camp and announced his presence. Making his way down the village's main path, he called out, "Hey!" The riders turned their heads, their focus now on Green Zeo.

Although Trevor couldn't understand their language, it was clear that they recognized the term "Ranger." The leader silenced them with a gesture, then turned to address Green Zeo, the exchange obviously tense.

"As a wielder of the Black Morphin Power and Green Zeo Power, and as a Ranger/Apprentice to Zordon of Eltar, I demand that you leave this place and its people in peace," Green Zeo declared.

The leader responded with a growl, unintelligible to Trevor but evidently understood by the Ranger.

"If that's how you want it, fine. I'll make you leave, if necessary. I challenge you to honourable combat. One on one, without interference from your men," Green Zeo proposed, needling the leader.

With a hardened expression, the leader ordered his men to stand back and dismounted, a twisted smirk on his face. As the two circled each other, Trevor's attention shifted to the seven goons on horseback. If Green Zeo defeated the leader, they would surely attack, or worse, resume attacking the village. Trevor had to neutralize them while they were focused on the duel.

Sneaking up on the nearest goon, Trevor swiftly incapacitated him, silently binding him with vines. He repeated the process with three more before one of the remaining three spotted him, prompting a rushed confrontation. Trevor managed to subdue two more, but the third proved to be a formidable adversary. As the fight ensued, he could hear the villagers cheering, likely for Green Zeo.

Eventually, Trevor incapacitated his opponent using a technique he had learned from Adam. Meanwhile, Green Zeo emerged victorious as well, tying up the unconscious leader. Observing the eight men's dirt-stained uniforms, Green Zeo recognized a medallion around the leader's neck bearing the engraving of an ape.

"They were Rangers," he realized, visibly disturbed. "Rogue Rangers. This is sickening."

Untying one of the prisoners, Trevor knelt beside him. "How do you know they were rogues? Wasn't the other Green Ranger put under a spell or something?"

"No," the female prisoner corrected. "If they were under a spell, they'd still have their powers. The powers-that-be strip Rangers of their powers only when they've committed serious offences willingly. They've gone rogue."

"I don't recall a Purple Ranger," Trevor remarked.

"We never had one; we never had a complete set of coins," she explained.

As the village headman expressed gratitude to Green Zeo, Trevor observed Lieutenant Haim, noticing her IGPF badge. She seemed to be having difficulty with her ear, indicating a possible communication issue.

"We're from Earth," Adam informed her. "Do you need help with something?"

"Fantastic!" she muttered, seemingly frustrated, before shifting her focus to the rogues' leader's belongings.

Growing impatient, Green Zeo intervened, asserting his experience and dedication to their cause. His declaration caught Lieutenant Haim's attention, and they engaged in a conversation, with Green Zeo's father quietly observing.

Lieutenant Haim discovered a crucial device among the leader's possessions and apologized for her earlier outburst, acknowledging Green Zeo's relative youth compared to other Rangers she had encountered.

Adam inquired about the IGPF's role, prompting Lieutenant Haim to explain the organization's focus on policing criminal activities across different worlds, distinct from the military function of Rangers.

As they discussed, Trevor asked about the Riders, a group he was familiar with. Lieutenant Haim elaborated on their role as independent peacekeepers, distinct from both Rangers and the IGPF.

Green Zeo proposed helping Lieutenant Haim detain the rogues and then seeking assistance. He consulted the village headman, who revealed the existence of a place called the Maze of Shilratha to the south, potentially a gateway to another location.

With the promise of aid and directions, they received packs containing essentials for the journey. As they bid farewell to the village, the trio, loaded with supplies, set out toward the Maze, prepared for the challenges ahead.

After trekking in silence for some time, Trevor finally mustered the courage to ask the questions that had been nagging at him since they departed from the village. "What was all that about, the Black Morphin Power? And who or what is a Grid Master?"

Green Zeo sighed. "It's complicated, so I may not be able to cover everything. The Morphin Grid is essentially an energy matrix that permeates the universe. It exists as a dimension filled with potent energy, which can be either benevolent or malevolent, depending on its usage. Rangers tap into the positive aspect of this energy through our Power Coins  and other methods, to transform into our Ranger forms; the absence of a Purple Morphin Ranger stems from the fact that we never found the corresponding Power Coin. Rita and Lord Zedd, on the other hand, draw upon dark energy from the grid."

