The Great Power exploded and Reality was lost. Time stopped and the Multiverse died. So what happened next?

Loose Ends

Reality was destroyed and then restored in less than a second. But not everything was restored and eight of the greatest heroes the universe never knew were left without a home. Fortunately somebody was prepared to change the world to give them a fresh start.

Thrill of the Night

Jeff Kincaid has had an awful life. Then he met Mark Kinega and entered the world of the Night Rangers. Suddenly his old life didn’t seem so bad

Shredded Peace

Following Minion’s defeat, evil takes on a less familiar face.

Hell’s angels

Hell’s Angels
The Shredder’s underling manufactures his own monster using Mutagen and a gang of renegade bikers.

The Mysterious Refugee Part One – Crash and Burn

There is a new arrival in Angel Grove. I suggest you check it out.

The Mysterious Refugee – Dark World

Just where did the mysterious Ranger come from and what caused him to arrive in such a state?

Night School

That path to becoming a Night Ranger demands time and pain… plenty of pain

Ties that Bind Part 1: Old Friends, New Friends

Among the new people gracing the Rangers’ lives come a few familiar and in some cases unwelcome faces.

Ties that Bind Part 2: Dark Heritage

By birth they should have been mortal enemies, in reality they’re good friends. And if Jamie’s father has his way, then her relationship with Jason will turn sour very quickly.

Ties that Bind Part 3: Enemies Bound by Purpose

What does it take to get Lord Zedd to fight alongside the Rangers?

Ties that Bind Part 4: Release from the Darkness

Rita’s greatest mistake was making Zedd love her. Now that love will be his undoing.

The Nyghtmayr of Halloween

The Rangers team up with Doctor Strange to prevent the release of a psychic demon that can use their emotions against them.

Battling Insomnia

Samoht finds himself the target of a bounty hunter with an unusual approach.

Rise of the Black Dragon Part One: Uncontainable

Following his release from a dimension of pure torment, the Master is once gain on a mission to rebuild his failing body. And with him comes a new ally that has a grudge against Zordon.

Rise of the Black Dragon Part Two: Unredeemable

After retrieving his sword, Drac’cuul tests his forces against the Rangers

Rise of the Black Dragon Part Three: Undefeatable?

Drac’cuul’s quest to retrieve his armour is at an end. Now it is up to the Rangers whether or not he receives the key to activate it. Can an ancient prophecy help?

Wheels in Motion

A new faction of the Machine Empire arises

Legend of a Phantom

From the dawn of time, to the end of days, this ghost_like figure has fought the forces of evil. He is the Phantom, the often unseen ally of those that fight against the darkness. But now he does so as a Ranger.

Claims to Earth

The Alliance of Evil holds a meeting. The subject: who gets to conquer the Earth?


The government’s top secret project just walked out the door.

Friendship beyond Death

Farkus Bulkmier was supposed to die in France, but what if Skull had been mistaken?

Starting Anew

Nathan Oliver tries to master his mismatched powers, but with the Galactic Council interfering, an already difficult task is made much harder.

The Price of Charity

The hunt for Lerigot reaches its climax as Divatox and her forces zero in on their quarry. Meanwhile on Earth the Rangers’ hope to save a children’s shelter, an act that interferes with the ambition schemes of one of Crossworld City’s underhanded businessmen.

The Perilous Voyage

The race is on to catch up with Divatox as the Turbo Rangers find themselves on a Ghost Galleon.

New Arrivals

The Rangers and Divatox search for Lerigot. Who will get to the Wizard of Liaria first?

Race to the Volcano

Can the Turbo Rangers stop Divatox before she releases Maligore?

Lightspeed Rescue: Entering Lightspeed

A new threat calls for a new solution

The Mighty Morphin Ninjetti

It was supposed to be a simple journey from Mariner Bay to Angel Grove. Instead the Doctor, his companion and six Rangers end up taking a trip through time and space, and one of them does not come back. Formerly known as Time of Changes

Lost in the Night

The Night Rangers are complete and united. But in a world of darkness nothing is what it seems

Return to Solitude

As the Doctor prepares to leave, so events have been set in motion, heralding the start of his greatest and most devastating adventure yet.

To Protect Those That Serve

Even a respected Morphin Master like Zordon must sometimes dirty himself with politics.

Dastardly Preparations

As calm between the storm passes, so the forces of darkness gather for the new front.

Cloak and Dagger

Sometimes it’s difficult to adjust.

