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Return of the Minion

The recent past.

He had survived. It was a miracle and completely unbelievable given the ordeal he had been through. Yet as he lay on the ground, fighting the urge to pass out from the incredible pain he felt, Minion knew that he had beaten the odds one more time. And that meant that he would return and that when he did so... those Power Rangers would regret the day they had chosen to stand against him. But first, he would need to recover before he took his revenge on those who had wronged him: the Rangers, Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa... even Mistress Vile would suffer for what they had done to him after he had had time to heal.

At that moment though he realised that his injuries were severe. Every part of him ached and yet it seemed he had no sense of touch. He was only vaguely aware that he was lying face down on a floor of some description.

"Well, well, well," a voice said behind him. And above him for that matter. Given that he was fighting the urge to curl up in a ball, he realised that he had no idea where he was. He had assumed that he was safe just because he was still alive. Now the almost familiar voice alerted him that he was not alone and certainly not safe. "What do we have here? An intruder, in my palace. An interloper who didn't even try to hide himself from my sentries. You must be very brave or very stupid to think you can just teleport in here and not pay the price. Well, let's have a look at our guest. Pick him up so I can welcome him to my Dark Dimension!"

Minion felt his left arm being grabbed by two strong hands. Two more hands grabbed his other arms and another seized the back of his neck as he was hauled to his feet and turned around.

"Now this is a surprise," the speaker commented. "Billy Cranston. Now there's a face I never thought I would see again. Although somebody has done a fine job of trying to remove it."

It only now dawned on Minion that he could not see, a side effect of the magic that had almost torn him apart. He was aware his eyes were still there because he could feel them aching along with everything else.

"I thought you were dead," the voice continued. "I distinctly remember killing you. I took great pleasure in snapping your scrawny little neck. So how is it possible for you to be here, making a mess on my floor?"

Minion opened his mouth to respond but had difficulty speaking, something his host seemed to realise.

"Oh but you are in a bad way, aren't you? Somebody has done a number on you, my little friend. I haven't decided yet if I should punish them for robbing me of the chance, or reward them for such a fine effort." There was a moment of silence and then a whispered word. A few more seconds and a soft whistle of appreciation. "According to this spell, you should be dead right now. Your body has endured more than most people would want to survive." More silence as the speaker pondered what to do and then having made a decision, orders were issued. "Take him to the medical bay and instruct the medics to save his life. Make sure that he is restrained at all times and under full guard. If he escapes, you will answer to me!"

Minion could feel the slight tremor from the ones holding him up. It was somebody used to being obeyed.

"Yes, my lord."

"Contact me as soon as he is stable enough to talk."

"Of course," the same underling responded.

If he had heard the response, he ignored it. "I want to hear the details of how he survived... before deciding whether to kill him again."

Suddenly Minion was not so sure that his survival had been a good thing after all.


The medical staff had done exactly as their leader had ordered: save Minion's life. It turned out that his recovery had not been swift. In fact, for a long time, there had been no certainty that he would survive. The curse had remained active for weeks before it had finally faded. Some would point out that at least if he was suffering in agony, he wasn't dead. But then a cursed life was no better in his mind than being dead. As each day passed and the doctors were forced to slice more and more of his diseased flesh from his broken body, he had mentally begged whatever deity looked down on poor misunderstood monsters to relieve his torment. At that point, he was happy to fade from existence if it meant relief from his torture.

In his last incarnation, his mistress had called him Minion, a name intended to remind him of his place in the grand scheme of things. She had revived him from the point of death and had allowed him to destroy the Rangers. He had beaten Tommy by threatening the White Ranger's innocent friends, but in a rematch, he had fallen foul of the Rangers' trickery and had been condemned to endure an unending period of pain and suffering until Lord Zedd saw fit to lift the curse. Of course, that feat was made next to impossible since Lord Zedd was now in another reality.

He sighed, recognising the onset of a rest period. It was a mercy that ended the torment for a few minutes, there was no such thing as too much suffering so far as the originators of the curse had been concerned. However, a creature driven to utter madness could not suffer as thoroughly as one that remained capable of understanding that he was in pain. And so the curse allowed brief periods of rest just before the mind was briefly pushed into the realms of insanity for the victim to recover a little. That coupled with the pain relief the healers had given him had helped him survive the worst of his torment.

