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The New Generation

There were good days and bad days to be a Ranger. If asked at that moment, Justin Stewart would have probably declared that this had been his worst day.

“Guys, hold on… this isn’t funny,” Justin protested as the Zeo Rangers advanced on him.

He drew his Auto Blaster and pointed it at his former teammates, not wanting to fire. In some ways he had been relieved that when Tommy, Adam, Kat and Tanya had morphed, they had used their Zeo powers. It meant that he had a speed advantage over them, even if it meant that they could pound him to a pulp once they managed to catch him.

“Don’t do this guys,” he begged, backing up. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

That apparently was the worst thing he could have said. Red Zeo, taking his words as a challenge, leapt towards him. The others were close behind. He narrowly avoided the Gold Ranger, only to run into Nate Oliver. As the Brachio Ranger moved to strike him, Justin was teleported away, leaving the others under the monster’s control.

“Got him Zordon.”

“Excellent Alpha. Now lock down the teleportation system to prevent the others from following and then disable the Zords.”

The day had been bad enough without having the mesmerised Rangers rampaging in giant battle machines. It had started with a single monster, one Zordon had eventually identified as a member of Divatox’s crew. A long range scan had quickly followed and had only just managed to detect the pirate battle fleet that was slowly heading towards Earth.

The Rangers had been sent to combat the threat and had succeeded, finishing off the unfortunate brute with the Turbo Megazord. Normally that would have been the end of it, but Divatox seemed determined to pester the Rangers, distracting them from the armada that was closing on their planet. She had sent two of the warriors who wanted to collect the bounty she had placed upon the Ranger while Porto had been spotted observing the fight from a distance. It was then they had realised she was up to something.

So when the third monster had appeared, the Rangers had been prepared for all manner of surprises. They had fought and defeated him with surprising ease, but had started to think that maybe Divatox was trying to exhaust them. When the other Rangers, those who had left Angel Grove to continue their education elsewhere, had reported similar monster attacks, they had pondered if this was the start of an all out assault, or an attempt to wear them down before the fleet arrived.

And then Divatox’s reasoning had become clear. Her monsters had not been attacking randomly. Their attacks had been a part of a plan to plant detonators. The extent of the scheme had been revealed when the bomber had had sent the Rangers a challenge: find the bombs before they detonated. He hadn’t mentioned that the detonators would be guarded by more of those seeking to collect the bounty. The Rangers had approached the detonators, splitting up to reach the multiple sites at the same time, at which time they had been ambushed.

The traps placed around the world had triggered simultaneously. Jason, Billy, Kimberly, David, Aisha, Samoht, Trini and Zack had been sidelined following their battles with Divatox’s forces. Bulk and Skull had been trapped in the crust of a giant pizza. But that did not compare to the trap the Rangers still in Angel Grove had faced.

Divatox had been especially devious in Angel Grove. Her detonators had been set to explode if approached by a morphed Ranger. That meant that at the moment they disarmed the devices, they were vulnerable to attack. And at that moment with the Rangers in close proximity to speakers she had placed close to the detonators, the mastermind behind her current plot, a bounty seeker named Bratty Piper, had attacked.

The hypnotic energy waves had enthralled the older Rangers, but had not had the desired effect on Justin. Realising this, Bratty Piper had ordered the other Rangers to attack their teammate. Tommy, Adam, Kat, Tanya, Rocky, Trey and Nate had been caught by the monster’s power. They had at his command morphed and attacked Justin. But Divatox had not realised that some of the Rangers held both the Turbo Powers and their Zeonisers in reserve. With Rocky present they had instinctively reacted as a team and used their Zeo powers.

“Done it Zordon.”

As Alpha spoke, four sets of Turbo Keys appeared near one of the computer terminals, summoned from the subspace pocket where they normally waited for the Rangers to call on them. Justin reappeared moments later, still shielding himself from Nate’s attack. It took him a moment to realise that he was safely back within the confines of the Power Chamber.

“Zordon, what happened? The others…”

“It is good to see that you are safe Justin,” Zordon replied calmly. “Alpha managed to teleport you back to the Power Chamber before the others could harm you.”

“But why did they attack me?”

“Because Divatox ordered them to,” came the reply. “Behold the Viewing Screen. This is Bratty Piper, a musician that is able to control all those within hearing range. Even Rangers.”

