When the war between Zordon of Eltar and Rita Repulsa ended, it promised a new era of peace as the forces of darkness raced to fill the void left by one of their most skilled commanders. And while Zordon’s forces could claim the victory, they did so with the knowledge that their noble leader would no longer be amongst them in battle. The cosmos entered a period of unease as both sides worked to recover from their losses. Who could step up and take the place of Rita Repulsa; would such a being be allowed the opportunity to prove his worth? Without Zordon, who would take up the challenge of leading the forces of light?
The Earth is a planet that was once considered of little value in the grand scheme of things. But the fallout from the war left many wondering why Rita was so determined to conquer the planet, and why Zordon considered it so important that he established a permanent presence there. Suddenly considered a prize for every villain wanting to prove their worth, and a liability by those seeking to prevent the dark forces from gaining a vital foothold in a cosmic power play that stretches back billions of years, the stakes have never been higher. As the opposing sides gather their forces, the Earth and its population risk becoming an unfortunate loss.

The Wicked Witch

Chapter Added / Updated: 13th September 2019
Born to the Queen of Magitopia amidst great celebration, the destiny of Rita Repulsa would be determined by a bitter battle for custody between the noble ruler and her former husband: now known as Master Vile. Raised in the ways of evil by her wicked “stepmother”, Rita embarked upon a campaign that took her across space in a bid to conquer worlds and defeat her bitter enemy Zordon. In the end her forces were defeated and Rita was imprisoned. Many felt that would be the end of her tale. They were wrong!
Ten thousand years later, during the exploration of a rogue planetoid, a team of astronuats accidentally stumble upon her prison and in a moment of greed… release her. Free once more, Rita decides to deliver a special thank you to the planet that unleashed her upon the cosmos once more… Rita vows to conquer it and settle a few old scores in the process.

Power Rangers VS Justice League

Chapter Added / Updated: 13th September 2019
The Power Rangers protect the Earth against invasion from the forces of evil. But, they are not the Earth’s only protection and when they cross paths with the Justice League and its members, they discover that there are some villains that could easily give the likes of Rita and Zedd a challenge for the title of “greatest threat”.

The Emperor of Evil

Chapter Added / Updated: 26th December 2022
When Lord Zedd, The Emperor of the Dark Zones, arrives, it only takes a short time for the Rangers to wish that they were still facing off against Rita Repulsa. Can the Rangers hope to stand up to a foe that not only possesses more powerful monsters than Rita Repulsa, but can fight and defeat the Rangers in solo combat?

The Machine Age

Chapter Added / Updated: 13th September 2019
Where the mind games of Rita Repulsa and fierce brutality of Lord Zedd have failed, perhaps the cold calculation of King Mondo and his Royal House of Gadgetry can succeed. Or if he fails how about Prince Gasket and his own ambitious attempts to build and empire that will surpass that of his father? And never forget King Aradon and the other leaders of the royal houses that make up the monstrosity that is the Machine Empire.

The Mistress of Evil

Chapter Added / Updated: 7th January 2023
Bad news for Zedd, Rita, Zordon, the Power Rangers and anybody else who thought it was safe after the Machine Empire had been vanquished. Rita’s mother just dropped in for a visit.

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