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The Minion Reborn

He was in pain, which would have caused some to point out that at least he wasn't dead. Of course, he would point out that he was the one in pain and their positive thinking did nothing to change the fact that he was in agony. As he drifted through space, surrounded by the broken remains of some world that had been consumed by the darkness, begging whatever deity looked down on poor misunderstood monsters to relieve his torment, he was willing to accept that such relief meant he would fade from existence. After arriving inside the Dark Dimension, he had come to realise that survival was no longer a priority for him. Escaping the pain he had been forced to endure since before his arrival was far more important. Even the knowledge that he was inside the Dark Dimension, a place of such oppressive evil that few monsters could survive there and only the most determined villains dared to venture during their lifetimes did not distract him from his agony. This was not a place for the deceased, it was the Shadow World where fallen servants of evil were banished, although the two realms were closely connected. So clearly, he wasn't dead, the dead could never feel the pain that ran through his body at that moment.

As he drifted, the pain jarred his memories, revealing the story of how he had gotten there to interested parties. It showed how his mistress had named him Minion, a title intended to remind him of his place in the grand scheme of things. She had revived him from the point of death and had given him the opportunity to destroy the Rangers. He had beaten Tommy by threatening the White Ranger's innocent friends, but in a rematch, he had fallen foul of the Rangers' own trickery and had been condemned to endure an unending period of pain and suffering until he convinced Lord Zedd to lift the curse. That he had somehow escaped that situation only to find himself tortured once again proved that the universe had a very twisted sense of humour.

He sighed, recognising the onset of a rest period. It was mercy that ended the torment for a few minutes, there was no such thing as too much suffering so far as the instigators of the curse were concerned. However, a creature driven to madness could not suffer as thoroughly as he could if he remained capable of understanding that he was in pain, so the curse allowed brief periods of rest just before the mind was pushed into the realms of insanity for the victim to recover a little.

He did not know exactly how much time had passed since he had been pulled through the portal, but as he floated in the nothingness, he remembered the time he had spent in this place. Here he had learnt the secret of existence that his previous tormentor had spoken of: although separate the many universes reached beyond the mortal realm. The realms of light and darkness united throughout existence allowing those whose essence had been divided across the multiverse to achieve unity. That in turn revealed another great secret: in many universes, there was a version of Lord Zedd, the Machine Empire and a planet named Earth that drew more attention than it deserved; a world where the Power Rangers fought against evil. They were battlefronts in a war that spanned far beyond a single reality. During some of his more lucid moments, he had been able to use the Dark Dimension to view the various timelines and universes in order to gain a better understanding of the fight between good and evil.

In some dimensions the Power Rangers were servants of evil, in some they were the evil rulers and in some, they simply did not exist. The same was true about the villains he had come to know. Once in the Dark Dimension all the different variations merged into a single being.

Had he been dead, such information should not have worried him and in all honesty, during the periods when the pain ravaged his every fibre, the events on an Earth where Tommy had been replaced by a girl named Celia, did not matter to him. However, he was not dead. The curse that he had been duped into triggering could only affect the living. He had been granted immortality at the price of spending almost every second of it in agony.

It had taken time for him to discover that he still had a link to a physical body outside of the Dark Dimension. The portal had split his consciousness from his body. Upon arrival, the hours of pain had left him too drained to do anything except float aimlessly in the darkness. Months later his recovery time was faster. It was during one of his rare moments of lucidity that he first discovered the difference between himself and the other occupants of the Dark Dimension. While they had died powered by evil, he had been holding the powers of a Ranger and as such he had retained his powers even if they were inaccessible inside the Dark Dimension.

"It wasn't my fault. Lord Zedd should have noticed that the Rangers tricked me," he mumbled. "I don't deserve to be here."

Something struck his chest, causing him to hiss from the discomfort. And then there was a sharp pull as he felt himself being dragged through the darkness. It was a long journey and as he was carried along, he was aware of just how many planets and civilisations had fallen to the power of the Dark Dimension; corrupted, lifeless and hopeless, the planets and what remained of their populations were now slaves to whatever forces tormented them.

