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Author’s Note: This is an alternate universe with an alternate timeline.

Birth and Rebirth

The Void
Before the First Age

After the ending, there was nothingness. Where once there had been something in the darkness, now there was nothingness, an absolute void inside of which nothing could physically exist and outside of which nothing did exist. And the inside and the outside were the same for there was nothing to divide them. And there was no time to measure how long the void remained the same and no change to mark a point at which time could be measured. For an eternal stretch or the briefest moment, everything was perfect.

There was a stirring as raw currents of potential energy swirled throughout the darkness but being only potential energy, it did not change the state of the void. And then a planet appeared for no obvious reason. It did not form or merge from specks of dust because the void was a perfect void. There was no conversion energy to matter because there was no method for such a transformation to take place. Nor was there dark matter to become visible. The planet simply blinked into existence. And yet as there was no time when it appeared was unknown and how it was known that it had not been there before was unclear. But the perfect void was no longer a perfect void even though the planet was but a tiny drop of grey pigment in an ocean of black.

And upon the planet there appeared creatures of great size and all manner of shape. Unbound by the laws dictating things such as biology, physics and logic, the creatures evolved without the limitations of form and structure. These were imaginary beings crafted by a mind that didn't know it existed, they were creatures too strange, complex and yet overly simple to be described or understood. Their nature defied reason and would have driven a sane man crazy, had there been a sense of sanity. But there was no sense of sanity and so they roamed freely.

But their presence disturbed the order of the void, call forth by some unknown force that did not want strange and magnificent creatures polluting the void. A new creature appeared, a predator that sought to consume the creatures that infested its home. Some it devoured, while the rest were chased beyond the confines of the void never to return.

Soon or not-so-soon – for without time to tell how long had passed there was no way to measure how long it had taken – the void returned to a near-perfect state of emptiness. Near perfect because despite the disappearance of the creatures, the planetoid upon which they had evolved remained untouched. Although now it was clear that it was not made of rock, but of crystal. And… it was growing larger, feeding upon the plentiful supply of energy around it. And the void was now less perfect for it contained the planet and a creature that tried in vain to it.

Time didn't pass for the void was timeless, but at some point, something new appeared upon the surface, bringing light to the darkness around it. A new construct had formed out of crystal, taking the shape of an egg. The being within the crystal shell radiated light, which the crystal reflected and refracted in ways that lit the void with coloured light.

As the egg grew larger, the strain of the forces caused untold strain on its walls, and along with the violent attacks from the void's other occupant, which took objection to a new disturbance in its home, forced it to reach critical mass. Small cracks appeared in the structure, growing larger until eventually, the contents burst forth in an explosive release of power, obliterating the egg in the process and chasing away the predator that had been lurking in the darkness; the planet remained unscathed.

And so, the universe was born. Large, filled with many interesting sights, it continued to grow for an immeasurable amount of time. But whenever it appeared that the swirling mists of colour and light would come together to form physical structure, the darkness grew to consume it

Alas the darkness could not prevent change, only delay it. Once a star ignited in the darkness, the void was illuminated with the true light of a radiant fire, bringing an end to the void and the beginnings of a cosmos. A planet formed in orbit around the lonely star and with its orbit there was suddenly a means to measure time and time existed. Life emerged and the first forms of intelligent species appeared, building - by their standards - a peaceful society.

But with their growth they started to disrupt the darkness, drawing the attention of the predator. For it was the same creature that had been there in the void and had survived the explosion of the crystal egg. It did not like the changes occurring and was not prepared to share its home with anything. Not the creatures that evolved at an astounding rate, not the planet it had tried in vain to destroy, and certainly not the strange creatures that had lived there before it had appeared.

Millions of years after they had emerged, a mere moment in the mind of the darkness that sought their destruction, the primitive race developed an understanding for their foe. They still feared the darkness, but it was not the crippling fear they had once known. They named it Daijinryuu and they fought against it, eventually containing it, but too late to save them. For Daijinryuu was a powerful and determined foe that was dedicated to its mission of maintaining the peace and silence of the void and had prevented their universe from expanding beyond the single world with its single sun. Even as they banished it, a wave of destructive energy erupted, destroying everything in its path.

