After the Morphin Masters moved on, the universe fell into a dark age of ignorance where many of the teachings and discoveries about the Power were “forgotten”. The essence of evil once more corrupted the cosmos leading to the emergence of new threats and old foes that the Morphin Masters had hoped were gone for good.
But within the darkness the light endures and the knowledge that had been lost begins to resurface. But with only fragments of wisdom to guide them, the final discovery might not take the same form as it did previously.

Evolution of the Power

The Power flows back and forth, and as it does so war can only follow. The more secrets that are covered about the Morphin Grid, the greater the risk that somebody will subvert its powers for darkness. And when one realises that the time has come to seize control, the reign of Emperor Kata begins.


The Eternal Empire

With the defeat of the first Emperor, a new villain arises.


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