“He’s taken control of the other Rangers and will soon take control of Angel Grove,” Alpha complained.

“But why wasn’t I affected?” Justin asked, confused.

That was a good question. Justin had not been morphed when Bratty Piper had shown up, but even if he had there were no protections built into his suit to block this sort of attack. And if their had been, then morphing should have released the others from his control.

“Alpha, conduct a scan of Justin’s body and compare it to the other Rangers.”

Alpha did as he was told, using the Power Chamber’s impressive array of energy scanning equipment to conduct a thorough scan of Justin and by extension his powers in search of an answer. While the initial results failed to show anything special, a more detailed investigation revealed the truth.

“Ai-yi-yi, it is a side effect of the Turbo Powers.”

Zordon studied the many readouts before reaching the same conclusion. When the Turbo Rangers were morphed, they benefited from greater speed. In order to handle the increased momentum, their senses and reaction times were also increased. All five senses normally found in a human were enhanced and filtered through their helmets, which successfully blocked incoming signals from Bratty Piper. Because Justin had never held a power before becoming a Turbo Ranger, his body chemistry had been altered the first time he morphed.

“Zordon if we can find the frequency Bratty Piper used, can we block it?” Justin asked.

“Yes Justin. However I believe that doing so will only stop the other Rangers from obeying his commands. They will not be released until Bratty Piper is defeated.” At least if the plan worked though they could stop the other Rangers from acting against them. “Alpha, prepare a transmission to all the Rangers.”

“Yes Zordon.”

With Alpha and the Power Chamber’s computer working together, the signal was rapidly prepared and broadcast. They were rewarded when they noticed the hypnotised Rangers had stopped moving. The bad news was that Bratty Piper had already enslaved other humans who even now were working to construct huge machines to further Divatox’s goal of world domination.

“What are those things anyway?” Justin wondered.

They were clearly vehicles, but for some reason they were being sculpted to resemble animals.

“Whatever their purpose it would be safe to assume their shape is a part of Divatox’s plan.”

The question was how to proceed? With Tommy and the others under the effects of Bratty Piper’s transmission, only Justin was left to battle the monster. And it would clearly take more than one Ranger to defeat Bratty Piper. In the end there was only one choice, as much as he disliked being forced into such a position; the Council would be furious when they heard.

“Alpha, perform a scan of Angel Grove and search for anybody not affected by Bratty Piper’s control.”

Alpha did so and made a startling discovery. It appeared that while older teenagers and adults had fallen under the hypnotic sound, the younger members of the population were free of its effects.

“Zordon these scans say the control signal effects certain hormones and chemicals in the brain,” Justin pointed out.

Indeed, those under a certain age were unaffected by the signal due to their different body chemistry. In order to extend his range, Bratty Piper had been forced to reduce the influence of his broadcast. And that left Zordon with an opportunity.

“Alpha, begin a search of Angel Grove for suitable replacements for the Turbo Rangers.”

“Zordon you can’t take away their powers for this…” Justin protested.

“Justin I do not intend to punish Tommy and the others for something that is not their fault,” Zordon said. “However you will be unable to free them without help. Since Alpha has retrieved the unused Turbo Keys, we can recruit some new Turbo Rangers to assist. I assure you Justin that Alpha will compare those candidates against a list Tommy and the others had been considering as possible replacements. Although this is much sooner than we had discussed, you will not be disappointed.”

That did not make Justin feel any better. It was one thing to ask Tommy and the others who they would one day like to approach to take over as Power Rangers. It was another thing to use those suggestions to recruit a team behind their backs. But as the faces appeared on the screen, Justin realised that his friends might have had an ulterior motive when suggesting this group. Perhaps they had chosen them because next to the Rangers, these four were the closest people Justin Stewart had to a family.

“Alpha, teleport them here immediately,” he heard Zordon say.

From that point Justin’s main worry was not how Tommy would feel, but how his new teammates would react when they found out that he had been a Power Ranger and had never told them.

“So, what do you think guys?” Justin asked twenty minutes later.

It had been a lot to take in for the four teenagers. When Justin had asked them to turn around, they had not expected to find themselves in the presence of a floating head. And when the afore mentioned head had told them that they had been chosen to become Power Rangers based in part upon their friendship with Justin, they had been understandably shell-shocked.

