Chapter Six
Summer Days

As the darkness continues to gather, the Rangers had best enjoy the peace and quiet. Or at least what passes for peace and quiet on a planet that is a target for every would-be villain and opportunistic pirate that fancies making a name for themselves

Lightspeed Rescue: Entering Lightspeed

A new threat calls for a new solution

The Mighty Morphin Ninjetti

It was supposed to be a simple journey from Mariner Bay to Angel Grove. Instead the Doctor, his companion and six Rangers end up taking a trip through time and space, and one of them does not come back. Formerly known as Time of Changes

Night Fighters: Lost in the Night

The Night Rangers are complete and united. But in a world of darkness nothing is what it seems

Return to Solitude

As the Doctor prepares to leave, so events have been set in motion, heralding the start of his greatest and most devastating adventure yet.

To Protect Those That Serve

Even a respected Morphin Master like Zordon must sometimes dirty himself with politics.

Dastardly Preparations

As calm between the storm passes, so the forces of darkness gather for the new front.

Cloak and Dagger

Sometimes it's difficult to adjust.

The Emperor's New Rage

When Lord Zedd is offered a chance of a new body, he accepts, and disaster is the only outcome.

Getting Better

As the weeks pass, the Turbo Rangers become used to their new powers.

The New Generation

With four of the Turbo Rangers incapacitated, Zordon moves ahead with finding their replacements.

Graduation Day

The end of an era for some of the Rangers as their time at Angel Grove High School comes to an end.

Who You Gonna Call?

Following their graudation, the Rangers might not all be in Angel Grove anymore, but that doesn't mean they won't find themselves drawn into the war between good and evil.


When Nathan Oliver arrived, he brought a world's worth of power with him. Now the Rangers are discovering that while some of the power disappeared, there is still plenty up for grabs.

Night Fighters: Dead of Night

What happens when somebody you trust with you life decides to take it?

If At First

Divatox sends a bounty hunter named Cocky Roach after the Turbo Rangers.

Psychos Rising

The Nega Rangers have found a way to return. A means that involves their transformation into something even more sinister.

Space: The Journey Begins

The sole survivor of KO_35 set out on his new adventure.

Endings, Beginnings and Renewal

It's Halloween again, a day that the Rangers have come to associate with monster attacks. Maybe this year something good will come.

Night Fighters: The Night Raider

After the destruction of his team, Jeff Kincaid decides to make sure that the treacherous Kinega cannot use the powers hidden on Daos to aid his wicked deeds. Little does Kincaid realise that his former friend has changed more than he first believed.

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