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Vile Traps

“Well this isn’t the Youth Center,” Fred commented as the overweight man on the piano finished making some joke about his mother-in-law and started to play Oh Susanna, very badly.

The other Turbo Rangers nodded. Wherever they were it was a dive. Drunken patrons were slumped over their tables and a loan gambler juggled a set of playing cards, dropping the odd card at random as his addled brain was unable to keep up with his own movements. And yet despite the state of the occupants there was not a drop of alcohol in sight; a quick peek into one drunkard’s metal cup revealed that he and the rest of the bar’s clientele had been drinking smoothies the entire time.

The lights flickered as the pianist continued his almost-in-tune party piece. A neon sign on the window flashed to life every now and then before fading away again. There was no doubt about it, this was not the sort of place they wanted to be.

“Is this the best we could get?” Tasha demanded before grabbing her head and wincing. “Sorry guys.”

“It’s okay,” Franklin Park assured her. “I think this is all we could come up with. It was a spur of the moment thing.”

Justin and Rosa nodded, the former not able to trust himself to start speaking without throwing up. Rosa looked pale, but was clearly not suffering as much.

They were the Power Rangers Turbo, defenders of the planet known as Earth. And if their surroundings were any indication, they were in major trouble. For the dingy bar where they had collapsed, was a representation of their collective minds, drawn together by their powers. It was this shared mindscape that allowed them to work together at a level other teams struggled to achieve. Normally their surroundings were much nicer, but then their current mental state was far below par.

For the Turbo Rangers were under the control of Shanara, an evil associate of Master Vile. She had attacked their minds and found the flaws she needed to manipulate them. Justin had been in her thrall the longest and it showed from the poor health of his mental self. But despite her success in controlling the Turbo Rangers, Shanara had been unable to break their shared bond or stop their powers from working to break her hold. What was left of their free will had retreated to the only refuge they could find, which had taken the appearance of their current surroundings.

Now that they had gained a suitable level of self-awareness, they also became aware of the banging on the door and the flashing lights outside, a manifestation of Shanara’s enchantments as they tried to break through the Turbo Rangers’ final refuge

“We’re not going to be able to stay here much longer,” Franklin declared.

The others nodded. The longer they remained in their shared space the greater the drain it placed upon their bodies. And with Shanara’s enchantments in place, they risked losing themselves.

“We need to do something,” Fred urged as the banging intensified.

“Face it, guys, we’re not going to be able to get ourselves out of this,” Tasha groaned. She had been under Shanara’s control for a while, although not as long as Justin.

“We only need to regain control long enough to get a message to Zordon,” Fred countered.

“I think Master Vile would have blocked our communicators,” Franklin told him. “But that doesn’t mean we can’t get his attention.”

With that the plan, such as it was, was devised. The Turbo Rangers would make a final push to regain control of themselves just long enough to cause as much chaos as possible in the hope that it would draw Zordon’s attention. After that they could only hope that help would be sent their way.

The music had stopped, the lights had dimmed to the point where they could only see each other; the drunken patrons had vanished along with most of the furniture, a sign that their mental haven was about to disappear.

“We can do this,” Fred urged. He received a few grunts of agreement. “Shift into Turbo!”

As Master Vile gloated of his victory, one of the Turbo Ranger’s hands twitched as he raised his Auto Blaster and did something that risked putting an end to the villain’s sinister scheme.

Somewhere on the Moon, there was an explosion.

Power Chamber

“I found them!” Billy proclaimed, drawing the attention of the other Rangers.

After returning from Master Vile’s ambush the six Rangers had set about locating their missing friends while Alpha and Zordon had worked to slow the villain’s attempts to steal the Power of Zeo.

“I detected an unusual energy emission that caused the expulsion of natural material without a known natural cause,” Billy explained.

“You saw an explosion on the monitor,” Kimberly guessed.

Billy smirked. “Affirmative.”

He adjusted the controls, repositioning some of Zordon’s satellites to an area of the Moon not far from Rita’s Palace. There they saw a small fire burning and a multicoloured blur moving around. However, it was the words: “HI GUYS” that had been blasted into the lunar surface that gave them a clue they were looking in the right place.

