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Author’s note: This is the final part of the Minion of Darkness storyline and marks the return of the universe to normal.

The Rebirth

It was over. Despite everything he had tried the reformed Minion had fallen. And with his ultimate defeat, the ultimate power had been unlocked. A shockwave had reached out from the devastated world, spreading through the void of space, restoring the stars in the sky as reality was reborn. Beyond the limits of a single universe the power grew and spread, rekindling all that had been lost.

It had long been theorised that the Earth was a nexus of probability and it was in this role that it guided the unimaginable power. Across countless realities the untold actions of an infinite number of Minions played out. Rise and fall, victory and defeat over and over again as the planet judged which realities would survive and those that were lost. Imagination stretched to the limit, the rules of logic broken to accommodate bizarre outcomes and all for nothing. When the tally was counted Minion had not recorded a single victory. Aside from a single instance where he had survived and then departed, he had lost every encounter with the Power Rangers. Past, present or future it made no difference, the Evil Blue Ranger was doomed to be defeated every time.

And since Minion could never succeed it meant that the restoration of the multiverse was guaranteed. And when enough of those possibilities had played out, the indivisible nature of his soul had reasserted itself and the many Minions were dragged back to the Dark Dimension where they merged into their composite form as the final moments of his battle with the Power Rangers played out to its completion as the light from the Great Power was overwhelmed  for an instant before burning the darkness away and restored existence to its former glory.

Another place and time

“….And now, at long last, the battle is over, and the Power Rangers have emerged victorious. Minion has been defeated and reality has been saved from destruction. This test has run its course and the final experiment is concluded. All results have been tallied and the outcome decided: Minion has lost.”

He was called The Watcher. Due to his higher nature nothing was hidden from his view; he saw everything. Long ago he and his brothers had been set a task: to watch over a multiverse that had formed at a key point in history where the fate of existence itself had been in the balance.

They had been charged to observe the countless scenarios regarding the being known as Minion, seeking an instance where some change in his character, history or actions could have brought him victory.

And as the Power Rangers looked on and Minion crumbled to the ground, the Watcher made a tick indicating that in this scenario, Minion had failed once again.

For existence the outcome was a fantastic result. For had there been a single circumstance in which Minion could have triumphed, existence would have ended. But now the results had been collated and Minion’s shattered soul had been reassembled and dispatched to a place of eternal suffering, the conclusion was clear that Minion had been and would always be the loser. And with that answer known, the multiverse that had been created for the purpose of testing his worth was no longer required.

This was the last scenario to play out. It had taken longer than the others because Minion had disappeared for a long time. In his absence the reality had been visited by outsiders, misused as a prison and even loaned its heroes to a great quest. And for a while, The Watcher had considered whether the scenario had been recorded wrongly and he was meant to explore the possibility of Minion's triumph in a reality where he simply disappeared.

But then Minion had returned, brimming with dark powers and malicious intent. Minion had attacked the Earth one more time and had been met by the full strength of its defenders. Overconfident about his new strength he had battled on beyond the point where he should have retreated and had paid for it with his life.

There had been no plan on Minion’s part, he had just shown up and demanded a battle. The Power Rangers had obliged. Minion had fallen. It was more complicated than that, but the Watcher’s report would keep to the key facts of the matter and not worry about the details.

He took a final look at the reality where he had spent eons watching over events for the first sign of Minion. This reality had lasted longer than he had expected and had stretched far into the future. But its purpose had been served and like so many other concluded experiments, it was time for it to dispose of the remains.

“Let there be an end!” he intoned, calling back the power that had sustained the reality for so long. It was borrowed energy just as the matter that had been used to create the reality had been borrowed from the original reality. With its purpose served both matter and energy would be returned to their source.

But as he watched the universe crumble, he felt a moment of sadness. This reality had survived more than just Minion. It had been hijacked and misused by others. It had been corrupted and for a time it had been diverted away from its purpose. He had grown to admire the beings that had lived there and their heroic natures.

Would they prove him wrong and somehow survive beyond the point of death? Already their worlds crumbled as they were cut off from the power that sustained them. Would they find a solution? Was there even a solution?

He didn’t know for sure. There was the possibility that they could escape their fate, but he doubted it.
In the end it didn't matter for their story had been told and the results had been recorded: The last splinter of Minion had been destroyed and now all that was left was for everything to fade to black.

Dagsyxx listened as the screams of what sounded like many Minions merged into an agonised bellow before fading. Satisfied that the former servant was gone, he turned from the lava pit and walked back into the darkness, plotting his next move.

The End

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