As he mentally floated in the void, he remembered the time he had spent in this place. When he had first arrived he had felt himself in the presence of an incredibly powerful being. There had been something familiar about him, although at the time he had not realised his identity. It had not taken long for his new tormentor to grow tired of the delay in getting his answers. Minion had been subjected to a violent magical assault as his secrets were torn from his mind. And when it was over, his captor had muttered something about alternate realities and walked away.

Minion of course knew of alternate realities. In some dimensions the Power Rangers were servants of evil, in some they were the evil rulers and in some, they simply did not exist. The same was true about the villains he had come to know. It seemed that this reality was one where some of the Rangers were evil and the rest were... dead. lost? He knew that Billy Cranston no longer existed here; his host had taken great pleasure in explaining how he had throttled and then drowned the Blue Ranger.

After that Minion had been left to die, his novelty having worn off. Without the attempts to slow its spread, the curse had continued to break down his body, taking him to the point of oblivion. But not beyond. It seemed that fate granted immortality and then decreed that he would spend almost every second of it in agony. The thoughts and memories flashed through his mind until once again it grew too much and he passed out.

He awoke with a start. He was in pain, but something had changed. This was a different type of torment. It took a moment to realise that something had struck his chest, causing him to hiss from the discomfort. And then there was a sharp pull as he felt himself being punched over and over again. The stumps that had once been his limbs were pulled and crushed, knife blades repeatedly scraped against his rotten flesh. The agony he had been feeling for weeks abated as his mind focussed on the new discomfort.

He was dragged off of the bed where his torso had been placed and dumped upon the floor, his arms and legs complaining at the impact. Arms and legs? It took time for his mind to catch up and realise that he did indeed have arms and legs. Although as he lay face down on the floor he was not certain it was a good thing.

He heard something, a word whispered from afar. "Minion..." the name drifted through his mind and he had to remind himself that it was indeed his name. "Minion." It was louder this time and he could feel something lifting him up and then pushing him backwards. In his weakened state he was hurled across the ground.

"What is this?" he asked.

"Welcome back, Minion. I thought I had seen the last of you."

He was thrown around again. It wasn't the wind that buffeted from all sides, but the solid and overwhelming force of a powerful aura. His instincts told him to run, to hide from the incredible force that could easily destroy him. He had nowhere to go though and after looking around desperately, he still could not find the source of the voice. As his eyes searched he was drawn to the large statues paying tribute to Rita Repulsa and her Green Ranger.


"If I were in your place, I would have said: uh oh," came the cold response. Minion could make out there was some amusement in the tone. "After all I took considerable pleasure in crushing the skull of the last Billy Cranston I encountered."

A hand grabbed him by the scruff of the neck, lifting him effortlessly into the air before turning him around and shoving him into a wall. And Minion's eyes widened at the sight.

"I'm not Billy," Minion gasped.

"No, you're not," came the reply as he tilted his head to the side and grinned wickedly. "But you look like him; you have some of his memories... The similarity is close enough that I could easily make myself believe that it is him I am killing. I already know that I'll enjoy it."

With a sudden movement, he tossed the clone across the room. He looked mildly surprised and then pleased when Minion twisted in the air and landed on his feet. Then he was on the move as his fist flew towards Minion's face. Minion raised his arms to block the blow, only to grunt as a knee slammed into his gut.

"It seems that given an extra year of fighting you have improved your fighting skills," his tormentor observed. "Still pathetic."

Minion growled, raising his hands and unleashing a ball of energy. He was surprised when it was slapped aside with ease. He tried again, calling on the training that Mistress Repugna had gifted him. This time he managed to knock the dictator back a little. He could feel the familiar sensation of Ranger powers as they surged through his body. He punched repeatedly, but his opponent calmly blocked his blows.

"I really could do this all day, but you make a poor sparring partner and I have more important matters to attend to. Restrain him!" came the order and for the first time Minion realised that they had been joined by others.

They wore red capes and carried bladed staffs. Their armour while more militaristic than the costumes worn by the original Power Rangers of their world, were lighter weight, favouring speed and manoeuvrability over strength. And it seemed that while Minion had been occupied, the four warriors had moved into position ready to take down Minion on their master's command. And when the word was given, they moved in, attempting to pin Minion down with the blades of their staffs.

As he dodged and ducked the attempts to pin him down, Minion wished that he had access to a weapon of his own. In response, he felt a strange tinkling in his hands, and when he looked down he was surprised to find that they had transformed into extended blades. Now armed and able to fight back, Minion threw himself into battle, easily taking down the four warriors. They were good, but Minion had been trained by some of the greatest warriors in Rita and Zedd's army.

