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Authors Note: This story is a part of Genesis II. Many events in Genesis II might not align with events in Genesis. The reader is asked to understand that Genesis II is only the viewpoint of a very old, very respected fool.

The “Known” Truth II

Over a billion years ago, the revered Sire Lentinvous published his scrolls of wisdom, filled with what he believed was the true origin of reality and the nature of the Morphin Grid. Many of his works were lost, yet it is his expalanation of our history that guides us to this day.

Some have questioned the legitimacy of my visions, yet they have provided no alternative for the clear state of enlightenment that I have attained. I now see creation in all of its wonder. I find myself able to perceive the boundaries of our reality and freely gaze through the wild energy to where true power resides.

Others may doubt my words, but they are wrong and I alone possess the knowledge to tell the true story of our beginnings. And so my work to record all that I have seen continues.

Sire Lentinvous.

In the beginning there had been the void, then a planet in the void, and then life upon the planet in the void; then had come a predator and then an explosion. More life had followed as the universe had grown. And then everything had died as the universe had met its end leaving only the predator, a single being upon the planet and the void. Another explosion and a new universe had been created with the sole survivor of the previous universe at its centre to guide creation and the predator to act as its destroyer.

And from the lone being stood atop its planet had come two new creatures representing its desire to exist and its wish to fade. One had claimed the title of Light God, while the other had remained unnamed. Over time the destroyer tried many titles such as the Dark One and the Dark God before choosing the name Chaos Bringer. Unlike the predator in the past, the Chaos Bringer was not just a creature acting out of instinct. He represented the darkness inherent in the universe, a combination of evil, chaos and destruction.

As the battle between the Light God and the Chaos Bringer raged, they created servants, powerful beings that existed on the physical plane where they could interact with the worlds around them. While the Chaos Bringer did not trust his creations enough to grant them a free reign, the Light God created thirteen avatars to protect the universe from all that would cause it harm.

The first to emerge was Paladin, a noble warrior who was an almost perfect copy of his more powerful creator. Since he shared many of the Light God’s traits, he was perhaps the favourite. He was granted the gift of the Ryuuseikin, a sword capable of drawing unlimited power from the Light God and an energy matrix capable of channelling the very essence of the being that made up their universe. He was the equal of the Chaos Bringer’s vilest creations.

The others each drew upon a facet of the Light God’s nature, each charged with a sacred duty to preserve existence – for at some point the single universe had changed, spawning an unlimited number of realities. One of their number was charged with the task of record the knowledge of the new multiverse, another with the building of weapons to protect existence from harm and a third with the custody of the objects captured from the enemy forces.

Collectively the group was given a final gift: the ability to reproduce as the Light God had done, allowing them to create the next generation of guardians, the next line of defence against the Chaos Bringer’s hordes. However, just as The One was not immune to the darkness that had led to the creation of the Chaos Bringer, the Light God was also tainted by the darkness. And the thirteen were not immune to the forces of evil, they had been granted free will and were just as susceptible to the voices that whispered from the darkness, the same feelings of jealousy and envy that from time to time passed amongst their group.

But though they were imperfect, they were powerful enough to take the fight to the Chaos Bringer’s forces, slaying many of the creatures he spawned. And with their help, the Light God was able to overcome the Chaos Bringer. They would have succeeded had one of their number not turned on them. He chose the name Darke although his brethren had known him by another, and attacked his siblings, seeking the gifts they had been given for himself. Some were slain, others were broken and left trapped on the far reaches of the universe where the ancient predator tried to consume them, until only Darke and Paladin remained to fight.

As the Light God and the Chaos Bringer shifted through the multiverse, the war between Paladin and Darke intensified. But despite their best efforts, the two soon found themselves deadlocked. To force a shift, they started to use the lesser beings of the universe as cannon fodder. For eons neither side was able to hold an advantage. For each warrior cut down on one side, so a member of the opposing army was slain. As Paladin’s forces were vanquished, they willingly transferred their remaining energies to golden medals, each the size of a small coin and abandoned their physical bodies to become entities of pure light.