The emperor’s New Rage

The Emperor’s New Rage
When Lord Zedd is offered a chance of a new body, he accepts, and disaster is the only outcome.

Getting Better

As the weeks pass, the Turbo Rangers become used to their new powers.

The New Generation

With four of the Turbo Rangers incapacitated, Zordon moves ahead with finding their replacements.

Graduation Day

The end of an era for some of the Rangers as their time at Angel Grove High School comes to an end.

Who You Gonna Call?

Following their graudation, the Rangers might not all be in Angel Grove anymore, but that doesn’t mean they won’t find themselves drawn into the war between good and evil.


When Nathan Oliver arrived, he brought a world’s worth of power with him. Now the Rangers are discovering that while some of the power disappeared, there is still plenty up for grabs.

Dead of Night

What happens when somebody you trust with you life decides to take it?

If At First

Divatox sends a bounty hunter named Cocky Roach after the Turbo Rangers.

Psychos Rising

The Nega Rangers have found a way to return. A means that involves their transformation into something even more sinister.

Space: The Journey Begins

Shadow Ranger’s fanfiction: The Journey BeginsThe sole survivor of KO-35 set out on his new adventure.

Endings, Beginnings and Renewal

It’s Halloween again, a day that the Rangers have come to associate with monster attacks. Maybe this year something good will come.

The Night Raider

After the destruction of his team, Jeff Kincaid decides to make sure that the treacherous Kinega cannot use the powers of his former allies to aid his wicked deeds. Little does Kincaid realise that his former friend has changed more than he first believed.

Taking Control

The Alliance of Evil is disbanded and replaced by the United Alliance of Evil. Membership is mandatory, disobedience means death and judgement is retroactive.

Escape Velocity

Visceron has information that can save the universe. But first he has to survive a Death Race and escape in one piece.

Nancy Cooper’s Rough Ride

When a test flight of NASADA’s shuttle goes wrong, a test pilot’s life is in danger. And with Diabolico out to make things worse, better make this a Lightspeed Rescue!

Thanksgiving Night

The Defiant finally reaches Earth and the Power Rangers find themselves dragged into the troubles of Jeff Kincaid.

Space: A Tale of Unfortunate Events

What Shall We Do With the Captured Ranger, early in the morning? During a shakedown trip, Andros happens upon a fierce battle and finds himself held prisoner alongside three notable enemies of the Dianthe Pirates

A Reason to be Thankful

Sometimes a story must be retold in order to know what really happened.

Mother Knows Best

Sometimes a mother’s love is needed. Sometimes it’s more a case of yelling.

The Titanium Tragedy

During the unveiling of the Titanium Morpher an unexpected turn of events lead to disaster

Princely Scheming

Behemoth boasted that he was the most powerful warrior and so Divatox sent him to destroy Gasket. But can a prince of the Royal House of Gadgetry be defeated that easily? And if not, what does that mean for Divatox and the planet Horath?

Questions Never Asked, Answers Never Sought

Why is there no Superman or mutants? Where did the JLA and Avengers disappear to? Who is really behind the Task Force operations and why have they been manipulating a secret arms race for centuries? The answers might not be forthcoming, but there’s no shortage of questions.

Psycho-logical Profiling

Divatox demanded an evil team of Turbo Rangers and gave Porto the task of building them. Porto can only hope it won’t end up a complete disaster.

The Dark Racers Part 1 – False Start

Divatox demanded an evil team of Turbo Rangers and gave Porto the task of building them. Porto can only hope it won’t end up a complete disaster.

The Dark Racers Part 2 – The Purple Nova

Divatox puts her first Dark Turbo Ranger to the test. Introducing Sonic Nova, the Purple Turbo Ranger.

The Dark Racers Part 3 – The Silver Comet

With the success of Sonic Nova, Porto hopes to complete his second evil Turbo Ranger. Can the Turbo Rangers survive two evil Rangers?

The Dark Racers Part 4 – The Midnight Runner

Porto was on a roll with his first two evil Rangers. But maybe three was pushing it.

The Dark Racers Part 5 – Demolition Derby

The Turbo Rangers finally find a way to turn the tables on the Turbo Racers. It’s simple matter of remembering that once a Ranger, always a Ranger.

The Dark Racers Part 6 – Across the Line

Divatox demanded an evil team of Turbo Rangers and gave Porto the task of building them. Porto can only hope it won’t end up a complete disaster.

The Dark Racers Epilogue

Three Dark Rangers appear. Not for long.

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