Before the beginning there was an ending. A multiverse collapsed by the actions of an unknown being. In the madness reality trembled and existence unravelled, and caused a cascade failure that resulted in a final battle for the tiny spark of light that remained.
And in the final moments as the light shone into the darkness, a new universe was born. This is the tale of that new existence, replacing all that came before. From the very last moments of the previous existence to the start of a new reality, to the building a multiverse… this is the beginning of the story and the foundation of what is to follow.
“Existence is the successful creation of something out of nothing.”
From the end of what came before to the formation of a little world that would one day prove vital to the struggle between Good and Evil, this is the early history of the Conquest of Evil Multiverse.

To Start Anew

After the ending, comes a new beginning.

Book: Myth and Legend | Views: 1233 | Status: Published
Birth of Darkness

In the early days following the appearance of The One, the struggle was between creation and the void. But when The One sought to create servants to explore his work, he chose to grant them the power to do most of the things that he could do and gifted them parts of himself so that they could evolve into something more than just tools. Unfortunately The One was not as cautious as he should have been when sharing parts of his personality and as a result… The Dark One emerged, believing himself superior to all others including his father and determined to claim The One’s power. The first war between Good and Evil has started, and before it ends The One will have to pay a heavy price.

Book: Myth and Legend | Views: 2233 | Status: Published
Birth of the Cosmic Gods

Released from his former role as the Avatar of Light, Shadow begins his new role as the bringer of balance to the cosmos. For it seems that while the universe can tolerate Good and evil, it has place from lasting peace. Shadow’s answer: to create a new race of beings free to decide what they believe in, knowing that when those ideas clash the struggle for supremacy will bring the struggle needed for the universe to thrive. And as the Cosmic Gods assume their positions of power, so the remnants of The Dark One’s army appoint themselves as the Dark Gods, believing themselves to be the true deities.

Book: Myth and Legend | Views: 144 | Status: Published
Shift in Power

The surviving Dark Gods make a pact that will see the forces of Evil share power while the Dark Throne stands empty

Book: Myth and Legend | Views: 900 | Status: Published
Change in the Celestial Guard

The Celestials prepare the realm of mortals for habitation as they themselves get ready to depart.

Book: Myth and Legend | Views: 868 | Status: Published
Of Knights and Dragons

In the days between the Celestuals departing and the rise of the First Alliance, the universe is threatened by a demon named Vitara. Step forth a brave knight to vanquish the darkness. And long may his deeds be remembered.

Book: Myth and Legend | Views: 249 | Status: Published
Guardians, Lords and Masters

The new races take over the care of the universe.

Book: Myth and Legend | Views: 842 | Status: Published
Under New Management

The First Ones departed, leaving behind a number of races capable of directing affairs for the new fledgling universe. The first to step up: The Maltusians. Their problem: a cosmos on the brink of chaos. Their solution: remove all magic.

Book: Myth and Legend | Views: 637 | Status: Published
Time Lords: Dawning of Gallifrey

The story the emergence of one of the most politically powerful races in the universe. This is the tale of the rise of Gallifrey.

Book: Myth and Legend | Views: 108 | Status: Published
Rise and Fall of the Guardians

How the Maltusians rose up to become the Guardians of the Universe

Book: Myth and Legend | Views: 143 | Status: Published
Tales of the Morphin Masters

Once upon a time, a society form from races selected to help bring stability to the cosmos. And when their task was completed, they returned to their home and continued their research into the strange energy they had discovered: The Morphin Grid. This is the tale of those that learned its secrets, mastered the art of tapping its power and shared that knowledge with those who would follow. They were the first of many to carry the title of Morphin Masters and the first to ascend into the Morphin Grid, encouraging others to follow their example.

Book: Myth and Legend | Views: 232 | Status: Published
Origins: The Breaking

At the dawning of the Fifth Age, reality shatters, new universes appear and existence grows larger

Book: Myth and Legend | Views: 88 | Status: Published
Origins: The God Wave

Once there was a world, Then it exploded and the result brought forth a wave of power capable of turning mortals into gods.

Book: Myth and Legend | Views: 2195 | Status: Published
Evolution of the Power

The Power flows back and forth, and as it does so war can only follow. The more secrets that are covered about the Morphin Grid, the greater the risk that somebody will subvert its powers for darkness. And when one realises that the time has come to seize control, the reign of Emperor Kata begins.

Book: Myth and Legend | Views: 2227 | Status: Published
The Eternal Empire

With the defeat of the first Emperor, a new villain arises.

Book: Myth and Legend | Views: 1961 | Status: Published

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