Space collapsed in upon itself once more as the fledgling universe compacted, all manner of matter and energy forcibly compressed into a rapidly shrinking space. The proud race that had conquered the first darkness could only look on as their world was torn apart and the star the orbited went cold. Despite all they had accomplished there were things that were completely beyond their ability to control.

In a final attempt to preserve something of their civilisation in the hopes that maybe there would one day be new worlds, they created a vessel that contained a collection of genetic material from their race. The vessel was made from the strongest materials they could find and was launched into space as their world was destroyed. After enduring the end of the world, the collapse of a star and the destruction of a universe, the tiny vessel came to rest upon the only structure that had endured the destructive wave; the planet where it had all started.

The end arrived as the deflated universe reached a critical mass and collapsed back toward the first planet. Soon all that remained was the void, the lone planet, a container and somewhere a beast named Daijinryuu. Closer inspection would have revealed the presence of tinier forms of life, the equivalent of the bacteria, viruses and parasites that appeared in many ecosystems. Despite the void being less of a void, it was dark and silent and for eons remained undisturbed. The monstrous Daijinryuu ceased its attempts to break free and slept.

When the change occurred was unknown for there was no means to measure the time that had elapsed between the ending of the universe and the present. The simple life forms had evolved in the darkness, learning to use the energy surrounding their crystal planet to survive. Although it was raw power and uncontrollable, the primitive creatures evolved to a point where they could safely handle it. Some even developed the natural ability to alter the volatile energy, breaking it down into a less powerful but safer form. For the first time since the collapse, there was once again light in the darkness.

But the power held within the planet was not there to be changed or controlled, or used to make pretty lights. It was a destructive force of change, obliterating the old to make way for the new. It had been building and building since the planet had first appeared and even as it changed those capable of drawing its power, it grew more and more unstable. Finally, something happened; whether it was one of the creatures drawing too much energy or a build-up of pressure would never be known. A reaction took place, a spark ignited, a gas expanded and driven by the immense force of power, an explosion tore through the darkness. This was the raw power of destruction and rebirth: the Power Cosmic.

Infinite energy lit up the darkness, pushing forcing existence to expand outward, leaving only the small planet untouched. The creatures that had inhabited the planet were thrown through the expanding cosmos. The vessel that contained the remnants of the previous universe was incinerated by cosmic radiation. The cells that had been placed instead as a sample of the race that had tried to preserve itself for future generations multiplied and grew into something new, taking on the blueprint of the last being to stand upon the crystal surface: the champion who had defeated the darkness.

In moments tt grew, rapidly developing as the Power Cosmic fed its cells, forcing it to evolve. Awareness followed, bringing with it understanding and rationalisation of its surroundings. Even in the chaos of creation, it tried to apply its logic and concepts of order to the events.

The new life fed upon the Power Cosmic, using it as an animal would food. And as its body processed the parts that it needed and could use, other forms of energy were released along with the building blocks of matter. And they were all expelled into the almost empty void and were carried along by the explosion.

At some point the occupants of the new universe became aware of the passage of time. With that awareness came sentience and true consciousness. The creatures that had existed on the planet after the death of the earlier universe evolved further, gaining limited abilities to think and decide for themselves. By now the small life forms had grown into massive beasts of incredible power; creatures of fire and lights and power that were both beautiful and frightening, and impossible for the mind to truly appreciate.

The entity that had emerged had also grown and evolved. Although appearing in some moments as a male, a change in aspect caused it to look distinctly female. Too complex for gender it was both and neither. Its body was covered with the same bacteria and viruses and parasitic creatures that had evolved on the planet’s surface. As time passed they too evolved until they were carried away by the still rushing force of the explosion. Their evolution was different than those that had been outside the vessel; the earlier creatures had belonged to the previous universe, while these were native to its replacement. The lone entity could not control them and as time passed they too left to find their own territories. Some would become useful in the new universe while others would become a nuisance. Regardless, the Cosmic Beings were soon forgotten.

