Chapter Seven

A new era is about to commence as new villains emerge to take their rightful places. For the Alliance of Evil it means the end of the road for Maxell; for the new members of the United Alliance of Evil it means a new regime under a Grand Monarch that won’t tolerate infighting.

Taking Control

The Alliance of Evil is disbanded and replaced by the United Alliance of Evil. Membership is mandatory, disobedience means death and judgement is retroactive.

Escape Velocity

Visceron has information that can save the universe. But first he has to survive a Death Race and escape in one piece.

Lightspeed Rescue: Nancy Cooper's Rough Ride

When a test flight of NASADA's shuttle goes wrong, a test pilot's life is in danger. And with Diabolico out to make things worse, better make this a Lightspeed Rescue!

Night Fighters: Thanksgiving Night

The Defiant finally reaches Earth and the Power Rangers find themselves dragged into the troubles of Jeff Kincaid.

Space: A Tale of Unfortunate Events

What Shall We Do With the Captured Ranger, early in the morning? During a shakedown trip, Andros happens upon a fierce battle and finds himself held prisoner alongside three notable enemies of the Dianthe Pirates

A Reason to be Thankful

Sometimes a story must be retold in order to know what really happened.

Mother Knows Best

Sometimes a mother's love is needed. Sometimes it's more a case of yelling.

The Titanium Tragedy

During the unveiling of the Titanium Morpher an unexpected turn of events lead to disaster

Princely Scheming

Behemoth boasted that he was the most powerful warrior and so Divatox sent him to destroy Gasket. But can a prince of the Royal House of Gadgetry be defeated that easily? And if not, what does that mean for Divatox and the planet Horath?

Questions Never Asked, Answers Never Sought

Why is there no Superman or mutants? Where did the JLA and Avengers disappear to? Who is really behind the Task Force operations and why have they been manipulating a secret arms race for centuries? The answers might not be forthcoming, but there's no shortage of questions.

Psycho-logical Profiling

The Psycho Rangers are under scrutiny as Shinzon decides to take matters into his own hands.

The Dark Racers

Divatox demanded an evil team of Turbo Rangers and gave Porto the task of building them. Porto can only hope it won't end up a complete disaster.

The Dark Racers Part 1 - False Start

Divatox demanded an evil team of Turbo Rangers and gave Porto the task of building them. Porto can only hope it won't end up a complete disaster.

The Dark Racers Part 2 - The Purple Nova

Divatox puts her first Dark Turbo Ranger to the test. Introducing Sonic Nova, the Purple Turbo Ranger.

The Dark Racers Part 3 - The Silver Comet

With the success of Sonic Nova, Porto hopes to complete his second evil Turbo Ranger. Can the Turbo Rangers survive two evil Rangers?

The Dark Racers Part 4 - The Midnight Runner

Porto was on a roll with his first two evil Rangers. But maybe three was pushing it.

The Dark Racers Part 5 - Demolition Derby

The Turbo Rangers finally find a way to turn the tables on the Turbo Racers. It's simple matter of remembering that once a Ranger, always a Ranger.

coming soon

The Dark Racers Part 6 - Across the Line

Divatox demanded an evil team of Turbo Rangers and gave Porto the task of building them. Porto can only hope it won't end up a complete disaster.

coming soon

The Dark Racers Epilogue

Three Dark Rangers appear. Not for long.

The Empty Victory

After a battle the cost needs to be assessed

Space: The Journey Resumes

Time for Andros to resume his journey while others are also making transtitions.

Xanta Claws is Coming to Town

It's almost Christmas and Rita has sent a very special monster to visit the Zedden family. But just what does the evil witch have in mind this time?

Darkness on the Horizon

A call was sent out, summoning all newly (and forcefully) recruited members of the UAE to a meeting. With just a month left their efforts to conquer the Earth must surely intensify. For the people of Earth and its defenders, times are growing darker.

The Dimming Light

The darkness is on the rise once more. Will anybody notice?

Liberation of Aquitar

When Aquitar fell the Rangers of Earth lost a great ally and more importantly their friends. Now the time has come to release them.

A Cry for Help

When a cry for help comes, the Power Rangers are willing to help. But how will they manage when the demands seem to come all at once?

The Sacrifice

So what have Zordon and the senior Rangers been up to while the Turbo Rangers have protected the Earth and the villains have laid their plans?

Hey Teacher, Leave Those Kids Alone

The Turbo Rangers learn that they might not end up as the team that only faced a bunch of wackos and losers.

Stirrings in the Dark

The forces of darkness are on the move once more

The Most Important Lesson

After Spank'Em devises a new scheme, can the Turbo Rangers discover a way to escape the trap?

Task Force: The New Initiative

All things must come to an end... even international conspiracies to use aliens as soldiers in a secret arms race.

The Next Destination

The senior Rangers' adventure on Aquitar draws to a close, Zordon heads for Eltare and the UAE heads off to war as the storm clouds draw nearer. Things can only get darker from here.

Shift into Lightspeed, Turbo to the Rescue

As if life as a Lightspeed Ranger was not complicated enough, what with having to move a highly volatile Hydrothermal Generator through the streets of Mariner Bay on the back of a Zord knowing that one bump could set it off, not to mention an army of Batlings that seem intent on doing so, somebody decided to drop an almost indestructible monster in their way.

Up to the Challenge

Lightspeed Rescue: The Lightspeed Rangers have been working hard and are given a day off. But when Vypra decides to unleash a gassy monster on the city, it's business as usual

Lightspeed Rescue: The Volcano

When a long dormant volcano starts acting up, Lightspeed is on alert

The Green-Eyed Monster

Two of Nyghtmayr's demons decide to try their hand against the Turbo Rangers and Tanya.

The Boy from Space

The Turbo Rangers and Lightspeed Rangers find themselves playing host to a bratty alien.

Veiled Acts and Misdirection

Evil is obvious only in retrospect - Gloria Steinem (1934). First the forces of Darkness appeared to be nothing more than a squabbling bunch of misfits. Then when they revealed themselves as competant they headed off on pointless missions to places of little importance. Or did they? Sometimes the reason for going after the little things is more important that the big picture.

The Dark Victory

The forces of darkness are united in purpose and driven by selfish desire. The force of light are divided by selfish infighting. And as UAE spread outward to conquer the universe, Dark Specter sets his sights on the greatest prize of all: victory.

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