With the soldiers down, Minion turned his attention to their master. The blade on his left arm vanished and was replaced by a heavy ball. With a growl he attacked, only to find himself frozen in place. He looked up to see his opponent with his hand raised and a faint light illuminating his fingertips.

"You know the strangest thing about having bodyguards is everybody thinks that you need protecting," he commented. "I keep them around so I don't have to waste my time on insignificant matters." There was a pause as he regarded the downed warriors. "Congratulations, you've gained my interest."


"How was I able to freeze you in place?"

Minion would have nodded, but his head was still frozen. His captor must have realised the problem and chuckled slightly.

"After the failure of her Green Ranger, Rita Repulsa decided to recruit a new human to act as her harbinger. She scoured the globe, dismissing many candidates and testing others against Goldar and Scorpina. All of them failed until she saw me. She knew at once that I would be the replacement for her lost warrior. She trained in the arts of magic before unleashing me on Angel Grove. And before she passed away, she told me the secrets that only the powerful villains possess. She told me of the Dark Dimension - the real Dark Dimension - and the power it holds. She told me of the sacrifices needed to access its power without being trapped there. Upon her passing, I used her sacrifice to open the doorway and turn myself into the villain she wanted me to become. I have had plenty of opportunities to practice since that time and I have grown beyond the ignorant child she adopted. This little spell is easy for me nowadays, but it has disabled many opponents before ending them. The poor fools never stood a chance."

He flicked his fingers and Minion was thrown into the ground so hard that the surface cracked.

"When I was done conquering the Earth, I presented myself to a higher power, just as Rita intended. I took the opportunity offered to me and I turned it to my advantage, using the power to become the Grand Monarch of Evil and then I conquered the universe, merging it with the power of my Dark Dimension. This realm is mine now Minion, I have little patience for those who decide to intrude. So, Minion, I will make it simple for you with this choice: swear fealty to my empire and its continued expansion, or be destroyed..." Minion screamed in agony as his tormentor crossed his fingers. "There are no other options."

The pain returned to full force as he used the power he had gathered over the ages to rip the insolent creature apart. Minion screamed, his cries and whimpers sufficient to delay his destruction for a short time. His new master enjoyed the power he felt as Minion writhed helplessly on the metal ground.

"It is not a difficult choice to make, Minion," he observed. "In your heart, you already know what you will decide. Face it: you belong to me now."

"I belong to nobody!" Minion growled as he pulled himself back to his feet, only to be knocked aside with a backhand.

"Such a shame. I had hoped you would see things differently. Very well, proceed on your path to oblivion!"

Black energy shot from his hand, striking Minion all across his body. Where the energy connected, a piece of Minion was obliterated. It was a painful way to die.

"Stop!" he managed. "Please, spare me," Minion begged when his torturer paused his attack for a moment. "I will do as you command."

"A wise choice, my Minion of Darkness," he said. "A decision we can build on. Now..."

His hand shifted slightly, the energy switching from crackling black to sparkling pink. With a dismissive wave, Minion was bathed in pink energy as his new master repaired his broken form.

"Had you been human, you would never have survived long enough to beg for your life," he mused when the process was complete. "Fortunately, you are less than a man. You are a worm Minion, the lowest of the low. But as you are useful to me, I will accept your service. I have a task for you, Minion. Think of it as a test. This universe is not the one that you come from. I intend to make your reality a part of my own. And you will be the one to conquer it for me. But for now, prepare yourself and do not think for a moment that you can ever escape my reach."

"Are you sure about this Zeddy?" Rita asked. Her husband had had some insane plans before, but this was insane.

"Of course I am," Zedd growled irritably. "We have been given access to a power even the Rangers will be unable to stop."

"Excuse me, Lord Zedd," Finster said quickly. "But the Dark Dimension is just a myth, a shadow world where our failed monsters are sent after they are defeated. Surely such a place doesn't interest you."

"The Dark Dimension is much more than a shadow world," Zedd corrected him. "It is the Dark Dimension, a place within the Morphin Grid where the darkest beings bled into the Power. It is the source of the darkness within the Morphin Grid, a corruption even the Morphin Masters were incapable of purging. And it is a place that houses more than just fallen monsters and forgotten villains. It is a place filled with the tools and power that can bring this world, this cosmos to its knees. And we have been given the means to unlock that power and use it against the Rangers."

