Chapter Nine
Countdown to Destruction

The timetable changed. Suddenly Dark Specter is no longer willing to wait for others to conquer the Earth and orders his own forces to advance. How will the heroes of Earth fare when they are faced with the overwhelming might of the UAE?

The Lost Chance

At long last after months of working for Dark Specter, Divatox finally earns her opportunity to strike at the planet Earth. But it seems that somebody else has gotten there first.

The Princess of Evil
Even before his forces are unleashed upon the planet Earth, Dark Specter has already claimed his first prize: Astronema.

Setting the Pieces
As Divatox looks on the invasion fleet continues to grow.

From Out of Nowhere Part One
The begins invasion as Astronema sends down a machine normally found tearing apart planets. As the Turbo Rangers mobilise to stop it, traps are sprung and plans within plans are revealed. Just what is Karone up to and why does it seem that even when the Turbo Rangers win, she believes they lost?

From Out of Nowhere Part Two
The Invasion is under way

Updated From Out of Nowhere Part Three Updated
Rewritten: 19th January 2021
Across the world the fighting continues.

Coming Soon From Out of Nowhere Part Four Coming Soon
Preview Available
Astronema is moving forward with her plans as the Rangers struggle just to hold their ground.

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