Chapter Five
The Eye of the Storm

Minion is gone, the disaster was narrowly averted. But there are always costs. Even as the storm clouds move on, darkness is looming on the horizon and the Rangers must enjoy the peace while they can. As the Zeo Rangers recover from their ordeal, they must also contend with Lord Zedd and a group of new friends.

Shredded Peace

Following Minion's defeat, evil takes on a less familiar face.

Hell's Angels

The Shredder's underling manufactures his own monster using Mutagen and a gang of renegade bikers.

The Mysterious Refugee Part One - Crash and Burn

There is a new arrival in Angel Grove. I suggest you check it out.

The Mysterious Refugee - Dark World

Just where did the mysterious Ranger come from and what caused him to arrive in such a state?

Night Fighters: Night School

That path to becoming a Night Ranger demands time and pain... plenty of pain

Ties that Bind Part 1: Old Friends, New Friends

Among the new people gracing the Rangers' lives come a few familiar and in some cases unwelcome faces.

Ties that Bind Part 2: Dark Heritage

By birth they should have been mortal enemies, in reality they're good friends. And if Jamie's father has his way, then her relationship with Jason will turn sour very quickly.

Ties that Bind Part 3: Enemies Bound by Purpose

What does it take to get Lord Zedd to fight alongside the Rangers?

Ties that Bind Part 4: Release from the Darkness

Rita's greatest mistake was making Zedd love her. Now that love will be his undoing.

The Nyghtmayr of Halloween

The Rangers team up with Doctor Strange to prevent the release of a psychic demon that can use their emotions against them.

Battling Insomnia

Samoht finds himself the target of a bounty hunter with an unusual approach.

Rise of the Black Dragon Part One: Uncontainable

Following his release from a dimension of pure torment, the Master is once gain on a mission to rebuild his failing body. And with him comes a new ally that has a grudge against Zordon.

Rise of the Black Dragon Part Two: Unredeemable

After retrieving his sword, Drac'cuul tests his forces against the Rangers

Rise of the Black Dragon Part Three: Undefeatable?

Drac'cuul's quest to retrieve his armour is at an end. Now it is up to the Rangers whether or not he receives the key to activate it. Can an ancient prophecy help?

Wheels in Motion

A new faction of the Machine Empire arises

Legend of a Phantom

From the dawn of time, to the end of days, this ghost_like figure has fought the forces of evil. He is the Phantom, the often unseen ally of those that fight against the darkness. But now he does so as a Ranger.

Claims to Earth

The Alliance of Evil holds a meeting. The subject: who gets to conquer the Earth?


The government's top secret project just walked out the door.

Friendship beyond Death

Farkus Bulkmier was supposed to die in France, but what if Skull had been mistaken?

Starting Anew

Nathan Oliver tries to master his mismatched powers, but with the Galactic Council interfering, an already difficult task is made much harder.

The Price of Charity

The hunt for Lerigot reaches its climax as Divatox and her forces zero in on their quarry. Meanwhile on Earth the Rangers' hope to save a children's shelter, an act that interferes with the ambition schemes of one of Crossworld City's underhanded businessmen.

New Arrivals

The Rangers and Divatox search for Lerigot. Who will get to the Wizard of Liaria first?

The Perilous Voyage

The race is on to catch up with Divatox as the Turbo Rangers find themselves on a Ghost Galleon.

Race to the Volcano

Can the Turbo Rangers stop Divatox before she releases Maligore?

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