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Authors Note: This is an alternate universe from the television show with an alternate timeline.

The Mystery of the Green Ranger

Colonial Angel Grove, Long Ago

A personal battle between good and evil, light and darkness had been fought and the little colony of Angel Grove had been almost wiped from the map. In the days that followed what many recalled as the worst storm since they had arrived in the Americas, it had only been the intervention of the neighbouring Spanish colony that had allowed them to endure.

But on that night of the storm, the people had been so enraptured by the bright lights and explosions in the sky, that they had failed to observe the battle taking place within their community as a lone man, a stranger to their town, had wrestled with his nature in a confrontation that would leave its mark upon the future. Tom Oliver, a clone of Tommy Oliver who recently returned from a trip to save his friends in the future, had discovered that the Evil Green Ranger was not as gone as he had believed.

The Evil Green Ranger was more than a spell. It was a creation that had formed in the mind of Tommy Oliver during a time when he had been unable to control the darkness around him. The real Tommy Oliver had closed himself off in the corners of his mind as he waited for the opportunity to retake control. In the time after the Evil Green Ranger had been defeated, Tommy had taken back control and used the Green Ranger's powers for good. But the Evil Green Ranger had remained, it had endured and it had grown stronger and more real the longer it was contained.

When the Wizard of Destruction had cloned Tommy Oliver to create Tom, he had extracted the essence of the Evil Green Ranger, leaving only a trace of the evil in Tommy Oliver's mind; Tommy would later deal with that evil in his way. Tom had been created to embody all of the darkness inside Tommy Oliver, all the traits that had once made the Evil Green Ranger unstoppable. But the Evil Green Ranger could not exist without Tommy Oliver and so despite the Wizard of Deception's best efforts, Tom would always be a good man at heart.

But the Evil Green Ranger had not been destroyed this time. Tommy had used the Wizard of Deception's wand to give Tom back control, but the Evil Green Ranger remained. And when Tom had used the power to help the Rangers, the Evil Green Ranger had awoken once more. Instead of trying to seize control of Tom at the moment of its awakening, it had waited until Tom had used the Wizard of Deception's wand to open a portal and then it had attacked.

Which had led to what many would have considered a fight between twin brothers. It was a physical manifestation of the battle going on inside the clone. Neither the good nor the dark side of Tom was the original Tommy Oliver, neither could claim to have a solid claim to their shared existence. The Wizard of Deception's wand accommodated their battle by conjuring bodies for both combatants.

It was a long and brutal fight. Punches and kicks turned to swords and knives. Before long the blades were accompanied by blasts of magical energy as they tried to destroy each other. But in the end, one walked away and the other was left face down upon the battlefield, their existence seemingly at an end. And in the time where both had originated, the outcome of this battle would remain a mystery until the day the victor chose to make his presence felt one more, as the Green Ranger returned once more. Whether the man behind the mask would prove to be Tom Oliver or whatever name the darker personality had chosen, would soon be revealed.

Angel Grove, Recently

He ran through the metal corridor, determined to escape the monster looming somewhere behind him. He could hear its voice calling him, trying to trick him into turning around. He did not know what the monster was, only that it wanted him and that was not good.

"PLEASE STOP!" the voice boomed, gaining volume as it echoed down the corridor, "WHY DO YOU RUN FROM ME? YOU KNOW I WILL ALWAYS BE WITH YOU."

"No!" he shouted over his shoulder. "I am not Thomas, you have the wrong person!"

"COME BACK AND JOIN ME," the voice pleaded, sounding more and more like a deranged stalker. "IT IS YOUR DESTINY."

"Leave me alone!" the youth shouted as he ran round another corner.

He skidded to a halt as the floor in front of him gave way. He had been here before and knew what came next. He would have a choice. He could face the monster now drawing nearer or he could jump into the void below. The noise of the monster's footsteps drew nearer, making the decision even more urgent. Without a second thought, he jumped into the void.

Falling, the sensation was strange. Before him he could see a group of six figures, each in a different colour fighting another group of creatures who resembled demons. The first group was losing as a black hand closed around them.

A rope appeared in the darkness. He remembered this part of the dream; it was the monster giving him the chance to pull himself out of the pit. For a moment he considered it, but decided that an eternal fall must be better than the monster lurking above.

"THEY NEED YOU, I NEED YOU. REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE." The voice was growing quieter as Matt fell deeper into the void. "PLEASE, ACCEPT WHO YOU ARE AND COME BACK, PLE..."

