Countdown to Destruction

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From Out of Nowhere Part Six – We All Fall Down

"Stop arguing and get onboard!" Andros ordered, years of training to become the leader of his world's Astro Guardians shining through. "We need to get away from here, NOW!"

Above them the assault vessels were charging their weapons, ready to unleash Astronema's final blow to the defenders of the planet. With most of the population already wiped out and Zordon taken from the safety of Power Mountain, there was no doubt that Dark Specter had won this round. The Earth at least belonged to the United Alliance of Evil.

But that didn't mean there wasn't some hope left. Earth was gone but there were still worlds out there capable of fighting Dark Specter's forces. At least, for now. How those worlds would fare once the villain accomplished whatever he had in mind for Zordon remained to be seen. With the Morphin College on Eltare under heavy attack and countless worlds at the core of the Galactic Council under sudden lockdown, Andros guessed that the United Alliance of Evil had intensified its efforts to crush all resistance.

He needed to know more. They needed to learn the strength of their enemies and their strategy. First though they needed to get clear of the Earth before Astronema unleashed another wave of her super weapon; why the villainess had not simply used the weapon against the entire population the first time remained another question he would need to answer.

As his four companions strapped themselves into the passenger seats and Andros made sure that what remained of Alpha was secured, he once again questioned the wisdom of bringing the four humans along for the ride. Alpha had been insistent that they would be needed and even suggested that Zordon had foreseen the events that needed to occur. Whatever the reason, Andros knew that they had a lot to learn and that they would need to learn quickly. Space was not a safe place for those without some basic survival skills.

"Starting countdown," he stated as he flipped the switch to fast track the launch. In doing so he bypassed many of the safety checks and put their lives at risk, but with the guarantee of obliteration if they did not escape before Astronema fired, he was willing to take the risk. "Ten, nine, eight, seve…"

"Start the countdown!" Astronema ordered.

Her loyal companion obeyed, seemingly causing the destruction of whatever life remained on Earth.

"Ten, nine, eight."

"One, lift off!"

The shuttle blasted off.

"Four, three, two, one… Destroy them!"

The countdown to destruction had ended as a wave of energy struck the surface of the Earth and what remained of its defenders ceased to be.

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