Eventually, the sensation ended as he crashed onto the surface of what he believed to be a planet. He could feel the change in his environment, the sudden return of gravity, albeit lower than that found on Earth. The cold air around him made it difficult to move and he had to shield his eyes from the intense light from the flames erupting in the distance until he grew used to the illumination. He knew that he was still within the confines of the Dark Dimension - he could still make out some of the broken worlds he had witnessed on his journey-, but this place felt different. Unlike the other worlds that felt broken, this planet seemed intact and filled with power.

He heard something, a word whispered from afar. "Minion..." the name drifted around him, blown on the freezing air. The blast of ice tore at his broken body, sending a shiver through his bones as he realised that the flames he had witnessed earlier had done nothing to warm the planet. And then there was nothing and he questioned if it had been a figment of his imagination.

"Minion..." The second time it was louder and he felt the oppressive cold pushing down upon him. There was a shimmering pulse of light and he felt himself pushed by the sudden wind. In his weakened state he was hurled across the frozen ground. He felt that he slid for miles before coming to a halt just before the edge of the ice. A nervous glance told him that sliding off was not a good idea; only darkness lay beyond.

He started to crawl back away from the edge, dragging himself hand over hand until he was a good distance away. Only then did he notice that he was almost back where he had started.

"What is this?" he demanded. Whoever was doing this had control over the environment and was able to change the shape and size of the ice field at will. "Answer me!"

In response, a blast of icy air knocked him off his feet as he was pummelled from all sides. Something slammed down upon him, pinning his back down. Although it felt like a giant foot, he could see only sparkles of light.

"Welcome Minion!" a voice rumbled as the pressure was released.

"Where are you?" Minion asked.

Minion was thrown around again. This time he felt it through his magical senses. It wasn't the wind that buffeted from all sides, but the solid and overwhelming force of a powerful aura. His instincts told him to run, to hide from the incredible force that could easily destroy him. He had nowhere to go though and after looking around desperately, he still could not find the source of the voice. Then he happened to look up, his eyes adjusting as dazzling light faded and he realised he was looking at a massive cliff. And upon that cliff, bound to a throne of blackened ice, sat a massive figure. It was dark-skinned and muscular, with a mostly humanoid torso, clawed appendages and a monstrous head. From his viewpoint, he could just about make out the angry red eyes burning within the darkness and the rows of white teeth that stood out from the rest of the dark shape. Although it was clearly shackled with some sort of chains forged from energy, Minion had no doubts that he was in the presence of an awesomely powerful being.

"Who are you?"

The response was laughter. Minion endeavoured to stand firm and show that he was unafraid. But he could not hide the shiver that ran through him.

"So many questions when the one you should be worried about is how can you be of service?" came an amused answer. It sounded closer than previous times and easier to locate.

Minion spun around, seeking the source of the voice. What he saw was a hooded figure dressed in robes of black and silver. Pale, weak and unthreatening, in his hands though he held a glowing ball of ice. Minion knew at once that despite his appearance, this being was more than he appeared. He could feel the power burning inside the small body, the same power he sensed from the monster looming upon the throne. Clearly, the two were connected. The stranger's eyes were the same red as the creature upon the throne's eyes. And in the light of the ice, which was now a column of blue flames, the stranger's face appeared to share the creature's impossibly large number of teeth.

Minion pulled himself back to his feet, finally able to withstand the swirling energy around him. The hooded figure seemed completely unaffected by it.

"Who are you?" Minion demanded.

The figure chuckled. Its laughter echoed by the beast high upon the throne.

"I have many names, Minion, granted to me by enemies and followers alike. My true name is no longer spoken beyond this realm, even by my closest kin; names bring power and I will not allow another to hold such power over me again. Know that I am the ultimate creation of the Dark One. I am the darkness formed from the remains of the embodiment of evil that emerged while the universe was still forming. Others have proclaimed themselves as his most loyal subjects, but I was his child. When he was defeated and imprisoned within the depths of the Morphin Grid, I was the one empowered to succeed him. I was one of those who refused to flee the wrath of The Creator. My father's closest servants were cast out of his sight and bound by seals to prevent them from returning. Their loyalty meant nothing if they could not free their master. But, I was not a mere servant and The One recognised and feared my power. We fought, briefly, and shredded my essence. He banished me to the Dark Dimension, determined that I would remain forever gone from his sight."