The monster's words were lost as Matt noticed a set of spikes below him. He braced himself for the impact his mind told him would be coming soon. And then...


Matt opened his eyes to find himself surrounded by some of his best friends and a slightly concerned Ms Randall. The words though spoken in a commanding tone had been edged with genuine worry. As he became aware of his surroundings, he noticed he was on the bus used by Angel Grove High School. His class was off on a day trip as part of a class project.

"Are you all right Mr Cook?" he heard Ms Randall ask. She was a tough administrator but did genuinely care for her pupils. Especially those who were part of the football team.

Matt nodded but did not say anything. The dream had been more real than ever and he still didn't know what it meant. Who was calling him and why did they insist on calling him Thomas? Matt didn't know the answer but knew he needed to say something to satisfy Ms Randall.

"I'm sorry ma'am, it was just a bad dream."

Randall looked a bit sceptical, but then nodded and returned to the front of the bus. Matt had been asleep and sometimes teenagers did have weird dreams. Randall took out her notebook and wrote down a memo for the school nurse to arrange an appointment with Mr Cook as soon as possible. The boy had a history of problems and a quiet word to see if he needed to talk word not go amiss.

The strict teacher was replaced by a very concerned-looking Tommy Oliver. "You want to talk about it?" Tommy asked.

Matt sighed, "I'm fine, I just need to get my head together." It wasn't that he disliked Tommy, but things would always be awkward between them: Matt had once been Kimberly Hart's boyfriend before Tommy Oliver had arrived in Angel Grove. And even though he had never held it against Tommy for having good taste, there was just something about the boy and his friends that put Matt on edge.

"You sure?" Tommy asked, unconvinced.

"I'm fine," Matt confirmed, determined not to hold the conversation for any longer than necessary.

His friend nodded and returned to where his girlfriend was waiting. Matt watched them together. Kat was as beautiful as Kimberly had ever been, but he knew Tommy was fooling himself. Kim and Tommy had never really had a future and Kat and Tommy were even less likely to stay together in the long run. He wasn't sure how he knew, but he felt Tommy would be meeting a far more compatible girl down the line.

The Moon, Prime Reality

It had been there for only a moment, just long enough to say: "Hey, look at me!", and then it had faded once more. Most would have ignored it, but to those attuned to the nature of the Morphin Grid, such a spike was like setting off a flare and a siren at the same time. It drew their attention, captured their interest and once they were aware of it, their curiosity would demand that they searched for answers.

"Zeddy, did you feel that?" Rita Repulsa asked.

Lord Zedd did not answer immediately, as he desperately scanned the Earth. As a being granted his power and form from a merger between the remnants of a once powerful demon and a trained avatar of the Morphin Grid, the sudden burst of energy instantly drew his attention.

"How, how is this possible?" he asked. "I know that power, Rita."

"So do I, but it can't be," Rita whispered as she joined her husband. The was a witch, born from a long line of powerful magical users and the human host of the demon Master Vile. And as she was intimately familiar with that particular energy source, she knew at once that it had not been an imagined experience. She also knew that it was impossible. "The Green Ranger is gone, Zeddy. The Power Coin is dormant."

"I just felt it, and so did you," Zedd countered. "You know the feeling of that coin better than anyone. That was your Green Ranger, just as we detected it previously," Zedd insisted as he kept searching for the now-hidden Ranger. "There is only one possibility: Zordon must have found a way to restore the Green Power Coin and a new avatar to use it."

"Without alerting us or telling his precious Rangers?" Rita asked.

"It wouldn't be the first time Zordon has left them in the dark," Zedd commented in a dismissive tone. "Zordon has a way of not telling his Rangers what he's up to. He has held the means to transfer the power since Jason, Zack and Trini departed for that Peace Conference. It's just a question of who he would choose to use it?"

In the Power Chamber, a similar conversation was taking place. A spike of unexpected Morphin energy had set off the carefully aligned sensors without the Power Chamber. But before the computer had been able to trace the source, the energy had vanished again.

"Running a full analysis of the sensor readings now," Alpha V informed his master. "Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi, it can't be!"

"What is it Alpha?" Zordon asked.

"The computer confirmed that it detected a burst of energy from the Morphin Grid. It identified the energy as having the same signature as the Green Rangers," the small robot reported. "But the Green Ranger is gone and we know the location of the Green Power Coin."