"And the Machine Empire?" Trevor interjected.

"They are even more complicated. As machines they should operate outside the Morphin Grid entirely, being mechanical entities devoid of any connection to metaphysical energies. But, the Machine Empire was created through the use of grid energy, so if they ever found a way to connect to it properly they would. At the moment they derive their power from other sources. This is where the Zeo Power comes into play because while they can't use the energy from the Morphin Grid, they cannot be harmed by its effects. Unlike the Morphin Power, Zeo uses the scientific principles involving energy fields and circuits. That's why we no longer require verbal commands to morph, although we often use them as a focus. The Zeo Crystal, our power source, operates on a different paradigm altogether."

Trevor nodded, beginning to grasp the distinctions. "So, what about the Grid Masters?"

"They are individuals who have mastered specific disciplines associated with their Ranger colour. Grid Master is just one of the ways of refering to them; some call themselves Morphin Masters. Each colour represents a different expertise — Blue for science, Red for combat, Yellow for healing, and so forth. Purple Rangers, for instance, embody principles of honourable thievery. As for me, I'm attuned to the arts and music, which aligns with the Black Ranger designation. However, under Zeo philosophy, I'm identified as Green."

Curiosity piqued, Trevor continued, "But if you're a Zeo Ranger now, how do you retain the Black Power?"

"The two powers aren't mutually exclusive. It's akin to mastering different martial arts disciplines. Our Power Coins were destroyed in battle, rendering us unable to morph. Yet, the essence of our powers remains within us and can't be stripped away by evil forces. So, I still possess the Black Ranger power, even though I can't outwardly manifest it anymore."

Trevor mused, "Those villagers regarded you with such reverence, like you were... a holy knight, a paladin."

Lieutenant Haim chimed in, "In a sense, that's accurate. These people revere the Power as a guiding principle in their lives. To them, it's almost a spiritual ethos, though not strictly religious. Those who embody this Power are esteemed guardians, dedicated to protecting the vulnerable and oppressed."

Green Zeo nodded in acknowledgment, prompting Trevor to reconsider his initial judgment of the Rangers. "I hadn't realized the gravity of being a Ranger, or how acutely aware you all are of your responsibility. I may have underestimated you teenagers."

"Perhaps as we journey, you can enlighten me on why you two are here?" Lieutenant Haim suggested as they approached a clearing.

Adam sighed, recounting their unexpected encounter at the park and subsequent ambush. "It could've happened to anyone," Lieutenant Haim reassured.

With a plan forming, Adam swiftly took charge. "I'll disable the ship; Detective Park can handle the guards... He can look after himself, Lieutenant Haim... and you stun them as they exit."

Executing the plan with precision, they swiftly neutralized the threat. As they parted ways, Lieutenant Haim opted to await transportation, while Adam and Trevor resolved to continue toward the maze. Trevor couldn't help but ponder how much more there was to learn about the Rangers as they pressed onward. "Let's go," Green Zeo called, snapping Trevor out of his reverie. "Just a few more miles, and we'll set up camp for the night."

Gazing up at the unfamiliar stars above, Trevor Park let out a sigh. "My wife is going to be beside herself wondering where I've gone."

Green Zeo shook his head. "Time passes differently when you traverse dimensions. Here, time flows differently from our world. We probably won't be absent for more than a day, if that. Plus, the Rangers will inform her of our situation and assure her of our safe return. She'll be alright."

Trevor sighed again. "I hope so. I hope I get the chance to see her again. I have a wonderful family... but I don't want to bore you with my ramblings," he trailed off.

Green Zeo chuckled. "Old? You're what, forty-five? That's hardly old. Besides, I'd love to hear about your family. It's clear you care deeply for them."

Trevor smiled faintly. "Alright, but don't say I didn't warn you. My wife is a remarkable woman—beautiful, intelligent, and resilient. Her father trained her in martial arts from a young age, so she's skilled with various weapons."