The thoughts and dreams of the entity shaped the nature of the new universe, creating layers of realms and dimensions. The newly formed creatures chose some of the early realms as their dominion, placing themselves outside of the mainstream universe and looking down on those that would come to dwell within its boundaries. The entity was lost within his dreams and his lack of awareness led him to become locked within a realm of his own, protected from the rest of the universe and yet somehow guiding its formation; his mind had grown beyond the limitations of existence and so he never noticed as the universe became an eternal dream of the slumbering entity.

In a brief instant of lucidity, he somehow recognised the life growing within her body. She gathered the raw materials needed for life and bound them with his will, forcing the seed of life from her body into the new forms. These were the children of the single entity that they referred to as The One. Guided by his will these Celestials followed in the wake of the explosion, nudging reality to take form according to her desires and The One returned to its dreams.

As its slumbering mind processed the events going on around it, The One’s thoughts pondered the unknown concepts of life, death, order, chaos, good and evil, along with many others. Its powers drew on those thoughts and abstract beings to represent them, each with an avatar to allow The One to learn through their experience as they set forth to explore creation. For despite its appearance, it was not the lone champion that had stood victorious at the end of a previous universe. It was but a child, an extremely powerful child that needed to learn.

Time passed, the universe expanded and The One grew along with it. His awareness was spread so fine that he rarely reacted to those that were capable of reaching his realm. Those that could visit him dwindled. The Power Cosmic fed him, allowing him to continue to grow. In turn, other forms of energy passed from him, breaching the walls between his realm and the rest of existence. His subconscious sought to understand the strange emissions and created a new breed of beings charged with the task of overseeing and understanding the Power in its various forms. He dubbed them Eternals.

And with their birth, The First Age had begun


The Celestials that The One had birthed into existence continued with their task despite his lack of guidance. They planted the seeds of life throughout the realms, nudging matter with bursts of Cosmic energy to form creatures capable of existing within their habitats. These were the first truly living beings, creatures very different from those that would eventually emerge. Shaped by the needs of their territory, they were creatures of matter, spirit, thought and energy; beings of fire, water, earth, air and other elements, some simple and other complex combinations.

They worked tirelessly in the name of their creator, crafting existence to how he would want it. Their task was never complete as the expanding universe offered them an increasing amount of work to perform. In her name they laboured, bringing glory to their father with every act. And never did they think about themselves or their own needs… well only once in a while.

As the first sentient and independent races emerged, the conceptual beings The One had created to explore the ideas of good and evil, love and hate, chaos and order, among others, sent a constant stream of information to his slumbering mind. Although she was more than capable of handling the information, processing the many different thoughts took time. His mind became overwhelmed by the equal strength of what he came to understand to be opposing forces; until that point, the differing concepts did not concern themselves with each other, but as The One struggled internally with his emotions, the conceptual beings also started to fight amongst themselves, pushing their avatars to fight on their behalf. And before long their conflict would spread further.

In the darkness the force known as Daijinryuu awoke. It had been trapped since the ending of the previous universe but was impossible to eliminate completely. Locked away for ao long it had evolved beyond the simple beast it had once been. Instead of craving a return to the peaceful stillness of the void, it had become a force of balance that would seek out and destroy those that unbalanced the harmony of its changing home. But for now, it remained locked away, until the powers that allowed such things granted it the freedom to roam once more. Lacking a physical form it swept back and forth as a wave of destruction, growing daily but unable to have an influence while imprisoned outside of existence.

And then for some reason the barriers that had prevented it from entering the universe vanished and the destructive force was unleashed. By that time existence had grown so large that it would take a long time before anybody noticed. For the First Age of existence was approaching an end and the Second Age was about to begin.


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