“Master Vile managed to subdue them before I could teleport them,” Billy continued, ” but I was able to lock onto their energy signatures.”

“We can track them!” Jason realised. “Good work Billy!”

“So, what now?” David asked.

“We get in, grab our friends and get out,” Trey answered before looking to Jason for confirmation.

“No more than two of us together,” the Red Ranger added. “Master Vile will probably know the moment we get there. We don’t want to be boxed in. If anything goes wrong, grab whoever you can and teleport back here.”

The others nodded.

“Ai-yi-yi, good luck Rangers,” Alpha said.

There was so much that could go wrong, so many of their friends in danger and despite Jason’s orders, they understood none of them were going to leave until they had recovered all their comrades.

“All right, guys. It’s Morphin Time!”

“Pink Ranger Power!”

“Blue Ranger Power!”

“Red Ranger Power!”

“Purple Ranger Power!”

“White Ranger Power!”

“Gold Ranger Power!”

“Teleporting now!” Alpha told them as they vanished in columns of light. After they had gone the little robot moved to one of the other stations. “I hope they will be okay.”

“As do I, Alpha,” Zordon rumbled before emerging from his tube; since the Rangers had free him from his time warp and restored his body, Zordon had been able to leave his plasma tube at will, but usually remained inside as it allowed better access to the Power Chamber’s systems. “For now, we must prepare for the worst. Activate defences.”

Despite the sudden rebellion by the Turbo Rangers, which had been rapidly quashed when Shanara had exerted her control, Master Vile was pleased with the progress of his plans. Lillian, Christina, Katarina, Jamie and Nathan had provided a great deal of energy before the drain had started to affect their health. Now the drain had slowed but their deterioration had not. It was a question of how much power he could siphon from their husks before they died.

The other Rangers had been just as satisfying to watch as Globbor stole their powers and their life energy. The monster had not held back and despite having spent less time in his grip, they were almost as weak as their friends. Tanya was coughing up blood and Zack looked extremely pale.

“Do you like your accommodations, Rangers?” he asked as he walked into the room where they had been secured. The organic chains suspended them from the wrists at a height where they needed to stand on the tips of their toes to support their weight. It was a form of passive torture that Master Vile had found to be especially effect at breaking his prisoners over the centuries. “By now Zordon will have learnt my intentions and discovered a way to stop me. I wonder if he would really sacrifice all of you to thwart my plans.”

Every Ranger that served under Zordon was linked into the Power Chamber’s systems. It allowed the Rangers to share upgrades to their powers as well as access to the communications system. However, that link could also be manipulated by Zordon to send energy to the Rangers in times of great need.

“I’m sure you all believe that Zordon would never do such a thing,” he continued, “but I assure you Zordon is willing to make sacrifices to protect the universe. He could stop me right now by sending a surge of power through the Power Chamber. Trust me, it would be a painless death.”

He could see the outrage on their faces, the denial that they couldn’t quite bring themselves to make. Of course, none of them were really in a condition to speak.

“I wonder who he will replace you with?” he continued. “Oh, you didn’t know… this little drain will no doubt damage your powers permanently. You will be of little use to Zordon, assuming he doesn’t simply sacrifice you.”

He studied the Rangers, hoping that his words would cause worry or despair. Alas it seemed that their faith in the mentor was stronger than he had hoped. Not that he was surprised given that Zordon had rarely taken actions that would cause his students to question his motives.

“It doesn’t really matter. One way or another your lives will end whether it is by Zordon’s mercy or Globbor’s — hand.”

He threw his head back and laughed, sending a jolt of magic into the walls that caused the Rangers’ bonds to draw them higher. Their reactions ranged from cries of agony to exhausted whimpers. One or two were so drained that they couldn’t bring themselves to respond.


Shanara had appeared next to him, bypassing the spells he had placed to protect the room from outsiders. He didn’t question how she had accomplished such a feat; Shanara was practically family in a twisted way. Instead he gave her his full attention, aware that she would not have disturbed him without cause.

