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Shadow Ranger's Fanfiction

Disclaimer: The Power Rangers are the property of Saban Entertainment and I lay no claim to them. This is a fan work and no profit is being made from it.

Crossroads of Evil - Part 3

Miley Stewart observed the reaction to Laocorn and was confused. "Daddy, why are they booing him? Did he do something wrong?"

Robbie Ray had heard the stories of Laocorn Gaudemas, as much as the general public was allowed to know at any rate. He knew the man had some questionable dealings, and that his sister died as a result. And because of her death he became devoted to making the world a better place for all. "Yeah darlin," he drawled. "He did do something wrong. But he's trying to make up for it."

"What did he do?" Jackson asked.

"Something that cost him his sister's life."

Jackson looked at Miley and wondered what would have happened if he lost his sister. Sure they fought at times, but he couldn't imagine a world where Miley wasn't there. Despite everything Jackson would have his sister's back, just as he knew Miley would have his.

Miley looked down at the ring and found she admired Laocorn Gaudeamas. This was a person who had fallen from a great height and yet had found the strength to pick himself up and make the world a better place in memory of his sister. Someone who did good for the world, and persevered. The sort of person Miley hoped to become.


From her spot within the first class balcony section Kali looked down at Bruce and Cassandra walking to the ring. Their music was playing in the background and even though she did not know where it had come from and who sang it, she felt it was very appropriate for what was to come.

~Let the bodies hit the floor indeed.~ she thought and then laughed as she thought of the scene that would unfold soon.


At ringside Karone and Leo watched as Bruce and Cassandra made their way to the ring. They stopped short as they looked at the doorway waiting for their third man to arrive.

Then a gong was heard and a drum beat. The lights went out and two words were heard.


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