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Authors Note: This story is a part of Genesis II. Many events in Genesis II might not align with events in Genesis. The reader is asked to understand that Genesis II is only the viewpoint of a very old, very respected fool.

The “Known” Truth

Over a billion years ago, the revered Sire Lentinvous published his scrolls of wisdom, filled with what he believed was the true origin of reality and the nature of the Morphin Grid. Many of his works were lost, yet it is his expalanation of our history that guides us to this day.

In my quest for understanding the cataclysm that robbed our universe of knowledge, I have sacrificed the better years of my life. Yet my sacrifices have proven worthwhile as vision has been revealed to me. I have recorded these truths so that others might share in this wisdom. To know where we have come from is as important as knowing where we are heading. My the history I have uncovered and the knowledge of our origins enlighten us all.

Sire Lentinvous.

Before the Dawn of Time

In the beginning, there was nothingness, an absolute void inside of which nothing could physically exist and outside of which nothing did exist. And the inside and the outside were the same for there was nothing to divide them. And there was no time to measure how long the void remained the same and no change to mark a point at which time could be measured. For an eternal stretch or the briefest moment everything was perfect.

Then a planet appeared. It did not form or merge from specks of dust because the void was a perfect void. There was no energy to turn into matter or dark matter to become visible. The planet simply appeared. And yet as there was no time when it appeared was unknown and how it was known that it had not been there before was unclear. But the perfect void was no longer a perfect void even though the planet was but a tiny drop of grey pigment in an ocean of black.

And upon the planet there appeared creatures of great size and complexity. Unbound by such things as biology, physics and logic, the creatures evolved without limits of form and structure. They were creatures too strange, complex and yet overly simple to be described or understood. Their nature defied reason and would have driven a sane man crazy, had there been a sense of sanity. And there presence disturbed the void and the void sought to become perfect once more. And so a new creature appeared at the will of nothingness and sought to consumer things that polluted the void.

And the creatures were consumed by the darkness, returning to the void as the lone presence laid in wait for anything that attempted to appear within from the darkness, angrily lashing out at anything that invaded its domain. But it was unable to destroy the planet, or harm the planet or in any way affect the planet. And the void was now less perfect for it contained the planet and a creature that consumed anything that tried to consume the planet.

Time didn’t pass for the void was timeless and then something new appeared upon the planet, bringing a light to the darkness around it. It was an egg, a luminous shell protecting new life within, straining under the stress of the forces growing within its frail shell. The egg grew larger, the strain of the forces within combined with the violent attacks from the void’s other occupant forced it to reach critical mass. Small cracks appeared in the structure and then the contents burst forth in an explosive release of potential energy, obliterating the egg in the process and whatever had lurked in the darkness. The planet remained unscathed.

The universe was born. Large, filled with many interesting sights, it continued to grow for an immeasurable amount of time. But whenever it appeared that the swirling mists of colour and light would come together to form physical structure, the darkness seemed to strike, consuming the matter and creating the illusion of the void.

The darkness could not prevent change, only delay it. A star ignited in the darkness bringing forth true light in the void. And then a planet formed in orbit around the lonely star. Life emerged once more and the first forms of intelligent species appeared, building – by their standards – a peaceful society. But the creature that lived within the darkness, the same creature that had been there in the void and had survived the explosion of the cosmic egg, was not prepared to share with creatures anymore than it had been prepared to share with the planet or those things that had emerged there. It hunted them, corrupted them and tried everything possible to drive them to destruction.

Millions of years after they had emerged, a mere moment in the mind of the darkness that sought their destruction, the primitive race developed an understanding for their foe. They still feared the darkness, but it was not the crippling fear they had once known. They fought back, eventually overpowering and trapping the darkness, but at great cost; in its anger, the creature destroyed the very structure of their universe.

Space collapsed in upon itself. The universe compacted, all manner of matter and energy forcibly compressed into a rapidly shrinking space. The proud race that had conquered the first darkness could only watch, knowing that they would be wiped out by a phenomenon they could not understand. There was not enough time to save their race, although through their combined work they were able to provide a vessel that would take one member of their race to what they hoped would be safety at the very edge of existence, the planet on which the cosmic egg had hatched. He would survive beyond the end of the universe although for how long was not known.

The end arrived as the deflated universe reached a critical mass collapsed back toward the sole survivor who stood atop the first planet. And then it exploded once more, breaking through the boundaries of the void as the fabric of the old universe was torn asunder as a new universe burst into existence. While all the matter of the old universe was expelled outward, much of the energy escaped beyond the torn boundaries as the tear tried to close. But the rip was too vast to seal completely and over time some energy forced its way back through the holes that remained, pouring into the new universe as the phenomenon that would one day be called magic.

And all this was observed by a lone figure standing unharmed by the explosion upon the first planet. The One – for his survival had come at the price of his identity, stood unwavering as the explosive energy erupted around him. Physically immune to the destruction, he found that the new existence was vastly different from the one he had known. And while he had survived the death of the old universe, he had not escaped the destruction; his being had become a key part of nature. He was the spirit, sentience and the central balance of the new universe, beyond the comprehension of its future inhabitants.

Comprised of matter that was very different to anything found in the new universe, The One existed as something that could not be perceived by the new universe. His mental functions seemed to disappear; in truth his awareness had been expanded to the point where he was omnipotent and omnipresent. At that level he was too distracted by important matters to acknowledge the events taking place at a lower level. He would one day be regarded as a spiritual embodiment of reality and it would be claimed that he created a number of the abstract beings that would one day represent the conceptual nature of the new universe, as well as those of a more material nature. These creations were the ancestors of the ancestors of the ancestors of those that would eventually emerged to occupy billions of worlds.

As the One had survived, so had the predator that had brought about the end of the previous universe. On the edge of existence, hidden from view by the retreating void, the creatureĆ‚ desired nothing more or less than the obliteration of everything that stood against the perfection of absolute nothingness. Just as the universe’s nature seemed to be to expand and the first planet’s nature was to remain, so its nature was to destroy. It struck from the darkness, obliterating anything within its reach, trying to slow the growth of existence. At first it had no chance of success but as the explosion lessened, so its efforts started to have limited effect. Over time its actions would be observed and given the name Entropy.

While The One remained aware of everything that was happening in the Universe, his consciousness was too widely spread to understand much of what he saw. The trauma of what had happened to him, along with the dark creature’s attacks, caused him to hallucinate a battle within his own mind. Those visions took the physical forms of two beings representing the good and evil within his soul. The first was a being of light, the part of The One that valued his continued existence and everything that had been god about the man he had once been. It referred to itself as the Light God. The other part was a mixture of all the dark feelings The One had kept suppressed during his former life, shrouded by the part of him that wished he had been destroyed along with the rest of his people. They were morally, intellectually and spiritually opposed to each other and doomed to clash violently – for this battle was for the survival of all existence.

I rejoice that I alone have been allowed to see and understand the nature of our origins. Let this knowledge guide our understanding of how the universe came to be. For only by accepting these truths and rejecting the false knowledge of the past will we fulfil the work of the One.

Sire Lentinvous.


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