"Yes, but surely if that were true, why did your benefactor not do so himself" Finster asked.

"Finster has a point Zeddy," Rita commented. "What does he gain from all this?"

"He is an enemy of the Power Rangers and willing to assist us," Zedd growled. He had already considered these questions and so far had failed to find a satisfactory answer. "And he has offered us the means to become the truly evil beings we are supposed to be."

"Is that what you did to Monkey Boy over there?" Rita asked, sparing a glance at the large gold-armoured figure. She had to admit that he looked impressive under the effects of whatever spell Zedd used.

Zedd snorted. "The Dark Dimension contains more than just the souls of the fallen. It is the place where they are drawn together to create the darkest incarnation of themselves, enhanced by the sheer abundance of dark energy. The Goldar you see before you is a warrior at his most evil: Goldar Maximus! Think of it Rita, all the potential our golden buffoon possessed, unlocked. And because he is bound by the power of the Dark Dimension, he is completely loyal to us. That is the power of the Dark Dimension: the means to completely reverse the curse of this world."

"Curse? That's just a superstition!" Rita sneered.

"Oh but it is true," Zedd told her. "Earth is one of the most powerful planets in existence even if its inhabitants are disappointing. The planet can draw in those evil enough to find it attractive and then purify them as they continuously fail to conquer it. It is something we have all suffered from, even myself. Your imprisonment left you exposed to the Earth's magic for over ten thousand years. Imagine what it would do to lesser villains."

It was true that Earth was considered cursed by many villains. Even though the majority of its population was severely lacking when it came to magic, the Earth was saturated with a purifying energy that negated evil magic.

"You spent centuries floating closer and closer to this wretched world, you were bound to be effective when you couldn't fight back," Zedd told her when it appeared she was going to argue.

"And what's your excuse?" she snarled. "You are supposed to be the Emperor of the Dark Zones, yet you're as big a loser as the rest of them."

"I don't need an excuse," he snarled. "Had it not been for your meddling, I would have had ample protection from the planet. But you decided to corrupt my evil power with a love potion. You created the possibility that I could feel love. And at that moment, I was just as vulnerable to the Earth's power as you were." His body glowed red. "But no matter; today we will be restored."

There was a brief silence as he looked at his servants. He could see the effects of the Earth upon them now that he knew what to look for. Their dark auras flickered with flecks of grey and in some cases, white light.

"We have been granted the means to restore ourselves to the evil beings we were meant to be and we will take take the opportunity. We shall endure the Dark Sleep. Baboo, Squatt, Scorpina, come here!" Zedd's voice boomed throughout the castle. "Finster, come closer. No, don't move Rita."

As his subjects arrived, he held his staff above his head and did something Rita had rarely seen him do; he cast a spell using words instead of his staff. As he spoke magical symbols formed in the air around them. A black mist rose from the stone floor, enveloping all those gathered in the room. Rita, Zedd and all their servants soon collapsed to the ground as they breathed the cloud of pure rejuvenating evil.

Another place

He watched as Zedd cast the spell and nodded to himself. The power of the Dark Dimension would do what Zedd believed it would do. It would purge the light from their souls, restoring them to the evil beings they should have been. And from there he would offer them the service of his new minion to conquer the planet on their behalf, shielding them from the effects of Earth's magic.

~And when Minion has conquered the planet, I will seek my prize.~

He had waited a long time for this opportunity. Despite everything he had accomplished, the worlds that now bowed to his glory and feared his power, it was all meaningless. His reality was one of countless realities in a multiverse of probability. But in the end, the only Earth that truly mattered was the one in the Prime Reality. It was there that he would achieve his desires and until he conquered that Earth, his desires would remain unfulfilled.

Aiding Rita and Zedd was just the first part of the plan. Minion's arrival months earlier had been truly unexpected, but had provided him an agent to move the scheme forward. But while he trusted Minion was capable of completing the task set for him, he had no illusions that the clone would attempt to break free of his control. As he stared out over his dominion, a reality forged from those he had already conquered, he knew that in the end Minion's eventual betrayal would not matter... he would be victorious, destroy Minion and then claim claim his prize.

The Moon

Zedd awoke a few hours later and took the opportunity to look himself over. His body was bursting with the dark powers he had absorbed. He turned and nodded to Goldar who had kept guard for the time they were out. He was pleased when Goldar offered him a silent respectful nod in return.