“I thought you should see this,” she told him before drawing a symbol in the air.

An image appeared showing four morphed Rangers as they made their way through the Space Skull and another two as they tried to sneak across the lunar surface.

“Instruct the Putties to wait at the end of this corridor,” Master Vile instructed. “There is a break here and the Rangers will split up. The Putties can handle two of them and you can use our new Turbo slaves to handle the other two.”

“What about the ones outside?” Shanara asked.

“I will deal with them, sister,” Monastra answered as her face appeared in place of the Rangers. “With your permission of course, Master Vile.”

Master Vile chuckled, granting her permission and noting, not for the first time, that the women in his life were deliciously evil.

Red Ranger, White Ranger, Purple Ranger and Pink Ranger made their way through the corridors until they reached a section that branched off in two directions. White Ranger and Purple Ranger continued along one path while Red Ranger and Pink Ranger took the alternative route.

As they set off they were unaware of the enemies waiting for them up ahead, but when Red Ranger noticed that the corridor they were in was getting darker and Pink Ranger alerted him to the light up ahead, he realised it was a trap. By that time, it was too late to avoid it as the Turbo Rangers closed in.

White Ranger unleashed a burst of energy that threw the Putties off their feet. It was a draining technique that tapped directly into the Morphin Grid. But it was surprisingly effective and with help from Dulcea and Zordon, he had gone effective at drawing upon and directing the Power. Behind him Purple Ranger was just as effective with her Power Sticks. Between them they cut an easy path through their opponents.

“Ninja Technique: Falcon Arrows!” White Ranger called, drawing upon one of his spirit animal to conjure feather-edged blade. He drew upon the Power to paint a series of arrows in the air before gesturing in the Putties’ direction. The arrows connected, turning them into clay dust.

“Body Technique: Burning Clubs!” Purple Ranger cried, feeding the Power into the handheld weapons.

“Saba!” White Ranger called before drawing the enchanted sword. “CHARGE!”

Blue Ranger made his way toward his captive friends, shifting in and out of cover as he silently progressed across the lunar surface. Guided by the instincts of the Wolf, Billy was confident that he would not be detected… Unlike Trey.

The Gold Ranger in comparison had not attempted to be stealthy and had charged forward, challenging Master Vile and his forces to attack. While doing so made him an obvious target, it was clear that his intention was to allow Billy to make his approach unnoticed. So, it was not a real surprise when something hit the ground in front of him and he was throw off his feet. Although the moon dust forming a wall around him was new.

“Going somewhere Gold Ranger?” Monastra Repugna asked from where she had been observing him.

“I am going to rescue my friends,” Gold Ranger replied as he used the Golden Power Staff to break free.

“Rescue them? I think not. But you will be joining them soon…” She turned, aiming at where Blue Ranger was hidden and unleashed a ball of energy. “That goes for you too, Blue Ranger!”

She clicked her fingers and the ground started to shift, shaping to her command to form an army of Golem Soldiers. Both Rangers found themselves surrounded as she gave the order and her warriors closed in.

“Tricera Shield!” Blue Ranger called.

Since they had unlocked the full potential of their Ranger powers, the Morphin Team had discovered that they could access more than just their original weapons. While Pink Ranger had found herself a deadly whip and a set of daggers to use at close raid, Blue Ranger had unlocked a shield shaped like the head of the Triceratops. Not only did it protect him from harm, he could use it as an effective battering ram as he abandoned any attempt at stealth and charged at the constructs.

“… Gold Rush!” Gold Ranger called before he too charged forward, striking out at Monastra’s creations. His weapon made short work of the stony creatures just as Blue Ranger Tricera Shield hoisted several to the foot-soldiers out of the way.

But as one construct crumbled, two more took their place and the two Rangers rapidly discovered that the creatures were closing them in. Monastra raised her hands and to the Rangers’ surprise, drew upon the energy collected above their captive friends.

“Uh oh,” Blue Ranger comment as they tried to dodge the sudden attack.

This time when the ground exploded around them, there was nowhere for them to run. A quick spell was the only thing that stopped them from suffocating as their unmorphed bodies were exposed to the lunar surface.