“This is real?” Tasha Young asked. “Because it this is some sort of joke Justin…”

She left the rest unsaid, but there was a clear promise of pain in the young man’s future.

“I assure you Tasha, this is not a joke,” Zordon rumbled. “Under normal circumstances I would not have asked you to take on this role until after you had been trained. However, at this time you are all suitable candidates.”

“Gee, nice to be wanted,” Tasha muttered.

“Adam’s a Ranger,” Franklin repeated for the third time, trying to make sense of the words. Discovering his brother was a superhero had been a shock. It had at least taken his mind off the fact that his parents and brother were practically zombies along with most of Angel Grove’s adult population.

“Adam I can believe, but Rocky?” Although Rosa DeSantos loved her brother, the idea that he could be a Ranger seemed impossible.

“The Earth needs you my young friends,” Zordon told them. “Justin has already proven himself a valuable member of the Power Rangers and I believe that Tommy and the others have chosen wisely. While young, I sense that you will grow into your new roles and will meet the many challenges to come.”

“Guys, I’m already in,” Justin told them, making a show of holding his Turbo Key in his left hand and offering the other four keys in his right hand. “I’m going whether or not you say yes.”

The others turned to look at Fred, who had a thoughtful look on his face. “Can you feel it?” he said slowly. “This feels right. It is our destiny, we are meant to do this. If we walk away now, we’re turning our backs on a chance to make a difference. Justin is our friend; Tommy and the others chose us because of that and Zordon said that we are the only ones who can do this. If we don’t, then we’re saying that it’s okay with us if evil wins. We can’t let that happen.”

“Fred, we’re not heroes,” Franklin pointed out. “Okay, maybe Justin is. But the rest of us, we’re just — kids.”

“Heroes are defined by their actions, not their ages,” Fred replied. “Your brother told me that once. We have a choice here. Either we walk away, and always wonder what we could have been… or we accept the risk, the danger, and make a difference. I know what I’m going to choose.” Reaching out, he took one of the keys Justin offered, which immediately began to shine with red light.

“I’m in too,” Rosa said, making a face as the key she selected glowed pink under her touch.

There was a long silence after that. Then Frank sighed. “Aw, hell, who wants to grow up anyway?” Reaching out a hand, he took one of the two remaining keys, which began to shine with an emerald light, the same colour as his T-shirt.

Tasha watched them incredulously. Shaking her head, she looked at each of her friends in turn. “Well, if you’re all so hot to get yourselves killed, I might as well come along for the ride.” Snatching the offered key from Justin, sticking her tongue out as she did so, she saw it glow yellow.

“Very well Rangers, let the Power of Turbo be transferred.”

As Zordon spoke, a current of energy ripped through the four Turbo Keys. After a moment Justin’s Turbo Key also energised in resonance with the other. Their heads snapped back and their eyes widened. They felt as if more energy than was contained in a thousand suns had been poured into them, then it dissipated and was gone.

“Whoa,” Rosa managed, picking herself up off the Power Chamber’s floor. “What a rush. Everybody okay?”

“So what do we do now?” Frank asked, looking around.

“Now you undertake your first mission as Power Rangers,” Zordon told him. “I am sorry there has not been time for you to adjust to your new roles, however the more time that passes the more opportunity Bratty Piper will have to harm your friends and family.”

“So what do we do?” Rosa asked.

“Bratty Piper’s control comes from his magical flute,” Zordon told them. “When the flute is destroyed his ability to disable others will disappear.”

“But why would he only control the adults?”

“Hormones,” Justin replied. “His music reacts with chemicals present in older teens and adults.”

“That would be a likely reason,” Zordon agreed. “However, I believe that Bratty Piper’s control is limited the more people he tries to control. Given the choice, Divatox has ordered him to leave those she deems less capable of fighting back. As with many villains, she has not yet accepted the value of this planet’s youth.”

“So we destroy his flute, the other Rangers wake up, we defeat Bratty Piper and Divatox takes a hike?” Tasha asked.

Naturally they all looked to Fred for the next move. Justin was the experienced Ranger by a matter of weeks, but Fred had always been the group’s leader. The young teen frowned, adjusted his baseball hat and then nodded.

“Let’s do this…”

“Shift in Turbo,” Justin supplied helpfully.

“Right, Shift into Turbo!”

