Shadow Ranger's Fanfiction

When treading the path between good and evil, some walk so close to the darkness that the light they radiate seems lost. Yet they are some of the greatest champions for good acting because they must while knowing their deeds will never be recognised and that there are those that consider them as dark as those they oppose. They are the Night Fighters and this is their story.

Thrill of the Night

Jeff Kincaid has had an awful life. Then he met Mark Kinega and entered the world of the Night Rangers. Suddenly his old life didn’t seem so bad

Night School

The path to becoming a Night Ranger is long and painful… very painful.

Lost in the Night

The Night Rangers are complete and united. But in a world of darkness nothing is what it seems.

Dead of Night

What happens when somebody you trust with you life decides to take it?

The Night Raider

After the destruction of his team, Jeff Kincaid decides to make sure that the treacherous Kinega cannot use the powers hidden on Daos to aid his wicked deeds. Little does Kincaid realise that his former friend has changed more than he first believed.

Thanksgiving Night

The Defiant finally reaches Earth and the Power Rangers find themselves dragged into the troubles of Jeff Kincaid.

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