Red Ranger had started to regret all the training sessions he had held with the Turbo Rangers the moment they had turned those skills upon him. Outnumbered five to two the Red Ranger and his Pink Ranger companion had found themselves trapped by five fully powered warriors who had no problem with striking their former allies. Meanwhile Red Ranger had been forced to pull some of his strongest blows and Pink Ranger had discovered that Pink Turbo could match her speed.

Pink Ranger kept close to Pink Turbo, preventing her opponent from using her Turbo Power Weapon, while doing her best to stay away from Yellow Turbo’s punches. Luckily it seemed that whatever control Master Vile had exerted had limited their ability to fight creatively. Not that that was a great help given their training.

Red Ranger blocked a punch from Red Turbo and jumped over an attempted leg sweep from Blue Turbo. Unfortunately, that left him exposed to an elbow in the back from Green Turbo. He stumbled forward and managed to kick Blue Turbo aside, but Green Turbo took the opportunity to switch targets to Pink Ranger.

Kimberly realised that she was penned in. Her Power Bow was of little use at close range. She ducked low to avoid Green Turbo’s sneak attack and caught him with a kick under the chin. Her success angered Pink Turbo who renewed her attack with a flurry of kicks. Pink Ranger blocked them and even managed to land a few strikes of her own before realising that concentrating on Pink Turbo had allowed Yellow Turbo to get close enough to land a powered-up punch.

Jason fought on, but he was exhausted. Against three Turbo Rangers he had struggled. With Kimberly down, he was faced with all five Turbo Rangers. As Red Turbo and Blue Turbo landed a punch, he had to admit that he was proud of how they had progressed. When Green Turbo and Pink Turbo joined in he knew that the end was near but was determined to fight to the end. He blocked Yellow Turbo’s strike, refusing to make it that easy, but Blue Turbo used the opportunity to strike and Red Turbo followed.

~I hope the others are okay,~ he thought as Green Turbo levelled the Thunder Cannon in his direction and fired. His helmet shattered as he powered down. The Turbo’s had won.

“This is too easy,” Purple Ranger noted as they fought their way through another group of Putties.

So far, they had fought their way through Master Vile’s troops. They were under no illusion that he knew that they were heading his way and had prepared for them. They were just waiting for the trap to spring.

Saba sliced through the last Putty as they reached a door. The two Rangers took a moment to catch their breath while contacting their friends.

“Jason, we’ve reached a door at the end of the corridor,” White Ranger reported.

“Trey, Billy- how close are you?” Purple Ranger asked.

There was no reply, but they realised the others were likely still fighting. White Ranger pushed the button to release the door and they discovered how wrong they were.

“I’m sorry- your companions are a little tied up right now,” Master Vile laughed as he gestured to where Billy, Jason, Trey and Kimberly were being restrained by the Turbo Rangers. “And now you can join them. Turbo Rangers… attack!”

“Mind Technique: Healing Blaze!” White Ranger cried.

All White Rangers held some level of healing ability. For Tommy that ability had been mostly untapped, but David had received more than the rudimentary training Zordon had been able to give during the early days. The White Ranger powers allowed him to heal small wounds and with guidance, provide additional healing. However, it was the purifying aspect of the power that he chose to employ, reaching out to the Turbo Rangers to cleanse their minds.

Purple Ranger did not wait to see if White Ranger was successful. As his technique caused them to hesitate, she attacked. It took only a moment for the more experience ninja to take out the younger team. At which point they turned their attention to Monastra, Shanara and Master Vile.

The two Rangers easily closed the gap between them. Purple Ranger blasted Shanara off her feet before she could act. White Ranger deflected a blast from Monastra back at her, eliminating her from the fight before levelling Saba at Master Vile’s throat.

“This is where you let them go,” White Ranger announced.

Master Vile chuckled. “No dear boy, this is where you realise that you should have been paying attention. Globbor, Drain them!”

The blue monster appeared and beams of blue shot from his body. They hit the chained Rangers, who groaned. They hit the Turbo Rangers, who twitched. It hit Purple Ranger as she shouted a warning. It hit David, who bellowed with rage as he realised what had happened. Monastra and Shanara screamed as they too were hit.