He continued, "My eldest, Adam, is quiet and sensitive. He stands up for himself, though. He found solace in martial arts after facing bullying as a child. Now, he's even teaching me a thing or two. Adam's bright, but painfully shy. It took him months to ask out his current girlfriend. I don't quite understand him, but I'm incredibly proud."

"Then there's Franklin, or 'Frank' as Adam calls him. He's always immersed in fantasy novels unless he's training with Adam. Franklin's a walking encyclopedia on role-playing games. He's a good kid, but he tends to have his head in the clouds."

"That's my family. What about you? Is there someone waiting for you back home? I hope you don't mind me asking."

Green Zeo chuckled. "Oh yes, I have a family back home, and the Rangers will miss me too. But we've prepared for situations like this. If anything happens, they'll know."

"You know," Trevor smiled, "I'm a stubborn man. It's not easy for me to admit when I'm wrong. But I'll admit it now—I misjudged you Rangers. If you were my son, I'd be proud."

"Thank you, sir," Green Zeo replied earnestly. "Your respect means a lot to me."

Trevor chuckled softly, the resemblance between Green Zeo and Adam not escaping him. Adam, too, had always sought validation from adults. Lost in thought, Trevor settled onto his bedroll, gazing up at the dazzling, alien night sky.

Green Zeo and Trevor were standing outside the entrance to the Maze of Shilratha when Green Zeo's communicator toned.

"Hello!" the wristband squawked. "Hello! Green Zeo, do you read me?" Green Zeo couldn't believe it. He had thought he'd never hear Alpha's voice again. Quickly he pressed the "transmit" button.

"Green Zeo here. Man, I'm glad to hear from you."

"Is Detective Park all right? Do you know where you are?" That was Zordon.

"I wish," Green Zeo sighed. "Detective Park is fine. He's even revised his opinion of the Power Rangers. We're the good guys now."

"I apologise for not detecting the attack earlier," Zordon told him.

There was very little to say; it was not often that someone managed to sneak an attack past Zordon's warning system. "Listen, Zordon, do you know anything about the Maze of Shilratha?"

Zordon's familiar voice boomed from the communicator. "Indeed I do. It was a training ground for the wielders of the Morphin power. At its centre is the Eye of Shilratha, a gem of great power that will enable you to get home. First, however, you must reach it. This will not be easy, as teleporting in is impossible and the traps were made lethal when the maze was closed."

"Why was it closed, Zordon?" Green Zeo asked.

"Because Shilratha's Rangers turned to Darkness and were stripped of their powers. The Masters wished to make sure that no evil person could ever access the Eye again."

Green Zeo turned to Trevor. "Are you up to this?" he asked

"Sure thing. This is the most fun I've had in years," Trevor replied sourly. "Let's go." Slowly, the two made their way into the maze, unsure of what they might find.

Tired, Trevor leaned against a wall to catch his breath. "I feel like I'm stuck in 'The Goonies,'" he grumbled. "Collapsing floors, falling rocks, even the occasional, extremely cliché closing-in wall trick! What next?"

"Don't ask," Green Zeo chuckled. "You probably don't want to know." Silently, Green Zeo thanked whatever Powers existing that of all the people to get swept up in this adventure with him, his companion had been his father. Between the two of them, they had had the necessary skills to bypass each trap. Trevor had shot the switch that stopped the walls from closing in, Green Zeo had been able to vault off the collapsing floors before they fell, and they had both spied the trigger stones for the falling rocks. Now, the corridor before them looked clear, but neither of them was foolish enough to trust appearances.

Cautiously, Green Zeo picked up a rock and rolled it down the hallway. Nothing happened. He gingerly took a step forward, then another. Still, nothing appeared. Suddenly Trevor's hand shot out and grabbed the Ranger's shoulder in a vicelike grip.

"Wait. I hear something." Picking up a somewhat larger rock, he dropped it straight down. The weight and pressure caused spikes to shoot up from under the stones. "I heard them setting themselves," Trevor explained. "Come on. I'll set them off and you can shoot them with that pistol thing you carry."

