The Morphin Masters departed and the other chosen races withdrew to the shadows. The universe entered a period of ignorance before emerging into a new age of enlightenment. Much of what the Morphin Masters accomplished would be forgotten, but some of the things they left behind were too dangerous to be ignored. What began as a journey to deliver the Power Egs to a place of safety, led to the creation of new colonies. And one day the people living on those worlds would uncover the secrets of the Power and then the real problems would begin.

The Great Eggscapade

The saga of the Power Eggs is long and convoluted as the descendants of the Morphin Masters undertake a difficult and drawn out journey to reach a place where their ancestors can safely retrieve them.


Rediscovery of the Power

The Power flows back and forth, and as it does so war can only follow. The more secrets that are covered about the Power, the greater the risk that somebody will subvert its powers for darkness. And when one realises that the time has come to seize control, the reign of the Emperor begins.

Revelations of the Grid
Added: 17 April 2024

A Morphin Master returns to teach those who have forgotten the secrets of the Morphin Grid. But the Grid as he describes it is very different from the Morphin Grid his kind studied long before their ascension. Has it really changed or is he not all that he seems to be?

Revelations of the Ninjetti
Added: 20 April 2024

The nature of the Morphin Grid were revealed to the people of the cosmos, along with the limitations upon it. Ninjetti is a similar belief. It lacks the shortcuts of the Morphin Grids such as crystals and Power Coins, but with hard work and dedication to their art, Ninjetti can transform into powerful warriors without the need of a crutch.

A Schism in the Force
Added: 20 May 2024

Far away from the Morphin Masters and the Ninjetti, events are unfolding in a galaxy where the Power is known as the Force. This is a very different power and the destruction it can cause is unbelievable. This story tells of the formation of the Je'daii, the rise of the Jedi and the evil of the Sith.

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