There was a flash as the energy returned to the monster. Aisha and David collapsed to the floor and demorphed. Everyone except Vile and his monster passed out. t was an unquestionable victory.

“Bring Shanara!” shouted Vile, picking up Monastra as he and Blobber headed to the throne room just next door.

As they entered, a pair of thrones arose from the floor, one to each side of Vile’s own. Vile set his former queen upon the left-hand throne as Globbor placed Shanara securely upon the right-hand seat.

“Give me the energies, quickly,” he ordered. Enough time had passed for Globbor to gather the energies from each of the Rangers they had captured. Combined with the large ball of energy they had drawn from Lillian, Jamie, Katarina, Christina and Nathan, he was certain he had enough.

Vile gently stroked Monastra’s face, holding the multi-coloured manifestation of the Power in his other hand. Then he did the same for Shanara, returning enough precious energy for both women to recover.

“Rest, my dears. I shall handle the rest.”

The spell he chose was ancient and powerful, but wasted much of the energy he held. He spoke the words carefully, concentrating on his destination as he used the magical equivalent of a battering ram to smash his way through the seals and barriers that had been erected to ward against evil. As the dark and twisted power conjured by his words tore through the space between locations, a portal opened. Master Vile laughed triumphantly as he stepped toward his destination: The Power Chamber.

The moment Master Vile stepped through the portal, the restraints holding the Rangers had vanished, allowing them to collapse onto the floor. There was no doubt that they had failed. Master Vile had stolen their powers and used them to go after the bigger prize: the Zeo Crystal. As the Turbo Rangers huddled together, the Rangers sought comfort in each other, seeking the strength to stand once more. But the fact was they were all severely injured from the energy drain and capable of doing little more than laying on the ground.

Katarina, Christina, Jamie, Lillian and Nathan had joined them. It seemed that when Master Vile left, the atmosphere outside had vanished and they had been teleported to the nearest place where they would be killed by loss of a habitable environment. It the Morphin and Zeo Rangers were in bad shape, their friends were much worse.

“White Ranger Power!” David tried, hoping that he could summon at least the healing power needed to stabilise his friends. His power failed to respond.

It was clear that they were in trouble. Before long Master Vile would return with the Zeo Crystal; Tommy worried that when he did so he would have absorbed Zordon’s powers too.

Alpha Five positioned the last of the security drones and waited. If Zordon was correct then they knew where Master Vile would create an entrance. Then it would be down to the drones to keep the villain from progressing further. Alpha expected them to fail.

The portal appeared, setting off multiple alarms. There was a crackle of energy as Master Vile stepped forth, glancing around in triumph.

“Attack!” Alpha ordered.

Even if he had expected them to lose the battle, Alpha was taken aback by how quickly Master Vile dealt with his opposition. A single blast and the four droids were reduced to scrap metal as Vile turned his attention to Alpha.

“Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi!” Alpha screamed as he was thrown across the Power Chamber.

“And now that annoyance is dealt with,” Vile mused as he zeroed in on the Zeo Crystal, surprised that it had been left in the open. “I shall claim my prize.”

The Zeo Crystal pulsed with light, warning him away, but he ignored it.

“Oh, don’t worry. Once you’re in my possession I intend to fully abuse your powers,” he promised.

“Not so fast Vile!”

A bolt of white energy struck the villain, knocking him away from the pedestal where the Zeo Crystal rested. Vile hissed in pain as the pure magic tore away at his evil form.

“Zordon,” he greeted. “I didn’t know you still had it in you… my spies told me you relinquished the Great Power!”

Zordon had indeed relinquished the Great Power on Aquitar, but had discovered afterwards that he could still call on it in times of need. It was an exhausting process that required meditation and the Ley Lines beneath the Power Chamber to fully control. He knew that outside of the Power Chamber the Great Power would grow unstable and he would rapidly suffer the side effects of using it.

“Well, this is a bonus. Globbor, drain him!”

“Sure Boss!” Globbor replied, reaching out toward the White Master.