Their opponents were not allowed such a luxury of existing beyond their death. As punishment for losing, they were vanquished to a place where they would endure torment and misery until they were released again; over time it was mistakenly referred to as the Dark Dimension.

In the end though it did not matter, whose army had the most fighters. Paladin was far more powerful than most of those he fought and his fallen brother had quickly proved himself just as powerful. So even when Paladin had lost all his warriors and Darke retained three of his generals, it was not a guaranteed victory for evil. Indeed, the war was only just beginning.

The Light God and the Chaos Bringer moved through the multiverse, shifting from one reality to the next, locked in an endless struggle. Their war was brutal, but existed on a level many could not perceive and as time passed, they were forgotten. The battle between Darke and Paladin however was not so easy to forget and as the first life forms continued to emerge on the increasing number of habitable worlds, so the war between the two intensified. Paladin and Darke showed no signs of stopping, their hatred driving them onward in spite of the devastation they caused.

Over the centuries that followed their battle touched many creatures. Some were drawn to the side of evil, their lust for power enticing them into Darke’s service in return for the power he could grant them, while others joined with Paladin. These were a new breed of followers and in some ways more dedicated to their cause than their predecessors. They continued to grow into two large armies, but neither side had the power to make a difference… yet.

The full potential of the energy seeping into the new universe through the fabric that sealed it from its predecessor had yet to be discovered. The energies were still evolving. At such an early time though the discipline to master and focus such energies were beyond the grasp of all but the most powerful creatures. The two battling entities soon changed that. Their war revealed the possibilities to the masses and soon the opposing forces discovered how to use the energies they were exposed to.

Even in those simple times it was easier to be evil than it was to be good. Those who followed Darke and his wicked practices were taught to channel magic through symbols and written words. Later they would discover the ability to trap power inside an inanimate object such as a wand or to use the conductive properties of some atoms as a means of directing energy. As the final and ultimately the most effective means of focussing the destructive powers at their command, some of the older and most loyal followers allowed others to copy their physical forms. By using these sinister outer forms, they could draw on the mystical powers Darke offered his followers directly. Some could already direct magic in their natural form and were rapidly incorporated into the Army of Darkness. These demons were few in number.

The forces led by Paladin on the other hand lacked the ability to naturally draw on the power without a conduit. Those who could do so were limited in their strength. They were forced to find safe ways to channel the energies. Some copied the use of books and wands to contain magic whilst others discovered that gems and precious metals could also be used.

In the end though it did not matter whose army had the most fighters or which group could draw the most power. The fight had always been between Paladin and Darke, and in the end those two would decide the outcome. The two armies came to a new battlefield, a primitive world that had only just started to solidify. There they fought what they claimed would be the last battle. It was a battle that would cost both sides dearly.

Paladin, the embodiment of all that was pure and good, was injured. His body, made from living metal would one day inspire the armour worn by knights, was battered. The once white plating was marred with dents and scorch marks. Felled by treachery he should have expected from his brother, he lay sprawled upon the ground. He gazed up into the blackened sky and tried to reach out to the energy of the cosmos, that which had sustained him throughout the war. But his injuries were such that he found it impossible to focus on the energy for long. It was only the knowledge that his creator still lived and continued his campaign against the greater darkness that allowed Paladin to hold on as long as he did.

The tide of the war had turned against him and the bulk of his army had either been destroy or drawn away from the front lines. Paladin had been trying to rally his forces, any forces at all, when out of the smog had emerged three of Darke’s freakish followers. They were ugly brutes, powerful without question, but little more than fodder intended to distract Paladin long enough for Darke to land a successful blow.

They had circled around him, just beyond the reach of his sword, neither attacking nor parrying, laughing at the rewards they would reap for destroying their master’s most hated enemy. He had known that they were delaying, he had seen it in their movements. They appeared eager to attack and take the kill, but in reality they were just there to keep him caged in while they waited for their master to savour the glory.