Rita was next to awaken. Her appearance had changed due to the magic. Her hair was no longer worn in the ridiculous-looking cones that her father had favoured. The ugly brown garment she had favoured as a way of separating herself from the white robes she remembered her mother wearing had been altered to a style she had seen favoured by the witches of other magical kingdoms. Her long grey hair extended down her back to her waist and was tied in a style Mistress Vile had once been known to favour. Her dark robes were covered with various symbols of power, used to attract energy from outside her body. As she nodded approvingly at the changes, she picked up her wand and discovered that it had been recharged by the dark magic. It now channelled the same power it had held before her war with Zordon.

Scorpina had quietly got to her feet and joined Goldar on guard. Her armour had a deadly glint to it that had not been there before.

Squatt awoke feeling better than he had ever felt before. He had a new mission in life, to help crush the forces of good and destroy Zordon of Eltare. It was good to be back in the service of his empress.

Baboo had changed physically as well as mentally. His claws had grown into talons, his monocle had developed into an energy weapon and his entire body had developed a metal skin. He no longer looked like a joke, he was a dangerous foe.

Finster was the final henchman to stand. The mist had purged any goodness from his soul. Although he looked the same, his desire to make truly evil monsters had grown exponentially.

"We did it!" Rita cried as she understood how much she had changed in a matter of hours.

"And now nobody will stand in our way," Lord Zedd told her.

Finster could not bring himself to look Zedd or Rita in the eye. How could he have failed to notice the positive energy that had bombarded them since they had first arrived on the Moon? ~Perhaps because it had affected us before we escaped the Dumpster.~ His monsters would prove more effective now and he would make amends for his past failures by bringing the Rangers to their knees.

A dark figure appeared in front of them, his face hidden by a thick dark cloak. "You have received the gifts I provided you, just as I promised," he said. "Now do you understand the value of the alliance I offer?"

"Yes, yes I do," Zedd answered. "But if you're so powerful, why not take over and conquer things yourself?"

"Because a being much wiser than I once told me that the key to defeating the Power Rangers lies in cooperation. Only by working together can we overcome Zordon and his band of child soldiers. Only together can we grow our dark alliance. So again I ask you, Lord Zedd: are you willing to accept my assistance?"

"Yes, we accept."

"I knew you would see things my way. Behold..." he opened his palm to reveal a gemstone... "this is a multiversal focus, and the key to navigating through the Morphin Grid beyond the limits of a single universe. When used it will anchor your reality to the Dark Dimension just as it anchored the Dark Dimension to this reality. So long as our pact remains, it will keep sustain the doorway between the Dark Dimension and reality, allowing travel between them,"

"And how do you know we won't double-cross you?" Rita asked. The thought had already crossed her mind.

Cold laughter was the response. "Because I know of you, Rita Repulsa. You will not turn upon me until I have fulfilled my side of our bargain. And should you turn on me at that time, I will make certain you regret it. Now, the time has come for you to secure your territory and for my servant to destroy your enemies. Where once he failed, he has been restored. No longer will he feel the effects of the Earth's magic and as your creation, he will not betray you. I return to you my representative to our efforts: my Minion of Darkness."

The blue orb pulsed with energy and Minion appeared. He immediately dropped to his knees.

"Lord Zedd, Empress Rita... I am at your service."

Another Reality

He felt the moment that the barriers between worlds lowered as Lord Zedd willingly allowed his side of the doorway to open, connecting the Prime Reality with their Dark Dimension and the conquered reality that lay within its boundaries. When he conquered his Earth, he used its power to unlock the power of the Dark Dimension, using the corrupted planet as a staging ground to dominate the rest of the universe. And now he was the ruler looking down on his domain. But it was not enough, because he knew that his reality was just one of many and in the end, only the Prime Reality mattered.

That was the reason he had spared Minion's life when he had realised his origin. Minion offered him the opportunity to extend his reach to a second universe and then the entire multiverse. He was unashamedly ambitious and he wanted everything. One Earth, two Earths, every Earth. He would not stop until he reigned supreme. He had already made a good start and with Minion's help, it was time to press onward.

Nearby Minion felt the shift in the air. The portal back to his home reality had opened at last. It was time for him to return. A part of him wanted to escape as quickly as possible, but the last few months had taught him his place and instead, he looked up at the figure sat upon the throne.

"Go, Minion of Darkness, complete your mission and prepare the Earth for my coming."