Zordon however had other plans as he fired a second bolt of energy through the Zeo Crystal, knocking Globbor through the portal and causing Master Vile to stumble.

“You were a fool to come here Vile!” Zordon rumbled as he drew upon the Power before unleashing a third and find blast toward the Zeo Crystal. The energy interacted with the power of the Zeo Crystal, activating its purifying properties toward the villain.

Vile raised a hand to block the onslaught, but just like Globbor he was lifted off his feet and propelled through the portal, coming to rest at the foot of his own throne.

And now it was Zordon’s turn to enter enemy territory. He stepped through the evil portal, noting as he did so that it would not remain open for long. He ignored Master Vile and Globbor since they were stunned and made his way to where the Power told him he would find his students. When he did so he found that some of Mistress Repugna’s creations had found their way in and were intent on murdering his team.

With a thought he summoned the staff he had used long ago against Rita’s forces. The weapon allowed him to push his opponents aside. When he was in the centre of the room he drove his staff into the floor, sending out a massive pulse of magic that blew the golems to pieces.

“Zordon?” Tommy asked, a little too weak to see clearly.

“Quickly Rangers, we must leave this place,” Zordon told them. He was aware that the connection to the Great Power that had granted him additional strength was starting to fade. When it did he knew he would feel the magical backlash and that this was not the place to deal with it. “Gather around!”

It was a struggle, but in a short time the Rangers that were capable of standing had gathered their weaker friends into a circle. Once they were all there Zordon concentrated on the Power Chamber and they teleported away, just as the portal collapsed.

Master Vile knew when he was beaten. And he was far from defeated. As he awoke on the floor of his throne room he picked himself up and stepped over a fallen Globbor to sit upon his throne. The Rangers were gone and the Zeo Crystal was once again beyond his reach. But as he looked upon the massive pool of energy he knew that this fight was not over yet.

“GLOBBOR!” he commanded, sending a jolt of dark energy into the sleeping monster.

Globbor grunted and sat up, groaning as he tried to remember what had happened before he noticed the displeased look on Master Vile’s face and settled for silence.

“Take this and destroy Angel Grove,” Master Vile ordered as he shoved a ball of energy in the monster’s direction, “Those Rangers should still be down and out, but if not, then this will draw them out.”

“And if it does?” Globbor asked.

“Finish them!”

“Sure Boss,” Globbor saluted and then teleported away.

The Rangers had barely moved after they returned to the Power Chamber. Lillian, Christina, Katarina, Jamie and Nathan had been sent straight to the Medical Bay deep inside Power Mountain where they had been hooked up in suspension capsules that would gradually feed their exhausted bodies energy. Samoht had joined them, his magically created body having suffered from the effect of losing its energy.

“The constant drain on the life force has broken down the energy centres of their bodies,” Alpha had explained. “Too much energy, too quickly and they could die.”

It was very similar to warming up a person suffering from hypothermia. If not done correctly there was a risk of the body going into shock and the heart stopping. It was only due to the Power that they had survived so long.

Those that remained were just as tired, the link to their powers severely weakened by Globbor’s draining effect. Even those that had only been exposed to the monster’s power for a short time found their bodies refusing to respond due to exhaustion. The preferred remedy would have been sleep, but it seemed Master Vile was determined to push his advantage.

They groaned when the alarm sounded.

“This is not good guys,” Zack moaned. He had made it to a crouched position and was holding onto one of the consoles for dear life.

“We need to get out there,” Fred stated. The Turbo Rangers had had the least exposure to Globbor’s power, but their small bodies had been just as badly affected as their older friends after longer exposure.

“I doubt we could get all of us back on our feet right now,” Tommy observed.

“And even if we could, piloting a Zord would be out of the question.”

“We have to try,” Jason urged. “Billy, is there anything we can do?”

“I believe if we combine our collective energy we can recharge one of our number,” Billy said.

“You mean like when you fought Madame Woe?” Kimberly asked.

“Affirmative. If we combine the energy we can super charge one Ranger for the duration of the battle.”