In this manner, Green Zeo and Trevor managed to reach the center of the maze. There, they found the Eye of Shilratha floating in an energy field. "With that, I can power up my communicator enough to teleport us home," Green Zeo whispered. Trevor simply nodded, awestruck by the sight of the gem. The Eye was a hunk of topaz approximately the size of a man's head, glowing with a soft, golden light. As Green Zeo reached for it, there was a crackling noise. The two men whirled to see a woman standing behind them.

"I thought no one could teleport in here!" Trevor cried.

"She's a hologram," responded Green Zeo. "Who are you, what do you want?"

"I want the Eye, of course," replied the woman. "As to who I am, surely you remember me, Green Zeo. You did incinerate me a few months ago."

Adam's eyes widened. This was not good; Mistress Vile had proven a powerful foe last time they had faced her. Adam knew she was too powerful for him to battle alone.

"You're not going to get it," Trevor growled. "There's no way either of us would let a creep like you at so much power."

"What are you even doing here?" Green Zeo asked. "Last I heard you were running to avoid Rita and Zedd."

"Silly boy. Don't think that one little set back will stop me. And as for you Detective Park, I believe I have something that you'll want to make a trade for."

"What?" Trevor asked, in his deadly "interrogation" voice.

"This." The hologram changed to show a scene of Adam, struggling with a vine creature. He fought bravely, but was soon overwhelmed. "The choice is yours, Detective," her voice continued. "I can release your son, but then you would owe me a special favour. Say that gem for example."

"Adam," Trevor whispered in a pained voice.

Green Zeo looked at his horrified father. Mistress Vile had hatched a truly fiendish plot this time and despite her words, the gem meant nothing. If his father agreed to her terms, he would owe her a favour. Adam didn't like to think what paying that favour would cost them. Trevor had no way of knowing that his son was standing beside him, and according to Zordon's rules, he couldn't be told. She was betting that Trevor's dislike of the Rangers and love for his son would win out over his honour. The frightening thing was that Green Zeo couldn't be sure that the villainess was wrong.

"You can't give her that stone," Green Zeo said quietly.

Furious, Trevor whirled on the younger man. "That's my son! I can't just leave him to become bird bait!"

"Would he want you to give up that stone?"

"Yes! No -- I don't know. I only know that if I don't, my son will die."

Green Zeo shook his head. "No, she won't. She isn't holding Adam prisoner. It was an illusion."

"And just how do you know that?"

"Because I'm right here, Dad." Slowly, Green Zeo removed his helmet. Trevor Park gaped as his older son's familiar face stared back at him.

"ADAM? You're a Power Ranger?" Adam nodded. "How long has this been going on?"

Adam laughed. "A while now Dad. Right after we moved to Angel Grove."

"Was a Power Ranger," Mistress Vile corrected. "This was a no win situation. I either gained the Eye or you found out your precious son was one of the people you hate. And now he's broken Zordon's little rule he's bound to be stripped of the Power."

Trevor shook his head. "I don't hate the Power Rangers. Yesterday that plan might have worked. But I know this Ranger and I know Adam. Besides, I could never hate my son." He turned to Adam and grinned. "Fathers are always the last to know. I wish you hadn't lied to me, but I understand. I'm glad you're all right. Let's go home."

"And you're wrong about me," Adam stated. "Zordon put those rules in place because he was afraid the original Rangers would abuse their powers. He wouldn't strip them from me for breaking a promise, especially when it was for a selfless purpose."

Adam nodded at his father, and the two men laid their hands on the Eye. Forming their wish, they instantly disappeared and were on their way to Earth, and the Power Chamber.

"So how do we do this?" Adam asked as he walked up the path, closely followed by his father.

Detective Park smiled at his son, feeling the weight of the newly fabricated communicator on his arm. It seemed that in the days they had spent on the jungle world, which he now realised had accounted for less than eight hours on Earth, they had taken the time to talk and while there were issues to be resolved, both he and his son were prepared to work on their relationship. After all, as had been asked many times by many men in Trevor's position: what kind of father did not support his son?

"We're late for dinner," he finally answered. He winked playfully. "Just leave your mother to me."

Adam turned the handle and both men entered, neither sure whether they would rather be back on that jungle world facing who knows what. At the smell of supper cooking though both agreed they would rather be on Earth. Despite Mrs Park's annoyance there was definitely no place like home.

End of Part

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