Zordon considered what Alpha said, knowing that no one could use that coin following recent events, with the possible exception of Tommy. The Green Power Coin was forever locked to Tommy Oliver's energy signature within the Morphin Grid. A quick check confirmed the coin remained in the dimensional pocket where the Red Zeo Ranger had placed it.

In the back of his mind, he felt that this was an important discovery but wasn't sure what it meant. he recalled the story Jason had told them a short time ago when he was losing his powers and believed that he had seen the Green Ranger. At the time Zordon had been sure it was a side effect from the power drain, perhaps even a symptom of stress. At best, he had felt maybe in his desperation Jason had managed to tap into the Morphin Grid and had drawn forth a protector. Now though he was less certain. He remembered Tom Oliver had planned to remain in Colonial Angel Grove and he had not detected the temporal distortion that would have resulted from such an action. There had also been no evidence that the clone of Tommy Oliver had remained in the present. Which begged the question what had happened to Tom Oliver and his powers?

"Alpha, conduct a full scan of the Power Chamber and its detection array," Zordon instructed. "Then carry out a scan of the Lunar Palace. If both turn out negative, begin a search for the energy signature of Tom Oliver."

The spike might have been the side effect of some scheme Rita and Zedd were devising. But in his heart, Zordon knew that it was not so simple. That energy had been easy to identify because it held the essence of the Green Power Coin and Tom Oliver. And that meant that if the Green Ranger was out there, the balance of power would shift. What troubled him was that if the Green Ranger had chosen to hide from them, that shift might not prove to be in their favour.

~Is it possible Zedd and Rita somehow found a replacement coin?~ he wondered.

If they had Zordon then knew it meant bad news for the Rangers. On the other hand, if this was indeed Tom Oliver, perhaps it could be the answer to a troubling problem. The Gold Ranger Powers had been restored to Trey and the Lord of Triforia had departed a few days earlier for his homeworld. It had proven impossible for Trey, Trent and Travis to reunite, and in the end, it appeared the only hope of achieving reunification would be with the aid of the priests on Triforia.

But the Gold Rangers had been unstable at the time of transfer and had left a significant residue inside Jason. Given that the Gold Ranger's powers had proven not only incompatible with human biology but potentially deadly, Zordon wished to purge any remaining energy from Jason as soon as possible. The wand of the Wizard of Deception could provide the means of doing so.

~And even if Rita or Zedd have found a new conduit to the Morphin Grid, there might be a way to use this development to reverse the damage the Gold Ranger powers caused to Jason and give the Rangers a new ally,~ Zordon thought as he watched Alpha continuing the search.


Matt Cook was confused. That was not a new feeling for him. Many would have put it down to illness, but Matt was not so sure; during the early days of Rita Repulsa, Matt had been just one of her many victims. He had been abducted and used by Rita and used against the Power Rangers. For the plan to succeed, he had been linked to one of her monsters. That link had shown him the identity of the original Rangers and so much more. But it had damaged him mentally and altered his physiology. It had taken months for Matt to recover from his experience as a captive of Rita and her forces. He had seen everything that the impostor Rita sent to replace him had done.

Since his recovery, Matt had been plagued by strange dreams about himself as a Power Ranger. The Green Ranger to be exact. But Matt knew that they were just dreams. Then recently after the news reports that the Green Ranger had once again been spotted in Angel Grove, a new dream had started. The voice he heard in his dream was familiar, but its insistence on calling him Thomas left him confused.

He looked over to where Tommy, Jason, Rocky, Kat and Tanya were sitting. For some reason, Adam had not joined his friends at the back of the bus and was currently engaged in a discussion with Ms Randall.

Realising there was nothing he could do about his dreams at that moment, Matt decided to enjoy the trip. When he returned home he would speak to his parents about a need to talk to a professional. He realised from his experiences with Rita that the villains were constantly watching the Power Rangers and their associates for something they could use. And while he was not certain about the identities of the Rangers since they changed powers, he was not going to be used again by Rita... by anybody.

The Moon

"We need to find out what Zordon is up to," Zedd grumbled as he paced back and forth.

"Please Master, let me accompany a monster to attack the Rangers?" Goldar begged. "When the Green Ranger shows up we can capture him for you."

"Monkey boy has a point," Rita agreed. "Even if he fails to grab the Green Ranger, he might manage to draw him out. And then we will be able to track him. Besides, the worst we can do is aggravate the Rangers."

"Yes, and it seems the former Gold Ranger is there as well. If he gets in the way, perhaps we will have the chance to eliminate him too," Zedd agreed. "A brilliant plan, I'm glad I thought of it."

