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Authors Note : Anything written like ~this~ is a thought, anything like -this- is a conversation Sam is eaves dropping on, “this” is a computer message and anything appearing like *this* is a mental telepathic message.
When a replica is mentioned or being addressed there is emphasis placed on one of the vowels in their name. So Billy is called Biilly, etc. Also when morphed Trey is split he is referred to as Gold Zeo I, Gold Zeo II and Gold Zeo III. Morphed Gem Coin Rangers are referred to as Zeo -ninja power-. So Tommy is Zeo Falcon. When Drew, Roland and Jo are Beetleborgs they are referred to as Blue, Green and Red Borg.
Timeline : The events in the Masked Rider, VR Troopers and Beetleborgs have taken place earlier than they would have in the television series. For further details see the Timeline.
At the time this story takes place, Dex has already received the Super Gold and Super Blue powers, VR Troopers is near the end of last series and Beetleborgs would be about to become Metallix.
All times given are based on Angel Grove time. Time for the Rangers on the quest for new powers will be different.
This story is an alternate version of the Conquest of Evil series. In this place events start after the end of Zeo and before the Turbo movie. I hope that’s everything! If this disclaimer gets any longer I’m going to have to submit it as a separate fanfic.

Brink of Destruction

Another plane of existence,
Moments ago

“Why Minion, how surprising to find you here.” Minion looked up at the amused face of of a dark robed individual with blonde hair.

“You saved me?” Minion asked weakly. His magic was exhausted, his shields diminished and if the smell of scorched flesh meant anything, then his body was roasting in the hot lava pool where he had landed. True there hadn’t been much left of him by the time he had been thrown there, the wave of lava had been about to envelop him at the moment this stranger’s intervention had snatched his consciousness to this alternate plane.

Dagsyxx shook his head slowly. He had the form of a sad looking old man, but when he spoke, he knew Minion would recognise his voice. “You failed Minion. Your efforts were entertaining to watch, your pitiful resistance was amusing for a while, but alas it is the results that matter. Dagsyxx does not forgive failure and he does not suffer fools that believe they can rise above their rightful place. Your services are no longer required; another has been chosen to take your place.”

The old man flashed Minion a toothy grin as the scene changed to that of the molten river when Minion had been moments before.

“You would have made a good servant, Minion,” Dagsyxx told him as the lava set the clone’s body on fire. “Such a shame you didn’t know your place. Enjoy the Dark Dimension; you’re the one that made it so… cosy.”

When he finished speaking the lava swallowed Minion into its superheated depths. Dagsyxx looked on, pleased that while he would not win the Earth this time, he had at least crushed the defiant clone’s will. He could hear the clone’s cries of agony echoing from beyond, the single yell turning into a chorus of screams. A smile crossed his lips. It seemed that in his final moments Minion would prove more interesting than he had believed.

Existence was lost. The Power Rangers and their allies had tried to reverse the damage caused by the villainous Minion, but their attempt had seemingly failed, the damage had been too severe and in eradicating the darkness that had threatened to consume everything they had accelerated the process to the point where the end was inevitable.

Now in the darkness very little survived. The wave of destruction Minion had unleashed had wiped out almost everything in an instant. What remained had been damaged beyond hope of recovery. The many planes of reality were contracting, the realms had either merged or vanished, dimensions had collapsed as alternate timelines had resolved themselves and unravelled. The finite realities that had survived the initial devastation were dying, the stars slowing fading as they shrank inward. It was a process that could take hours, weeks or maybe even months, but eventually all would be lost.

And yet despite the inevitable outcome there was the tiniest hope that remained. For as the slate had been wiped clean, something had revealed beneath the surface. It lacked the complexity of what had been there before, a mishmash of all that had survived. Created by the remnants of the Great Power unleashed at the moment of destruction, it was constantly shifting in form as the Great Power prevented it from disappearing.

And within that tiny universe lay the key to rebuild all that had been lost. For those that could find the means to unlock a miracle awaited. But to obtain that power they would need to protect a fragile world from those that would use its power for their own purposes.

For just as existence had found a way to survie, so had Minion. Just as reality had been sustained by a miraculous turn of events, so he had achieved the impossible. At the moment that existence had ended his soul had shattered, something that was impossible given his nature as the incorporation of every possible variation of the evil Blue Ranger created by Rita and Lord Zedd. He had been a perfect and irreversible merger of an infinite number of incarnations from across the multiverse. His acquisition of the power within the Dark Dimension should have made it impossible for his soul to be divided.

His continued survival somehow allowed the Great Power to maintain a slither of the old reality. As each second passed, the energy built, awaiting those with the knowledge, the will and the heart to once more ignite the flame before it was too late. For a new darkness had emerged and if it triumphed, all would be lost.

The End or the Beginning?

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