“Alpha and I can reconfigure the Zeo Crystal for a short to time to restore one Zeo Ranger,” Zordon offered.

“That just leaves us,” Franklin pointed out as the Turbos looked at Justin for an answer.

“Lightning?” he offered.

“I have a better idea,” Fred answered. “Zordon, teleport us to the Turbo Carts.”

It was decided after some debate that Jason would be the Morphin Ranger to fight Globbor and that Tommy would do the same for the Zeo Rangers; bother Rangers piloted Zords that were capable of single combat.

“Let’s do this!” Jason cried. “We call on the power of all ours combined…”

“Black Ranger Power!”

“Pink Ranger Power!”

“Yellow Ranger Power!”

“Blue Ranger Power!”

“Purple Ranger Power!”

“White Ranger Power!”

Jason hesitated. Something told him that in his current state it would be unwise to call upon all the aspects of the Red Ranger power. For the first time since he had regained his powers to help in the fight against Minion, he would need to choose. He closed his eyes, allowing the Power to guide him to his true form. He wasn’t surprised as his eyes snapped open and he yelled: “Tyrannosaurus!”

“Ready Alpha?” Tommy asked. “Zeo Ranger V – Red!”

In two columns of red light they teleported into battle.

“So, what’s the plan?” Tasha demanded.

The five Turbo Rangers were still not morphed, but had positioned their Turbo Carts at the top of the mountain. They were facing downwards and extremely grateful for the powerful brakes.

“Simple,” Fred answered, “we drive down the mountain, build up speed and then morph.”

“The speed would help to charge out Turbo Keys,” Justin agreed.

“Or make us go splat when it doesn’t work,” Tasha groused.

“It’s this or coffee,” Fred answered, making a face.

Four of his friends made similar faces as they started to drive forward. Tasha mumbled something about liking coffee and then followed. The Turbo Carts built up speed and despite the rocky terrain, maintained a smooth course. Just as they were nearing the bottom of the mountain, Fred gave the word.

“Shift in Turbo!”

The Rangers pulled their Turbo keys from the slots on their dashboards and inserted them into their morphers. The sudden spike of energy was enough to bump start their powers, reconnecting them to the Speed Force. And almost as soon as their bodies were reconnected, they found the damage Globbor had done was reversed as their energy levels recharged.

“Turbo Zord Power, Now!”

“Damn!” Aisha exclaimed.

Jason and Tommy were not doing so well and the entire team winced as the Tyrannosaurus was slammed into the ground. The Red Battlezord was also down. It had tried to punch the monster with little effect.

“We need to get out there,” Rocky stated. “Zordon, is there any way we can recharge long enough to help?”

In truth the only thing that could help their condition was sleep and perhaps some sugar. Still it was clear that even with a boost from their friends, the two Red Rangers were having a hard time holding Globbor back.

“I can infuse you with some of my own energy,” Zordon rumbled. “However, this is extremely dangerous and the risks to yourselves.”

“Yeah, we get it,” Adam replied. “We don’t have much choice Zordon, do it!”

“Very well Rangers, prepare yourselves,” Zordon instructed before unleashing a torrent of white energy.

The Rangers were bathed in the white energy, restoring some of their strength. It was not enough, but it would do.

“Alpha, prepare the Zeo Megazord for launch,” Adam instructed.

“I don’t think we’ll have time to assemble the Megazord when we get there,” Zack mused. “We might have to rely on single for Zords this, guys.”

The other Morphin Rangers nodded in understanding.

“Pyramidas will be there if you need it,” Trey promised.

“It’s Morphin Time!”

The left fist of the Turbo Megazord smashed into Globbor’s face, knocking the monster back. The Turbo Rangers were not in a good mood and it showed in their aggressive style. As they used the Zord’s seldom utilised arm cannon to keep Globbor off balance, Red Ranger could direct the Tyrannosaurus back to its feet.

And then the rest of the Zords arrived. First came the Zeo Megazord. Then the Dino Stegazord comprised of Zords belonging to Purple Ranger and White Ranger. The Mastodon, Triceratops, Sabre-toothed Tiger and Pterodactyl were hot on their heels; with Jason already in battle it had not been possible for the Morphin Rangers to form the Megazord. That was rectified when the Triceratops had rammed into the monster and pushed it far away. The Zeo Rangers took to opportunity to merge their Zords.

