Countdown to Destruction

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From Out of Nowhere Part Four

They had known that something was wrong before the battle had even started. And as the fighting had continued and the enemy had thrown more and more of its forces at them with no obvious strategy apart from overwhelming them with numbers, they had known something was wrong. The problem was that as the number of enemy forces had intensified, so their ability to see what was happening had diminished. They had missed the signs that would have told them what Astronema was planning.

Had Andros arrived earlier he would have recognised the vessels Astronema was using from the final days of the KO-35 siege. They were the craft that had unleashed devastation on his world, obliterating all living beings while leaving the buildings relatively untouched. Astronema's plan on Earth had been slightly refined in that she had used the time needed to charge and prime the weapons as a means of drawing out all of Earth's defenders. Her ship's computers had identified every military target on the planet, every hero that had stood up against the threat… anybody possessing a super power that had opposed her.

And then she had done the unthinkable and inverted the targeting system. Instead of combatants she had directed the weapons to obliterate only those not actively fighting. And at her command the weapons had energised and Earth's population had been reduced to a mere fraction of its previous count. Millions of innocents had been wiped from the face of the planet in mere seconds, leaving only those that were considered a threat.

"Now, DESTROY THEM!" she ordered.

The next phase in the cleansing of Earth had begun.

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