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Tales of the Morphin Masters

The Morphin Masters were one of the earliest races to emerge in the Universe. Although claiming to be a race, they are an amalgum of species gathered from across the cosmos to study, understand and control the power of the Morphin Grid. Their story started long ago and is a tale of struggle, betrayal, triumphant and ascension.

Morphin Masters: Rising

The Power flows back and forth, and as it does so war can only follow. For the small order known as a the Morphin Masters it is a time of great discovery as they unravel the secrets of the Morphin Grid and begin a journey towards enlightenment.


Morphin Masters: The Fallen Master

The Morphin Masters were so dedicated to their quest for knowledge that they never considered the possibility that one of their own might abuse that knowledge for his own gain and in the process turn against his own brothers and sisters within their order. Now it has happened and the Morphin Masters are faced with a crisis. Can they stop their rogue brother and save whatever remains of the Animaria Cluster? His actions might force them to do something they will have to live with for the rest of their lives.


Morphin Masters: Ascension

Long exposure to the Power changed the Morphin Masters, elevating them to the level of gods. And with their ascension the time has come for them to journey into the Morphin Grid one last time. But first they will take steps to make the Universe safe for those they leave behind.


Morphin Masters: The Gift

After their ascension, the Morphin Masters continue to visit their old domain, setting in place the force that will protect the cosmos from evil and setting in motion events that will lead to the history of the universe being shrouded in mistruths and lost facts for a long, long time,


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