He bowed his head obediently before approaching the swirling energy. With a final nod, Minion raised his head and stepped through.

His body adapted as he entered the physical world. He was in the body of a ninja, his uniform consisting mainly of a black material reinforced by a thick vest over the chest and back. A black mask hid most of his face allowing only the glowing red eyes to be seen. A metal guard protected the forearms and lower legs from attack. Finally, in the centre of his chest was a golden coin bearing the image of the Jackal, complemented by a small silver pawn embroidered on his upper arms.

"Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa," he said, removing his mask to reveal his face to his saviours. "I am at your service."

And as he departed the lone figure mused upon what would occur. "He will betray them, betray me... betray us all. But his destiny will be fulfilled and then I will show how it should be done."

"And if he kills the Rangers?" his companion asked, offering him a small goblet.

"Then I will take great delight in rewarding him personally," he remarked before resuming his observation of the other reality.

"Zeddy, you are a genius!" Rita cried as she saw how different Minion appeared. Both Rita and Zedd had long believed that the only way to beat a Ranger was with another Ranger.

Minion watched the smile form on Rita's face, satisfied she had been convinced to trust him. For the time being, helping Zedd and Rita was exactly what he needed to do. Deciding to see the Rangers for himself, he stretched out his senses, touching the minds of all those holding Power Coins or Zeo Crystals. He sensed the active Rangers. Tommy, Katherine, Rocky, Adam, Tanya and Trey. He also detected two others, Jason and someone whose presence eluded him.

"What is your command Lord Zedd?" he asked.

"Destroy the Power Rangers and conquer this wretched planet," Zedd instructed. "When we return, I expect you to be victorious."

"As you wish my Lord," he said.

Rita listened to what her husband said. As much as she hated to leave the Earth she wanted to see her kingdom. Even during their exile, Zedd had not offered to take her there. She wondered how he would react when he found out her father had been annexing parts of the Dark Galaxy into his territory.

"Finster, remain here and assist Minion," Zedd instructed. The instruction to inform him of the first sign of betrayal went unsaid.

Minion watched as Rita and the others left, leaving only Finster and himself. He glanced at his new assistant, aware of why the monster maker had been left behind. "Let us begin."

"At once," Finster agreed before scurrying off to prepare his monsters.

Minion's first act was to clear the remains of the Machine Empire from the Sol system. It was a simple matter to send the signal that would see a salvage crew from the Machine Foundry arrive to retrieve the royal family. With the competition away from the planet, Minion turned his attention to the business at hand.

It was much later that Minion sought to communicate with his master. He had avoided doing so, but the longer he left it the more the pain increased. He had come to realise that this was a failsafe, a requirement for him to report in at regular times or face punishment.

"I have done as you commanded. Rita and Zedd have departed and I have arranged for the Machine Empire to collect their royal family for repair. As of now, the Earth is mine for the taking."


A jolt of pain surged through Minion's body, correcting his errant behaviour.

"Forgive me, I misspoke," he managed. "I meant the Earth is yours."

"If you value your existence, Minion, you will remember your place. You are a tool, nothing more. Just because I decided you could operate remotely does not mean I am not in control. Cross me and it will be the last thing you do. Now, tell me what you have learnt from reviewing the recent battle."

"The Rangers won, as expected," Minion replied. "Not a real surprise. Once the Green Ranger arrived the odds shifted in their favour. They will not have the element of surprise in future."

"The Green Ranger was there?" his master asked. Was there a hint of concern in his voice?

"Yes, my Lord. Does it matter?"

There was a pause before he finally received a reply.

"No, the presence of a Green Ranger does not change things. Commence the plan, prepare the way."

"Yes my Lord..." He trailed off as he was once more subjected to excruciating pain.

"Do not fail me, Minion," were the last words he heard as the connection ended.

With a groan, Minion picked himself up and turned towards Finster's lab. He walked in just in time to hear the monster maker muttering to himself. He stopped to listen, he had learnt that he could find out how the monster maker was getting on by listening to him talk to himself.

"...and just a bit more padding here and you're done. Five down, one to go. Now what to do for the alternate forms? Perhaps this..."

He chose not to enter the lab. It seemed that Finster was being creative and that if he wanted to see the results of that creativity... he would only need to wait a short time. Meanwhile, there were other plans he could set in motion. Rita and Zedd had set him a time limit, his master expected swift results. And Minion knew that if he wanted to break their hold on him, he would need to act quickly.

"Let it begin."

End of Part

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