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Return of Master Vile
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With Rita, Zedd, the Machine Empire and Divatox assigned elsewhere, Earth looked to enjoy a period of peace. But not all villains are willing to kneel before Dark Specter. And after learning what the powerful villain is really after, Master Vile decides to take action to secure Earth for himself.

Hidden Motives

As the forces of darkness head away from their usual targets, the question remains: what is Dark Specter planning and can he be stopped?

Vile Plans

While Dark Specter's power cowed many members of the UAE into submission, at least one refuses to bow down to the Supreme Monarch of Evil. After learning what it is the Dark Specter seeks, Master Vile sets out on an assignment of his own.

Vile Actions

Master Vile sets his plan into action. The target: five Power Rangers.

Vile Methods

Master Vile sets the next part of his plan into motion. But just when he believes everything is going his way, has he underestimated the Power of Turbo?

Vile Traps

It's all or nothing as the six remaining Rangers make their way into enemy territory to rescue their friends.


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