"So you are just another would-be villain claiming that he used to be someone of importance," Minion concluded dismissively. "Argh!"

"Have a care when you speak to me, Minion," he warned. "I control your continued existence in this place. Disrespect me and you will be obliterated. Now where was I? Oh yes... The One believed I was gone, banished forever from his work in progress; that once I was reduced to mere particles and scattered across the darkness outside of the universe I would no longer pose a threat to his dominion. His wrath ground my atoms into the smallest particles, just as easily as others who would try to replace me were turned to goo or transmuted into piles of dust. The One decided that I was gone forever; many of those unworthy ones who attempted to take my place believed the same thing. Know this, Minion: regardless of my condition..."

A cruel grin crossed the other being's face.

"... I endured. I was weak, scattered across the darkness without hope of returning to the material plane, but then there came the lesser beings. They were the ones chosen by The Creator's loyal underlings to inherit the plane of matter. They were beings who were not content to accept their new home as it was presented to them. Instead of adapting to their environment, they sought to change the universe to meet their desires. They aimed to claim control of forces beyond their limited understanding; things they were not designed to comprehend. They used the gifts given to them by their predecessors to give those forces physical manifestations, just so they could try to contain them and force them to their will. And when they did seemingly succeed, in their moment of triumph, believing that they had somehow reduced the fundamental elements of existence to a level they could understand... they caused the barriers between existence and the empty space beyond to fracture. They gave the embodiments of those forces free reign where once they had been restrained by the word of The Creator. They created a doorway between the Material Realm and the Dark Dimension."

It had only been a small breach, a minute tear in comparison to the vastness of the universe, but it had been enough for those dark forces trapped beyond to find their way back into existence. He had returned that day and immediately retreated to regain his power. Others had remained and attacked their new home. They proved a useful distraction as the suddenly humbled races that had unwittingly freed them tried to overcome the dangerous invasion they had set in progress.

"When I returned to this existence, I found that the reality I had known had changed. A mere universe was now a multiverse and where there had been one reality, there were now many. I was still little more than dust, scattered through existence. It took far too long to find a vessel capable of sustaining my power long enough for me to transform it into a suitable... the body you see upon the throne. In my haste to test my new body, I attempted to break the power of the Morphin Grid. I did not realise that The One had taken steps to prevent that from happening. My mistake left me exposed to the power of pure Grid Energy, something I could no longer tolerate."

He had not expected to encounter those capable of using Grid Energy in such a way. The pure energy had neutralised his dark energies. When wielded by those with the ability to challenge his might, he eventually lost the battle and was forced back to the Dark Dimension. But the door that had been created, remained.

"They were unexpectedly powerful, but they were not The Creator. They could destroy my new body, but they could use the Morphin Grid to restrain it. And so they created this place, deep within the Dark Dimension where only a few can endure. They bound my body to that throne and departed. And here I remained closer to my father than ever, but unable to reach him, unable to free him."

Of course back then freeing the Dark One had been at the forefront of his mind. He had sought his father's approval until he remembered that he had proclaimed himself as his father's successor and that a ruler never bowed to another. That had been a long time ago and he had come to realise that instead of freeing his sire, he should worry instead about reclaiming his place in the hierarchy of evil.

Over time he had been able to influence those outside of the Dark Dimension, just as his father had been able to manipulate some of the mortals to do his bidding. Dagsyxx was not as powerful as his father, but he had not been stripped of his power. And using that power he had been able to corrupt worlds and bring them under the influence and control of the Dark Dimension. It was the remains of those worlds, consumed by the dark energies that surged through the Dark Dimension, that Minion had witnessed during his journey.

"My father's loyalists called me Infernus, but I have evolved since that time. The first mortal that dared to defy me was called Dagsyxx - I broke his spirit and stole his body. His feeble shell burnt out within hours, but I kept the name. And I will remain Dagsyxx until I am ready to reveal myself to the rest of creation. But you may call me: master."

"What are you?" Minion demanded. His mind had been unable to comprehend everything he had been told, his sense overwhelmed by the sheer power this creature displayed. It was incredible, despite being tightly bound.

