Chapter Four
The Minion of Darkness

Twice Minion has been defeated by the Power Rangers. But he is a villain who lacks the sense to just die. And now he is back once more with his own forces and a growing madness that could threaten more than just Angel Grove. When the Power Rangers Zeo meet their match, can some old friends save the day or is this one occassion where evil does triumph?

Blast from the Past

An enemy the Rangers had thought vanquished has returned to prepare the Earth for invasion. But after the torment he suffered due to the Rangers, could revenge take a higher priority?

Dark Waters

Minion's first priority: deny the Rangers any outside help. Solution: arrange the conquest of Aquitar. The outcome: Irrelevant.

A Tradition of Treason

As Minion continues his scheme to rob the Rangers of their allies, Triforia becomes the next target. And with a little help on the inside, Minion's dominance is guaranteed.

Strike from the Darkness

The Rangers meet their new foe while Minion learns his place.

Fall of the Zords

Minion strikes again.

Powerless Rangers

They've fought evil before and they'll fight it again. This time they'll fight it without their powers

The Power Rangers Fight Back

From the remnants of the old come new powers. Crystal and Grid merge as the Gem Coin Rangers are born.

A Hope Reborn

The Rangers prove their abilities in battle against some old and familiar monsters

Dirty Tricks and Deceptions

Minion tries to defeat the Rangers by using underhanded means. But is this plan really intended to succeed or have the Rangers been set up for something else?

Fall of an Order

Months have passed on Triforia and Terr has lost patience. Will he ever be king?

The Dark Side of Nature

Everything is about balance. Where there is good there is evil, where there is life there must be death, and where there is nature, there are the Elemental Beasts

Dreams of Warning

Kat has a premonition of the events that might occur.

Friends Reunited

With the Rangers otherwise occupied, Zordon needs to call in some former Rangers to help.

Race Against Time

The Rangers and Grid Warriors need to stop the eggs from hatching

Fangs of the Speed Hound

The Rangers help Aisha to move into her old home. At least they planned to.

A Stressful Workout

The Gem Coin Rangers try a brief training session

Sprocket's Chop Shop

Every prince has his day, could this be Sprocket's?

Path to War

The Rangers enjoy the calm before the storm

Enduring the Elements

It's the Power Rangers Vs the Elemental Beasts followed by Serpenterra Vs the Power Rangers... followed by a turn of events only Minion could have foreseen.

When the Smoke Cleared

What happened to Tommy and Aisha? What happened to the other Rangers? Where is Serpenterra heading and how do the Rangers hope to stop it? Find out.

Lerigot's Greatest Trick

When the evil Divatox invades his homeworld, Lerigot is forced to undertake an amazing feat of magic: the miracle survival act.

The Need For Vengeance

A newcomer makes plans, Ninjor has a solution and Minion takes a one way trip into the state of madness.

The Dark Prize

Minion seeks out a new weapon

Show of Strength, Sign of Weakness

The Rangers learn the hard way that Minion is still a threat.

The Quest for Power Part 1: The Trials Begin

The Rangers learn more about their quest from a familiar source

The Quest for Power Part 2: Trial of Strength

It's test day for Sam and Jason. Will greed cost them?

The Quest for Power Part 3: Trial of the Mind

It's a matter of confidence.

The Quest for Power Part 4: Trial of Spirit

The Trials continue.

The Quest for Power Part 5: Trial of Worth

Aisha and David have received the training. Now they need to prove they are worthy of the Power.

Close Encounters of the NEGAtive Kind

Back on Earth the Gem Coin Rangers encounter a new problem

The Final Quest

The Rangers are reunited in their final trial. Can the Great Power aid them when it seems the Earth itself is in peril.

Light in the Distance

Did they manage to save Travis, can they stop Minion?

The Final Battle

The final showdown between the heroes of Earth and Minion. Can the Zeo Rangers come back following their recent ordeal? Can they finally defeat him before the power he unleashes destroys the Earth, the Galaxy and perhaps their entire reality?

Shatter Point – The State of Flux

The moment between total collapse of existence and complete collapse of everything.


The Great Power exploded and Reality was lost. Time stopped and the Multiverse died. So what happened next?

Loose Ends

Reality was destroyed and then restored in less than a second. But not everything was restored and eight of the greatest heroes the universe never knew were left without a home. Fortunately somebody was prepared to change the world to give them a fresh start.

Night Fighters: Thrill of the Night

Jeff Kincaid has had an awful life. Then he met Mark Kinega and entered the world of the Night Rangers. Suddenly his old life didn't seem so bad.

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