I am Lord Zedd, Emperor of all I see. You have failed to complete the mission assigned to you. I will now resume command. Prepare the palace for my return.
After growing tired of Rita Repulsa’s constant failures Lord Zedd, The Emperor of the Dark Zones arrives to take matters into his own evil hands and show Rita what it means to be evil. And it only takes a short time for the Rangers to wish that they were still facing off against just Rita Repulsa. Can the Rangers hope to stand up to a foe that not only possesses more powerful monsters than Rita Repulsa but can fight and defeat the Rangers in solo combat?

The Mutiny

The Emperor has arrived and Rita Repulsa has disappeared. Can the powerful Ruler of the Dark Zones succeed where the wicked witch failed or will he find that the Power Rangers are more than just children that succeeded only through the incompetance of his predecessor?


Seeking Thunder

After Lord Zedd arrives and takes control of the Zords, Zordon embarks on a plan to upgrade to the Power of Thunder. But first he has to find the Thunderzords and unlock their powers. Can his old student Gosei offer assistance?


What’s Tomato You?

Lord Zedd decides to use Billy’s science experiment as a monster.


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