With the Dino Megazord, Dino Stegazord, Zeo Mega Battlezord and Turbo Megazord online, the Rangers started to take the fight to Globbor once more. The monster was tough, having used the power it had stolen from them to tap into both the Morphin Grid and the Zeo Crystal. However, the four Mega Zords stayed on the offensive and the Turbo Rangers’ anger at the way they had been used, intensified their assault.

“Everybody back up!” Green Zeo ordered suddenly.

The Rangers did as they were told, moving their Zords out of danger as Pyramidas loomed over the monster and unleashed a barrage of lightning.

“Turbo Spinout!” Red Turbo commanded.

The Turbo Megazord charged at the monster at full speed. Suddenly, as the Turbo Rangers braked, they made a short shift to the left followed by a greater shift to the right. With the momentum shifted by the braking, the Megazord centre of gravity shifted, causing the machine to spin. The blade struck Blue Globbor repeatedly as the other Zords added their own finishers.

With a scream of defiance, Globbor fell to the ground and exploded.

Suddenly, the visage of Master Vile appeared. It towered in glorious true to life hologram over the city.

“This is not over Rangers. You should have just given in. It would have saved you in the long run. Now you will truly suffer.” Then he was gone and the Rangers stood victorious.

It was not the best of victories. The Rangers had returned to the Power Chamber and had almost collapsed. The Turbo Rangers had been rushed off for an emergency session with Dr Lita Kino to help them start to understand what had happened to them. It wouldn’t be a quick fix, but previous experience had taught them that not dealing with such events would lead to problems later.

Some of the Rangers had been sent to the Medical Bay where they would remain for a few hours at least. The Power had protected them in battle, but the injuries they had sustained during their time as Vile’s guests needed attention. The others had been ordered to rest. There was no other fix for their exhaustion.

After the immediate care of the Rangers had been dealt with, Zordon and Alpha had started work to determine how much damage had been done to their powers. The Turbo Rangers had had minimal exposure to Globbor and after Fred’s successful method of reconnecting to the Speed Force, their powers seemed to be back to normal.

The other Rangers were not so lucky. The drain upon the Zeo Crystal had placed it under great strain. Its energy channels were already reforming, but it would take time to reach its previous potency. The Morphin Rangers would also suffer the effects of the drain for some time. It was not the energy that was the problem, but the way Globbor had drawn the energy. He had taken far more than the Power Balls could supply in such a short time.

While it was a matter of concern, Zordon knew that the Morphin Rangers would recover. Once the Power resumed a normal rhythm, they would be back to normal. Of greater concern were the five Rangers that Master Vile had been using to protect his base upon the Moon. They had been subjected to a sustained draining of their powers that had inflicted damage upon the energy centres of their bodies. Unfortunately, he believed that he would have to ask that they did not morph until their powers had fully stabilised. For Nathan that could be a very long time.

The same was true for Samoht. His magical nature meant that the loss of so much energy had threatened his survival. Once he had had time to recover and his link to the Morphin Grid had re-established itself, his body had recovered. However, his magic was still unstable and Zordon had ordered him to refrain from morphing.

Fortunately, both the Zeo and Morphin teams were reserves and could take the time to recover from their experiences. Steps would be needed to protect them from Master Vile if he decided to try the same plan again. Although he doubted the villain would be that unoriginal.

It did make him wonder what Master Vile was after?

Monastra and Shanara had recovered after a few hours. Neither had been pleased with Master Vile’s method of dealing with the Rangers although both had appreciated his actions to save their lives. They were less pleased to learn that the Rangers had escaped and Globbor had been destroyed.

“Fear not,” Vile told them. “This is only the beginning. There is more than one way to find what we seek.” He paused in thought. “It has been a while since I considered making a new throne world. This world will do nicely.”

He would take over the planet and then find the fragment of the Xeno Crystal that lay within. And once he did, even Dark Specter would bow to his will.


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