Before the beginning there was an ending. A multiverse collapsed by the actions of an unknown being. In the madness reality trembled and existence unravelled, and caused a cascade failure that resulted in a final battle for the tiny spark of light that remained.
And in the final moments as the light shone into the darkness, a new universe was born. This is the tale of that new existence, replacing all that came before. From the very last moments of the previous existence to the start of a new reality, to the building a multiverse… this is the beginning of the story and the foundation of what is to follow.
“Existence is the successful creation of something out of nothing.”
From the end of what came before to the formation of a little world that would one day prove vital to the struggle between Good and Evil, this is the early history of the Conquest of Evil Multiverse.

To Start Anew

After the ending, comes a new beginning.


Birth of Darkness

First, there was the void. Then came the energy and the void was changed. Then the power was controlled and contained giving form to The One and The Creator. Time passed and more was needed. Two more entities were given form: The Dark One and The Luminous One. But The Dark One fell from grace and The Luminous One charged to stop him. The first war between Good and Evil
started, and before its end, The One was forced to make a difficult decision and pay a heavy price.


Birth of the Cosmic Gods

As a reward for his service as The Luminous One, Paladin was released from his duties and allowed the freedom to do as he pleased. But it seems that while the universe can tolerate Good and Evil, it has no place for lasting peace. Paladin’s answer: to create a new race of beings with the same freedom he enjoys and able to decide what they believe in. For Paladin possessed the wisdom to see that for the universe to thrive, there needed to be a struggle. And the ideas of his creations clash, the conflict will bring the struggle the universe needs. And these new ‘Cosmic Gods’ assume their positions of power, so the remnants of The Dark One’s army appoint themselves as the Dark Gods, believing themselves to be the true deities and deluding themselves that one day they will hold the power.


Shift in Power

When The Dark One and his generals were vanquished, a power vacuum was left behind. When a group of lower level followers proclaim themselves to be Dark Gods and the natural successors to The Dark One’s title, civil war breaks out – for despite falsely claiming to be worthy of the position it never occurred to them that other might do the same. And once the infighting is over, the new war begins.


Change in the Celestial Guard

The Celestials prepare the realm of mortals for habitation as they themselves get ready to depart.


Of Knights and Dragons

In the days between The Celestials departing and the rise of the First Alliance, the universe is threatened by a demon named Vitara. Step forth a brave knight to vanquish the darkness. And long may his deeds be remembered.


Under New Management

The Celestials departed, leaving behind a number of races capable of directing affairs for the new fledgling universe. The first to step up: The Maltusians. Their problem: a cosmos on the brink of chaos. Their solution: remove all magic.


Guardians, Lords and Masters

The new races take over the care of the universe.


Time Lords: Dawning of Gallifrey

The story the emergence of one of the most politically powerful races in the universe. This is the tale of the rise of Gallifrey.


Rise and Fall of the Guardians

How the Maltusians rose up to become the Guardians of the Universe


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