"I am beyond your limited understanding," Dagsyxx replied haughtily. "Some would call me a demon, others might claim that I am a dark god. My father was the source of all evil and I survive as the embodiment of evil within the Dark Dimension. And now, after so long, the time has come to reclaim my father's dominion. I grow tired of this place. It is time for me to resume my rightful place within the multiverse. You are here to serve as the tool to progress my plans."

"I am nobody's tool," Minion snapped, "and I go where I wish; nobody summons me!"

Laughter echoed across the darkness and it was only then that Minion realised that they were surrounded by planets. Twisted, corrupted by the dark powers of the creature that claimed him as its servant. Perhaps once those worlds had been inhabitable but now they were dark and lifeless, their energy drained to feed the creature sat upon the throne.

"You amuse me, Minion. Within this place, far from that pathetic little realm where you belong, you still feel you have a choice in the matter. This is where I have come to reside since those accursed brats drove me from their planet and bound my chosen form to that throne with chains. But even here, deep within the Dark Dimension, I have power; I have been working on the decorations for some time."

He stared up at the distant stars, each a reality he corrupted with his power. The ability to reach beyond the confines of the Dark Dimension and communicate with those who would serve him had allowed him to expand his power and weaken his bonds. And now with Minion, he had foreseen the act to bring his freedom. Minion was the key.

"Long ago I was in your position, a lowly servant of a greater evil. My father deemed me a failure and placed me at the lowest rank within his army. But I was created with a desire to become more than the insignificant creature my superiors believed me to be. I served the Dark One willingly until he was incapacitated, and I was unleashed upon the universe to build an empire of my own. My influence expanded across the many galaxies, turning the weak-willed to my service. I was defeated, my control of those that served me was severed, and now I am trapped in this place; unable to return to release my body and unable to extend my reach beyond this place. But just because I am unable to leave this place does not mean that I haven't searched for a means of escape."

Out of nowhere, a table appeared with what at first appeared to be a chessboard. In reality, Minion realised that this was not a normal game board. There were far more pieces on the board than would normally be found. Several kings and queens, each with the appropriate number of bishops, knights and rooks, all of varying heights, which he assumed was a sign of their importance to the game. At the very back of each army were two squares where the King and Queen should have been. Around those empty spaces stood two bishops, two knights and two rooks along with eight pawns. Minion noted that they were larger than the other pieces.

"As you can see this represents more than a normal game. You cannot limit such a complex war to just sixteen pieces on each side." He watched as the cloaked being studied a badly damaged piece that resembled the body Minion had seen earlier. It was one of the smaller bishops. "Once I was the pawn of my father. Through loyal service, I ascended to a rank more akin to a bishop. Now I have assumed the role of king. One day I shall ascend even further."

He lifted a piece from the board, a long pillar carved with the faces of the various factions of the Machine Empire, from the place where a rook would normally be found.

"As you can see, a valuable piece matched only by the Alliance of Evil for its strength and number."

Minion noticed that despite his words, the piece that represented the Machine Empire was still one of the smallest.

"See this?" he demanded as he pointed to the other end of the board. "The Alliance of Evil, the most powerful villains bound by mutual purpose, a cooperative that seeks to extend the power of the individuals by preventing the petty infighting between factions. Zedd, Rita, Vile, and many others you have not met; are easily as powerful as the Machine Empire. And yet compared to some of the pieces they are weak. At least they are useful."

"You on the other hand are less than a pawn." He pointed to a piece that looked as if it had been melted. "You should have had no purpose once your usefulness expired. And yet, you defy your fate and continue to exist. The curse you unwittingly invoked has sustained you, transforming you into something more than you have a right to be. Sadly for you, you are still a pawn, there to be used at my will. And I have chosen your new purpose."

"I have no interest in history or the empty boasts of a could-be villain," Minion snapped defiantly. "And I decide my purpose." He was facing someone who could crush him at any time, yet allowed him to stay alive. He was willing to see how far he could push before his usefulness expired.

"Millions of years and there is a long way to go," Dagsyxx mused as he studied the piece representing himself, scrutinising it as the figurine seemed to slowly repair itself while ignoring the defiance in Minion's voice. "Do you think you are the only one who strives to be greater than you are, Minion?" He pointed to the squares where the King and Queen would normally stand. "That is the place where I would wish to stand, commanding the entire army of darkness, yet it is a level I can never reach while trapped here; that is a place you will never reach. That is something that unites us Minion: a desire to elevate ourselves. The difference is that I have evolved far beyond my intended role as a soldier in my creator's army; you will never be more than a pathetic pawn."

