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Shadow Ranger's Fanfiction

Every decision has a consequence. Sometimes the consequences of those actions are not felt until years or decades have passed. But in the end, the losses must be adjusted or the balance will be lost. As the Midnight Hour approaches, a small group must face up to the choice they made long ago and decide if they are willing to pay a price they had never been told.

Prologue: History Revisited

The more times you study something, the more you discover. History is very much the same.

The Countdown to Destruction

Minion was never as dead as the Rangers dared believe and when he returns he set in motion a chain of events that will devastate the Universe. Trapped within the safety of their allies' headquarters, the surviving Rangers can only watch as his insanity spreads.

The Lost Light

Long ago a plan was put in place to counter the dark wave. Later Zordon discovered the plan and prepared himself to fulfil it. Now with both the source of that light and Zordon gone, it stands to another to make that stand.

Our Darkest Hour

The darkness has almost consumed the light as the Rangers search for a way to put things right.

Epilogue: The Conquest of Evil

The dark wave has been pushed back, Minion has been destroyed and what remains of the Universe is now at peace. But what now for the powerless Rangers who have given everythng to protect their world?


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