Power flowed through the five morphing devices and into their wielders. For Justin there was the familiar sensation as his body was altered to assume the role of the Blue Turbo Ranger. For the other four the experience was slightly different. The program within the Turbo Keys scanned their bodies before calculating the best way to complete the transformations. Just like Justin they found themselves growing, although to their amusement it would later be discovered that Fred was still the shortest member of their little group.

“Alpha, teleport the Rangers to Bratty Piper’s location,” Zordon instructed.

Alpha hurried to obey and the Earth’s newest heroes were on their way to save the world.

There was a saying that the most dangerous thing a villain could do was threaten a Ranger’s family. In Divatox’s case she had managed to threaten the brother and sister of two of Earth’s Rangers, a boy who thought of Tommy as an older brother and another who had come to love the Rangers as his replacement family. And since the five Turbo Rangers were as close to siblings as they could get without being related, the fifth member of their little team felt the hurt that the others felt. Righteous anger flowed through them, amplified by their feelings for each other and their friends.

So when they appeared in the streets of Angel Grove, inexperienced compared to other Rangers, with only a few minutes to adjust to the thought that they were now a team, Bratty Piper never stood a chance. Five Turbo Rangers attacking from different directions without the drawback of having used different powers in the past. They moved as one, striking and then moving away ready to attack again. Franklin thought up the strategy and Fred gave the instructions. The other three quickly fell into roles similar to those they held in their civilian lives. With Tasha there to keep him from doing anything too rash, Justin was able to think of a way to release the others.

“Turbo Ram, Rev Up!” Red Turbo commanded.

After combining their five Turbo Power Weapons, which they had somehow known about, the Rangers formed the Turbo Ram, a wheeled cannon. Using the weapon, the blasted Bratty Piper, destroying his pipe in the process.

Far from Earth, Divatox was not impressed. Her fleet would not be in position for a while longer, and it was clear that the Rangers would soon be free of Bratty Piper’s control. Luckily she had allowed for such an occurrence. The humans under Bratty Piper’s control had been building the weapons others could use against the Rangers. Five giant vehicles of destructive power, one shaped to resemble a pig, another a scorpion, a third resembling a bull, the fourth a cat and lastly an elephant. They would keep the Rangers busy until se could unleash her barrage.

“Rygog, begin the attack!”

The Rangers, all the Rangers, had returned to the Power Chamber following Bratty Piper’s defeat. Once Tommy and the others were released from the mind control, Divatox’s other traps had seemingly vanished. But despite their relief, there was no time to relax, although they did exchange a few words of welcome with the new Turbo Rangers. The alarm sounded minutes after their arrival, highlighting a new threat.

“I am sorry to interrupt you reunion Rangers,” Zordon said solemnly, “but I’m afraid there is an urgent problem that must be attended to.”

On the Viewing Screen, the Rangers could see a small fleet of dark, animal-shaped vehicles out near the mountains, heading towards the Power Chamber. As the view narrowed, they noticed that one was being driven by Elgar. Or at least it appeared to be Elgar at first glance. A closer look highlighted the difference in the shape and size of his head, the whitened teeth and eyes, along with the leering expression that caused him to radiate an evil depravity. And it appeared that the cause of this transformation was the strange substance he was eating.

“Ai-yi-yi, the computer says it is Elgar!” Alpha moaned.

“He’s heading this way,” Tanya observed. “Before he changes his mind and heads towards Angel Grove.”

“We’d better head him off in the Zords,” Adam decided.

“Unfortunately this attack is only a part of the problem,” Zordon told them as the image zoomed in on one of the other vehicles. “While Rygog’s vehicle fleet is heading toward the Power Chamber, Divatox is taking the opportunity to move her armada closer to its attack position.”

“We need to stop Divatox and those cars,” Trini surmised.

“That is correct Trini.” Zordon was silent, pondering what to do next. “When you first became Rangers, I instructed you never to escalate a battle unless force to do so. I believe that in this case you must take the attack to Divatox, and destroy her fleet before it can reach Earth.”

“How are we supposed to reach them?” Kimberly asked. “They’re in space.”

“I believe the Zords will prove capable of enduring in space for a short time,” Billy told them. “Alpha and I can reprogram the Zeo and Super Zeo Zords to accept alternative operators for the duration.”

“So how will we do this?” Tommy asked as Billy, Alpha and Trini gathered around a terminal, where Tasha and Justin rapidly joined them.

