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Mankind was not supposed to split the atom; Minion was not supposed to split his soul. And yet it happened and everything changed.

Shadow Ranger's Fanfiction
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In the aftermath it is necessary to pick up the pieces and find a way to move on. Minion's existence disrupted both sides of the war. Returning to normal might not be so easy.
Shadow Ranger's Fanfiction
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In another reality a quest started. Throughout the numerous reality the questers have travelled. And now their journey has brought them here. They seek two things: 1) the Matrix a mystical object that when combined with similar objects will help defeat a great evil. 2) Troops to fight a war that could unravel all realities.
Shadow Ranger's Fanfiction
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Years ago a choice was made. Those that made it believed they made the correct choice. But after all that has happened that choice will come back to haunt them as previously unknown truths are revealed.


History Revisited

The more times you study something, the more you discover. History is very much the same.

The Tide Turns

The Power Rangers hunted down the UAE, but failed to eradicate the evil they represented. Now that dark power is on a surge towards Earth for a new confrontation.

Round Trip

When last seen Minion had decided to follow his 'other self' back to the Prime Reality. But did he really fall for the Valeyard's silver tongue? Was he really prepared to leave the universe to a mere Psycho Ranger?

Rebuilding the Lost Light

The Universe suffered during thewar between Good and Evil. Good won, but at a cost. Now as the days pass there is the difficult task of rebuilding and preparing for whatever might come next.

The Countdown to Disaster

An off-the-books experiment by an unregulated part of the Ranitime Corporation locates an incredible manifestation of power. Unfortunately it comes with its discovery also causes a breach in the dimensional walls, allowing a familliar foe to return.

Forgiveness and Redemption

Trini died a traitor. But death does not end the journey of a Power Ranger and with a cleared mind and soul, comes the opportunity to fight for a second chance. Or at the very least a reduced sentence.

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