The forces of darkness grow ever stronger, drawn to the planet that seems to hold their peers at bay. For such a planet must be truly valuable if it is so fiercely defended. Right?

Updated Clash of Honour Updated
Rewritten: 2nd July 2021

Lord Zedd unveils a new plot to take the Rangers’ powers

Updated Re-enter: The Green Ranger Updated
Rewritten: 2nd July 2021

Without their powers the Rangers have but one choice: find the clone of the Green Ranger. But will he help and if he does, will the cost be too high?

Clash of the Megazords

Gasket can’t stand to see the Rangers with superior machines, so he decides to make his own Zords.

When Zords Attack

It’s time for the Rangers to face some foes with familiar faces as Gasket chooses to base his creations on the schematics for the Zords of the past.

Fading Gold

The powers of the Gold Ranger were created on Triforia for a Triforian. They must be returned to their rightful owner before they destroy Jason.

Restoration of Birthright

Sprocket and Gasket were not Mondo’s only sons.

Verge of Freedom

Rocky is sent on a mission to prevent the release of an evil that has existed longer than the Machine Empire.

Fathers and Sons

Adam ends up on an alien world with no way home. And worse, his father is with him.

Accepting the Dark

Mondo has plans for Tommy and only by accepting himself can the Red Zeo Ranger hope to avoid becoming the Machine King’s slave.

The Day of the Luddites

Jennifer discovered something about herself she didn’t want to know. Now Mondo knows and plans to use her in his schemes.

Warriors in the Shadows

When Billy is kidnapped, it is up to Tommy to travel to Aquitar and save him

Birdcage Bandit

A birdcage Ernie purchased gives Rita and Zedd the basis of a new scheme.

The Lost Knight

While testing Pyramidas, Trey runs afoul of one of an evil scheme by an ancient evil.

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