"I yearn to be rid of this place, I crave the screams as I extinguish insignificant lives of the insects that claim the universe as their home. But I cannot do so, yet. And that, little pawn, makes you useful to me. The Earth - your Earth - is a part of the key to my return. On that world is the power to release me from this prison; its defenders are the greatest weapons the opposition possesses. The planet is a beacon of hope that has been shining for so long that most have come to ignore its power; few will miss its light until it is extinguished. And so I command you: return to Earth, destroy its defenders and crush that hope... secure my return to glory."

"And why should I do such a thing?" Minion demanded. "What's in it for me?"

Laughter shook the dimension as Dagsyxx regarded Minion in the same way a vulture would a rabbit. He could crush Minion at any time and there was nothing that could stop him. Yet Minion for all his intelligence continued to bait him. It was something to be admired or pitied. Minion promised to be useful. The question was whether that usefulness excused his insolence.

"Your bargaining posture is highly dubious," he remarked at last. "You seem to believe you have a choice in the matter and that your refusal would force me to offer you something. In truth, the only  options available to you are: obey my command as a servant of my will, or be swept destroyed as I claim your body for my own - I doubt it will last long before it too burns."

"You need me," Minion pointed out. "You wouldn't have brought me here if you didn't need my services."

There was silence and then Dagsyxx chuckled. "There is a difference between needing you and seeing the potential to use you to further my cause. My plans will proceed regardless of your response, but I believe you could be useful in progressing my return. Your defiance proves otherwise. I do not make deals with defiant fools. I punish disobedience and reward loyalty. But perhaps in your case, I will offer incentive...." The powerful being clicked its fingers. "I will release you from the curse that has tormented you for so long and renew your link to the Morphin Grid. No longer will you be sustained by a second-hand connection forged by accident... I grant you the power of the Jackal, one of the Sacred Spirits corrupted by my father's imprisonment. When you return you will be as powerful as those you once served."

There was another pause as he stared off into the distance, murmuring a few words to himself. Then a sword appeared in its hand and when he opened his hand, it floated over to Minion.

"Consider this a bonus Minion. This is the Dark Sword: a powerful artefact forged from the dark energies within the polluted depths of the Morphin Grid, sharpened by evil intent and given physical form by my power. With time you will find that it is much more than a simple weapon, but to unlock its full potential, you must wield it."

It wasn't the greatest gift he could have bestowed, but it was powerful. The Dark Sword channelled the darker energies of the Morphin Grid. When used correctly it could control the Dark Side of the Grid. It was a risk allowing Minion to possess it, but Dagsyxx was not concerned; he already knew how Minion would proceed. If Minion was capable of unlocking its secrets, he would prove a useful servant. Treacherous and short-lived for certain, but still useful.

"And?" Minion pressed, still convinced that he could make Dagsyxx offer him something significant.

"And nothing!" Dagsyxx snapped his patience at an end.

"You ask for my assistance and try to buy me off with trinkets," Minion snarled. "I deserve far more for services."

"You forget yourself, Minion. I did not ask for your assistance, I demanded your servitude. I have offered you a clear incentive and you continue to demand more. Do not delude yourself into thinking that you are more than a slave to those who are stronger. You belong to me Minion, you were mine the moment I called you here. And as you are already my property, I do not need to reward you for your service; I need only give you commands for you to follow, and punishments if you don't obey! Your attitude amused me for a short time... it's been a while since somebody defied me that way, but I am Dagsyxx and continued disobedience will not be allowed. You belong to me now."

"I belong to nobody!" Minion fired back, his belief that Dagsyxx needed him driving him to continue his defiance.

Dagsyxx just laughed at the pathetic attempt at posturing. "Then our discussion and your usefulness is at an end. I had high hopes for you, Minion. You could have found yourself ruling over a part of the multiverse in my name. But, since you prefer oblivion, you may have it... Now you will feel the agony of having your body reduced to dust and scattered across the darkness."

