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Shadow Ranger's Fanfiction

Disclaimer: All shows referenced in this nonprofit fanfic belong to their respective copyright owners. Parts of this story were borrowed from Jeremy Ray Logsdon's Earth Crystals.

Author's note: This is the final part of the Minion of Darkness storyline and marks the return of the universe to normal.

The Rebirth

It was over. Despite everything he had tried the reformed Minion had fallen. And with his ultimate defeat, the ultimate power had been unlocked. A shockwave had reached out from the devastated world, spreading through the void of space, restoring the stars in the sky as reality was reborn. Beyond the limits of a single universe the power grew and spread, rekindling all that had been lost.

It had long been theorised that the Earth was a nexus of probability and it was in this role that it guided the unimaginable power. Across countless realities the untold actions of an infinite number of Minions played out. Rise and fall, victory and defeat over and over again as the planet judged which realities would survive and those that were lost. Imagination stretched to the limit, the rules of logic broken to accommodate bizarre outcomes and all for nothing. When the tally was counted Minion had not recorded a single victory. Aside from a single instance where he had survived and then departed, he had lost every encounter with the Power Rangers. Past, present or future it made no difference, the Evil Blue Ranger was doomed to be defeated every time.

And since Minion could never succeed it meant that the restoration of the multiverse was guaranteed. And when enough of those possibilities had played out, the indivisible nature of his soul had reasserted itself and the many Minions were dragged back to the Dark Dimension where they merged into their composite form as the final moments of his battle with the Power Rangers played out to its completion as the light from the Great Power was overwhelmed  for an instant before burning the darkness away and restored existence to its former glory.

Dagsyxx listened as the screams of what sounded like many Minions merged into an agonised bellow before fading. Satisfied that the former servant was gone, he turned from the lava pit and walked back into the darkness, plotting his next move.

The End

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