After the Morphin Masters moved on, the universe changed again. Just as Britain changed in the time following the departure of the Roman Empire. Knowledge was slowly lost as the shock of living in a universe that had been exposed to the essence of evil last for a long time. But eventually there came a renewal and the cosmos emerged from its dark age of loss and ignorance. Once again the knowledge of the Morphin Master was sought although for some doing so would draw them to the very darkness the Morphin Masters had struggled to contain.
These are the tales of the universe set between the end of the time of the Morphin Masters and the defeat of Rita Repulsa.
Evolution of the Power
The Power flows back and forth, and as it does so war can only follow. The more secrets that are covered about the Morphin Grid, the greater the risk that somebody will subvert its powers for darkness. And when one realises that the time has come to seize control, the reign of Emperor Kata begins.

The Eternal Empire
With the defeat of the first Emperor, a new villain arises.

Victory in the face of Death
The war is seemingly over, but Rita Repulsa has one last trick up her sleeve.

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