Paladin had raised his sword, allowing his energy to flow through the skilfully crafted blade. The ruby in the hilt had glowed brightly as he and the weapon became a single entity, moving with precision and grace. The sword had shone and caused his opponents to back up, ready for the attack.

Instead he had made to retreat, knowing that like a pack of wild beasts they would sense weakness and move in closer.

Three against one, with those odds there was no doubt that they would attack. His sword moved swiftly and slew the first two with a single swing> But that tremendous move had thrown Paladin off balance. And though he quickly corrected his stance, the third attacker had ducked inside his guard and lashed out with his own sword. The creature had brought the blade in low and caught Paladin on the right knee. Paladin had stumbled, surprised that the blow had affected him, but his sword had swung itself around and cleaved off the attacker’s arm.

The burst of dark energy had caught him by surprise and had torn through his side. Darke had been waiting for the opportunity to strike. It had been a cowardly blow, but one that was undeniably effective. Darke did not waste the opportunity to savage his opponent, striking him repeatedly until Paladin had fallen. And then Darke had loomed over him, savouring the moment that he had won the war. It was a moment’s delay that would cost him.

Paladin and Darke were complex and powerful creatures, but they were not completely indestructible. Their bodies could be damaged and even destroyed with a great deal of difficulty. However they would only die if they remained in their form when it expired. On many occasions they had reached a point where their bodies had been destroyed, but they had survived by abandoning their crippled form and adopting another.

But this time Darke had ensured that escape would not be a possibility. He had positioned himself in front of his fallen enemy and charged a ball of dark energy. At the point when the visor opened, there would be a brief period during which he could blast his opponent’s soul. To do so would have ensured Paladin’s demise. And while survival was possible even nanoseconds from the death of their adopted forms, remaining in the body once it expired meant certain death.

As Paladin looked up at his enemy, he knew that regardless of his actions he would not leave the battlefield. Darke had been clever when he had orchestrated the trap and left Paladin in a no win situation. That had not meant though that Paladin had lost; there was still one option available, if he was willing to give up everything to achieve it.

He waited, watching as Darke continued to gloat over his triumph. He waited for the moment of weakness, when Darke’s attention was elsewhere and then he chose to act, using his remaining strength to open a dimensional rift and blast the evil entity into it. Wounded, Darke tried to escape his physical form only to find his essence sucked into the darkness.

Paladin rose long enough to fire a volley of energy that kept Darke trapped until the rift closed. Then unable to summon the strength he needed to clean his sword or open his helmet, he collapsed. His existence was all but over; he had spent too long inside his dying shell. His energy was exhausted to the point where he couldn’t repair the damage enough to abandon his dying form. His time had come and all he could really do was ensure that his legacy would live on in the hearts of all good beings. His sword, shield and armour would be left for those that could use them, but to ensure that only those worthy of doing so claimed them, he provided them with the sentience needed to judge them worthy.

He smiled once again as he felt his body turn to dust particles, which started to swirl at intense speed. The universe loved balance and he was a cosmic being, a part of that balance. He would not survive to see the universe evolve, but Darke was forever sealed where he could not cause harm. And while the battle between the Light God and Chaos Bringer would continue, this phase of the war had ended.

Yes, he could sense it now, the fading of his physical form and the lack of universal awareness. He would survive, but not in his current role. The helmet shaped metal that had served as his head had been blown from his shoulders as the superheated dust particles combusted. The ash generated cooled as soon as it exited his body, its own gravity causing it to compact until it formed a crystal like substance inside of which his essence resided. Here he would remain; a counter to Darke’s evil should the villain ever manage to escape.

And with that knowledge, Paladin, was at peace.

The sacrifice of Paladin should show all that Good will always conquer Evil. I find it a comfort to know that all that we must do is endure long enough for the darkness to be banished and out society shall emerge stronger than ever.

Some claim that I am failing to grasp the lesson that are taught by this history. I however feel that it must be my ability to comprehend the truth teachings that allowed me to access this knowledge in the first place.

Sire Lentinvous.


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