“Trey will travel in Pyramidas with Bulk and Skull; Tommy, Adam, Rocky, Kat and Tanya should utilise the Zeo Megazord” Billy suggested. “Jason, Zack, Samoht, Trini and myself can pilot the Super Zeo Zords; David can pilot the Falcon Zord, Kimberly the Firebird and Aisha the Hawk. The Turbo Rangers should remain here to deal with Rygog. Nate can direct the Warrior Wheel as a last resort.”

It was not going to be an easy battle. The Rangers would be operating outside of their comfort zone with the most of the Turbo Rangers having never piloted a Zord before. But there was no time for a crash course, they would just have to try their best and hope that they would emerge victorious.

“Very well Rangers, good luck and may the Power protect you!”

Jason and Tommy exchanged a glance, nodded and started the process. “It’s Morphin Time!”

Fred give his friends a smile and followed suit. “Shift into Turbo!”

“Okay, guys,” Red Turbo said as they appeared outside of the Power Chamber. He stared up at the massive Zord before teleporting inside. “Let’s do this.”

As if reacting to the change in the team, the interiors of the Zords had altered slightly. Although it was possible, Justin realised as he took his seat, that the Zords were different because the Rangers had accessed them in their enlarged forms. The cockpit seemed smaller, less fancy, and the pilot’s seat had been replaced by a go-cart. This was a Zord intended for working, not fitting in with the other cars in Angel Grove. Since the Turbo Rangers were too young to drive, that made sense.

“Okay, guys,” Red Turbo said again, touching his chest before making a fist as his nervousness gave way to determination, “Let’s stop them!”

The five-strong dark fleet advanced with Elgar taking the lead.

“You can’t stop me, you fools! I’m Elgar!” he shouted as he noticed the Zords heading his way.

“Oh yeah?” Yellow Turbo called back, “we’ve stopped better than you!”

“Um Tash?” Sensing he had the Yellow Turbo Ranger’s attention, Justin’s survival instincts kicked in and he decided not to mention that she had only ever faced Bratty Piper. “Nevermind.”

Red Lightning’s indicator light blinked, causing Mountain Blaster to respond in kind, flashing its lights as it overtook the other Zord.

“Looking good Justin,” Red Turbo called as Mountain Blaster passed him. “Now, let’s show -our- stuff!”

Before he could put his words into action, Red Turbo realised that one of the dark vehicles, a dangerous looking machine with bull horns, had managed to sneak behind Red Lightning. The Zord’s lights began to flash as a giant claw opened up and latched onto the back of the Zord.

“Whoa!” Red Turbo exclaimed as he was jolted by the impact.

The Zord swerved from side to side, trying to escape from the pursuing bull vehicle as sparks sprayed from its metal plating.

“Ah, guys?” Fred called.

“Hold on Fred! I’m on my way!” Blue Turbo called as he observed his leader’s predicament from Mountain Blaster.

He swerved Mountain Blaster around ready to go on the offensive. He pressed down on the accelerator and smashed Mountain Blaster into the bull vehicle, freeing Red Lightning. Red Lightning zoomed away.

“Uh-oh,” Pink Turbo muttered as she turned her head to discover one of the dark vehicles, shaped like an elephant, giving chase. She turned back and realised she was in real trouble as she was confronted by another member of the evil fleet, this one bearing a pig snout and curly tail. “Ah! Ah! I gotta think fast!”

Suddenly she felt the powers telling her what she needed to do. “Whoa!” she said as she found she knew how the Zord worked. “Wind Chaser, Split Mode!”

One of Wind Chaser’s lights flashed as the Zord split in half and passed by on either side of the pig vehicle. The elephant vehicle smashed into the pig vehicle and they both exploded. At the push of another button, the Zord returned to normal, turned and drove off.

Inside Mountain Blaster, Justin was having fun. He had not had many Zord battles during his time as a Ranger, but he found them exhilarating.

“All right, a jump!” he cried excitedly as he spotted an incline in the desert road. “Here goes!”

Mountain Blaster performed the jump, shifting around the dark vehicles with ease. It was clear that he was playing with them.

“Oh, man, that was so cool!”

“Cool it Justin,” Rosa warned. “We have work to do. Begin Docking Sequence!”

Justin sulked for a moment before pushing a button to start the gestalt formation.

