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Author's Note: Just a quick not on time in this series. Events are not shown in order and at this point time is not regular. So none year an be a century, one minute can be days and events four billion years ago can happen at the same time as those that occured eight billion years ago.

Origins: The God Wave

It was not the first planet in existence, although many believed it to be the first. They even referred to it as the First World, the starting point at which The Celestials that had shaped reality had formed matter together into a planet-like shape and allowed life to thrive. It wasn’t truly the first world, or even the second planet to be formed, but the tales of those worlds are a matter for another time. What did matter was that this world was very very old and in the grand scheme of things had been formed before any of the worlds on the lowest plane of existence. It had actually formed before the The Celestials had been willed into existence and banished by The One when its inhabitants displeased him. Much later it had come to rest in a new location just beyond what would one day be called the Promethean Galaxy.

For billions of years the planet remained as its population grew and evolved. Their advancements in technology came rapidly as their society developed and peace reigned. At some point they reached the threshold between known science and the unexplainable science that most attribute to magic. And as their society aged so they learned the ways to integrate their new discoveries into their everyday lives. Doing so pushed their evolution, just as The Celestials had hoped, forcing them to move beyond the simply mortals they had once been into a race of mighty godlike beings that saw the still forming universe as their domain.

Sadly with power and influence came arguments and discord. Factions arose that clashed in their beliefs and being as powerful as they were, those battles of words and wits soon turned to violence. The planet descended into a state of war as opponents stubbornly refused to see sense or step back from the brink.

In the end their world paid the price as bombarded by its own population it could take no more and exploded, killing all those that dwelt upon its surface. The resulting wave of energy tore through the lower planes of existence, shunting whole worlds into pocket dimensions where the strict rules of physics imposed upon the cosmos no longer applied. There the energy altered the structure of the planets, empowering those that would one day reside there, granting them the knowledge and attributes of the civilisation lost to war.

It had taken the energy wave three billion years to make it from the broken planet to the far side of the universe. There it changed direction, drawn back toward its point of origin, following its previous path although this time limited to the confines of the mortal plane. And as it passed by the many worlds, it infused them with the potential to one day produce life capable of ascending to the level of the gods. It continued on its way until it reached its origin point where agents of The One were waiting to put a stop to the chaos it had caused.

Most of the energy was infused back into the worlds that had replaced the previous planet, elevating their inhabitants to the level of those that had come before. The rest was diverted into the Morphin Grid.

Six billion years had passed and the many worlds within what would one day be known as the Sol system had formed. And somehow as the energy wave had passed through the dust and debris that would one day cool to form the planet named Earth, a link had been formed between the planet and the pocket dimensions it had created. There would be other such connection throughout the cosmos, but it was on the Earth that the barriers between such dimensions were at their weakest.

In the future those gods would inspire stories and beliefs that would be passed down through the generations. They would be worshipped throughout the cosmos, but especially on worlds like Earth. And in the future they would realise that their great powers weakened considerably outside of their homelands and chose to either lend their power to others or permit others to carry their names. But when the time came some of these gods would take their place at the side of mortals, helping them become the mightiest heroes the world had ever seen.


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