The pain returned to full force as Dagsyxx used the power he had gathered over the ages to rip the insolent creature apart. Minion screamed, his cries and whimpers sufficient for Dagsyxx to delay his destruction a short time. The powerful being enjoyed the power he felt as Minion writhed helplessly on the ground.

"Know this Minion: even in death you will not defy me. Not when I alone shall decide the moment of your execution and the pain you will be forced to endure. Even as dust, you will retain your mind and the ability to suffer."

"No, please..." Minion begged, "It's too much!"

Dagsyxx had been planning to allow Minion one last look at the universe before he was obliterated. A part of him was curious whether his new servant finally understood its place.

"You have something to say?"

"Please Dagsyxx, forgive me. I was wrong to defy you. Please, allow me to serve you and I will do as you command."

His tormentor smiled, but the booming laughter of the demon upon the throne told Minion that he might just survive.

"You are a worm Minion," Dagsyxx declared. "You are the lowest of the low who completely fails to understand who he is. I should crush you now and be done with it... but, you still have the potential to be of use to me. And so I will grant you one final chance but know that any forgiveness you might have received is now lost. Fail me and your end will be swift, painful and eternal. You are one of the many pawns I have chosen to carry out my will. Unlike the others, that is all you shall ever be."

Dagsyxx glowed with dark energy as he reached out toward Minion's chest. There was a searing pain and then the spawn of the Dark One appeared satisfied.

"It is done. And now I grow weary of your presence. Take the gifts I have bestowed upon you and complete your mission: destroy the Power Rangers and break the bonds the Morphin Masters placed upon me."

Minion felt something jerking him by the throat as he was sent hurtling away from the icefield, back to where he had been at the time of his summons.

Dagsyxx watched his new servant depart before turning his attention elsewhere. He had not been lying when he had told Minion that he had more than one servant. There were others, working toward his release across the multiverse. Some had been recruited just as he had Minion, albeit with fewer threats on his part. Others had willingly offered themselves to him in return for the power he promised them. And there were some whose motivations eluded him that he kept around for the amusement their attempts to deceive caused.

"You realise he will betray you," a voice whispered in the darkness.

"Of course I do," Dagsyxx replied, "It is his nature, but in the end, it will be his betrayal that will lead to his success."

"As you say," the voice whispered one more time before drifting away.

"Soon," Dagsyxx promised as he looked up at the powerless body that shackled him to his little corner of the Dark Dimension. "Very soon."

Even as he reappeared at his original position inside the Dark Dimension, Minion could feel that something had changed since the last time he had been there. He quickly realised that it was not his surroundings that were different. He had changed; whatever Dagsyxx had done to him had bolstered his strength. He could feel the raw power of the dark energy radiating as he allowed the power of the Jackal to replace his previous connection to the Morphin Grid.

And with the realisation of his newfound strength came an understanding of the sensations he was feeling from those around him; fear. They were afraid of him and the power he now possessed. Before he had been prey, but now he was the predator and those with the sense to do so retreated from his sight. And if the energy he was emitting was not enough, the Dark Sword was clearly recognisable to the older creatures and a symbol of his new status.

As he watched some of the lesser monsters approach to examine the new power in their domain, he promised that despite everything he had been gifted in return for his servitude, one day the situation would be reversed; on that day Dagsyxx would bow before the power of Minion. But to achieve such a lofty goal he knew he would have to act as though he was willing to honour his part of their arrangement. In truth, he was only too happy to seek revenge against those who had caused his recent torment. And when he was done with the Power Rangers... he would find a way to deal with Dagsyxx.

~Everybody has a weakness,~ he reminded himself, ~even Dark Gods.~

He drew the Dark Sword and pushed the blade forward, seeking the boundary of the Dark Dimension. He could feel the resistance as the blade made contact with the walls that kept those inside trapped there. He moved the blade, tracing a circle in the air, noting the sparks that appeared as he did so. he felt the pulse of energy from the Dark Sword. The outburst on lasted a few seconds before fading, but it was enough to cut the opening he desired/ It was sufficient to allow him access to the world on the other side. He sheathed the sword, extended his hand and touched the minute tear he had created. Beyond he could hear the voices of the ones he believed to be useful for his new campaign against the Power Rangers. From the sound of it, they were arguing, just as he remembered.

"Let it begin."

End of Part

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