Wind Chaser split again, completing its transformation into two arms, and joined onto the sides of Mountain Blaster. The docking was rough, setting off an air bag inside Wind Chaser’s cockpit, due to the inexperience of the two Rangers.

“Whoa! That was a rough one,” Rosa said as her go-cart moved backwards. “Here goes!”

“Me, too!” Blue Turbo said as he disconnected himself from his Zord’s controls.

Moments later they arrived, sans go-carts, in the otherwise empty cockpit of the Turbo Megazord.

“Wow,” Pink Turbo said. She was impressed even if it was a little cramped. “Isn’t this great?”

“Heads up guys,” they heard Green Turbo say, “cause here we come!”

Dune Star and Desert Thunder approached the joined form of Wind Chaser and Mountain Blaster from the front, Desert Thunder to its right and Dune Star to its left. Green Turbo turned his steering wheel hard to the right and the Yellow Turbo turned hers hard to the left.

Desert Thunder and Dune Star turned back the way they came, now on the opposite side of the formation. Pink and Blue Turbo watched them go past through the front screen of the cockpit.

“See you soon, guys!” Blue Turbo chuckled.

“That geek is having too much fun,” Yellow Turbo complained.

Green Turbo just laughed, hearing the fondness in her voice. He turned his steering wheel to the right.

Their lights flashing, Desert Thunder pushed against the side of Dune Star, but the two Zords refused to dock together. Yellow Turbo growled as she was jolted by the impact. Desert Thunder fell away as Green Turbo prepared for another attempt.

Inside the Turbo Megazord cockpit, the Pink and Blue Rangers had resumed their seats and strapped themselves in for the bumpy ride.

“It sure is a tough way to dock!” Rosa commented. “Hope we’ll get better at it.”

Blue Turbo laughed. “We have to. We can’t get much -worse-!”

“Let’s try again Frank,” Yellow Turbo said, “and this time don’t step on my toes.”

Franklin laughed again, remembering the time Rosa and Tasha had tried to teach them to dance. “Okay, you ready?”

“Yeah, ready as I’ll ever be,” Tasha replied. “Let’s do it!”

Sensing the time was right, Green Turbo nodded. “Now!”

Green Turbo wrenched his steering wheel to the right and the two Zords finally docked together side-by-side. Yellow Turbo hit the brake and turned her steering wheel to the left. Dune Star and Desert Thunder spun around, their front sections aligned with the front section of Mountain Blaster.

“All right, they did it!” Blue Turbo cheered. “I’m right behind you, guys.”

Blue Turbo activated something, causing Mountain Blaster’s bumper bar to split and fold up above the Zord’s bonnet. As the four Zords drew close, another of the dark vehicles, in the form of a scorpion, started blasting at them. But the Rangers were undaunted as Dune Star and Desert Thunder joined onto the front of Mountain Blaster. Yellow and Green Turbo appeared in the cockpit alongside the Pink and Blue Turbo, and strapped themselves in.

“Yeah! Good work, guys,” Pink Turbo cheered.

“Yeah, we finally got it,” Yellow Turbo agreed.

Green Turbo pointed at the dark vehicles. “Now, let’s go get some bad guys!”

The laser-firing scorpion promptly turned to retreat but couldn’t get out of the way fast enough and the four-fifths completed Megazord slammed into it with the back-ends of Desert Thunder and Dune Star. There was a small explosion as the fourth member of the evil fleet was taken out of the running.


The Zord fleet moved forward at maximum speed, using Pyramidas to carry the smaller Zords. When they reached the pirate armada, they gave no quarter, using the Zords to smash and cripple the vessels before they could attack the Earth. Those that fired upon them were destroyed, others were left to either crash into a nearby planet or to limp back to dock for repair. If Divatox had been hoping for a swift victory, she like so many before her, would be very disappointed.

And when it was clear that the pirates would not cause further problems, the Rangers returned to Earth, allowing the survivors to escape.

“All right, good one. Now, it’s my turn!” Red Turbo cried as he turned his Zord around and accelerated.

Unfortunately he found his route blocked by the last dark vehicle, driven by a laughing Elgar, who had picked Rygog up from one of the other vehicles.

“Going somewhere?” Elgar demanded.

Elgar swerved back and forth in front of Red Lightning, preventing it from reaching the others. The two machines had reached one of the rocky hills and scaled the slope as if it were a cliff-side road.

“As a matter of fact,” Red Turbo responded as he slammed down the accelerator and pulled ahead of Elgar. “Yes!”

“I don’t think so, Ranger!” Elgar growled as he side-swiped Red Lightning, causing the Zord to drop back.

“Wha! Whoa!” Red Turbo complained as his Zord was jolted by the impact.

He quickly regains control, though, and before long they were racing neck and neck.

“Back for more, huh?” Elgar asked as Rygog urged him drive more carefully.

Elgar forced his vehicle against Red Lightning and started to bash into the Zord. Sparks flew as Red Lightning’s left side was ground against the cliff-face.

“Oh, man!” Red Turbo exclaimed.

“Elgar!” came an equally anxious complaint from Rygog.

Elgar was enjoying himself too much to do anything besides laugh as he forced Red Lightning against the cliff.

~Desperate times call for desperate measures.~ Fred thought as he pulled out the Zord technical manual before discarding it when he realised that it was more Justin’s thing. But he did manage to learn enough to push one of the buttons, partially transforming his Zord.

Red Lightning’s rear section pulled back to reveal the head of the Turbo Megazord. The head turned to the right and its eyes lit up yellow. The strange sight caused Elgar to lose his concentration.

“Watch where you’re going!” Rygog warned as the vehicle smashed into a large rock, causing an explosion.

Red Lightning slipped by unscathed, keeping pace with the four conjoined Zords now below. With a twist of the wheel, Red Turbo forced his Zord to drive off the edge of the cliff.

“Initiating Final Docking Sequence!”

Red Lightning dropped down and docked successfully into the back of Mountain Blaster. The Red Ranger appeared in the cockpit, in the middle front seat as the others applauded.

“All right!” Red Turbo cheered. “Let’s do it!”

The five conjoined Zords zoomed along the desert floor. Inside the cockpit, each Ranger brandished his or her Turbo Key.

“Initiate Turbo Megazord!”

They inserted their Keys into ignitions on the upper right of their respective control panels.

“Turbo Up!” Red Turbo called to which the others responded.

He grabbed hold of a steering wheel at the base of his control panel and at the turn of the key, the top and bottom sections of the wheel retracted into the side grips, leaving him holding two curved handles. He slammed on the brake, causing the brake lights on Desert Thunder and Dune Star to come on and the wheels to lock.

The sudden braking caused the Turbo Megazord to flip up into the air, sparks and dust flying in the process. Red Lightning split again, its front section becoming the Megazord’s upper body and the rest folding down to form its head and back.

As the Megazord continued rising into an upright position, the five headlights from Mountain Blaster’s roof raised up to chest level. The Megazord’s eyes glowed, its headlight chestplate shone brightly, and with a few flashes of lightning the transformation was complete.

This proved too much for Rygog and after wrestling control away from Elgar, he retreated, leaving the other vehicles to fight against the Megazord. The remaining vehicles were swiftly defeated as the Turbo Rangers cheered.

Power Chamber,


It was a sacred ceremony, the passing of the torch from one generation of Earth’s protectors to the new generation. Deep within the caverns under the Power Chamber, upon the Rock of Ages, a magical stone that Zordon believed was tied directly to the Morphin Grid, the old Turbo Rangers formally handed over their powers. Magic filled the air as the powers shifted, adjusting to the new status-quo. Morphin, Zeo and Turbo powers mixed and merged, altering and strengthening their connection to the Rangers. It was an awesome sight.

And as he watched, Zordon had to admit that he was satisfied with the outcome of the recent battle. The new Turbo Rangers had proven themselves capable in battle and had solved the problem of what to do when Tommy and his friends needed to move on with their lives. Fred, Tasha, Justin, Franklin and Rosa would be receiving training from many of the veteran Rangers, hopefully making their transition easier.

Unfortunately the political fallout had been exactly as he had expected. The Council had been livid, outraged that the Rangers had attacked an enemy before it attacked them. Zordon had dismissed the matter by pointing out that Divatox had attacked first. However the anti-Earth factions were using the latest events to make it appear that Earth was a danger. And since the number of Rangers had once again increased, they were now arguing that some of the Rangers should be forced to hand over their powers.

Where this would lead Zordon did not know. The Council was growing unpredictable and their were too many enemies for him to foresee all of the outcomes. However he was certain that he had made the right choice. But then only time would tell.

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