Zedd considered his options. The Zeo Rangers were on a bus, away from Zordon and with plenty of witnesses. Jason was not with them and since he had returned the Gold Ranger powers to Trey of Triforia, he was unlikely to leap to their aid unless they were desperate; the boy was maintained only a weak link to the Morphin Grid, which in turn offered him very little protection. If there was a possibility that something would draw the Green Ranger, it would be an attack on the other Rangers while they were vulnerable.

"Very well Goldar, attack the Rangers," Zedd ordered as he used his magical sight to seek out something he could use for a monster. He noticed the old box camera on the seat next to the teacher and aimed his staff. "Perfect. Freeze Frame, attack!"

Adam Park had known when he boarded the bus that morning that he should remain near the front. He was not sure why he had felt it so important to do so. Something told him there would be danger ahead. As the bus turned another corner, he saw why. In the middle of the road stood Goldar and a flock of Tengas. Behind them stood what looked like a giant camera on legs. The driver applied the brakes and stopped just short of where Goldar was waiting. Before he could shift into reverse, the simian warrior had managed to thrust his sword through the front grill, wrecking the engine.

Tommy meanwhile had made his way to the back of the bus with Jason and had managed to get the emergency exit open. "This way," he suggested to the other students. As they departed, he joined the other Rangers at the front of the bus.

There was a bright flash outside the vehicle and as the Rangers turned, they discovered their classmates frozen in place. Although part of him worried in case the effects were permanent another part of him was relieved that the Rangers could morph without being seen.

Jason and Tommy were first off the bus, tackling the nearest Tengas. Kat and Tanya were out next followed closely by Rocky and Adam. Whilst Adam tackled Goldar, Rocky squared off against Freeze Frame. Both of the Rangers were able to hold their own for a short time, despite being unmorphed.

"Great, when did Rita and Zedd manage to grow a new flock of Tengas?" Jason asked.

When the Machine Empire had attacked, the Tengas on the Moon had been left for dead by Rita and Zedd. Even after they returned it had become clear that the Machine Empire had done everything in their power to remove all signs Rita and Zedd had ever been on the lunar surface. The evil couple had been forced to seek out new eggs and hatch their Tenga Warriors from scratch.

Just as the Rangers finished dealing with the Tengas, Rito Revolto decided to join the fun. The Rangers soon found themselves losing as the odds shifted against them.

"It's Morphin Time!" Tommy called.

"Zeo Ranger I - Pink," Kat called. Pink spandex formed around her body, padding out where necessary to provide extra protection. On her right hip, her Zeo Pistol formed.

"Zeo Ranger II - Yellow," Tanya cried. Her yellow uniform merged from on top and below, bonding to her skin as her weapon appeared at the waist.

"Zeo Ranger III - Blue," Rocky continued, feeling his body mass increase as the power filled him.

"Zeo Ranger IV - Green," Adam prepared himself for the battle ahead as his suit formed. As the morph finished he drew his Zeo Sword and attacked.

"Zeo Ranger V - Red," Tommy did not think about his next move. Out of instinct, he launched himself in Goldar's direction, catching the monkey as he was trying to sneak up on Tanya.

Jason took a deep breath and mentally crossed his fingers. The Gold Ranger powers had left a small trace of energy in his body when they had returned to Trey. It was a link forged through need and the chances of Jason being able to call on the full power of the Gold Ranger were slim. Still, he hoped he had the strength to transform for a short time. He would not last long in a battle and had agreed to use his powers only in a time of need, Jason felt the situation required the Gold Ranger.

"Gold Ranger Power!"

He found himself dressed in a variation of his normal uniform. The golden shield was there, but instead of the thin composite material he was used to, it was closer to thick foam. He held out his hand expecting to receive the Golden Power Staff but instead received a broadsword. The normally black uniform was dark red.

~Red gold,~ he realised.

He didn't have time to consider the changes as he found himself locked in combat against Rito Revolto.

Matt crouched under the bus watching the fight between the Rangers and Zedd's forces. Freeze Frame's power had incapacitated non-Rangers, but his time in Rita's custody had altered his biology slightly, making him immune to the effects of some monsters. Although this turn of events did confirm the identity of the Power Rangers - he had never been certain after the originals departed.

Matt watched as the Pink and Yellow Zeo Rangers finished off the few Tengas that Rita and Zedd had sent as reinforcements. They flipped back to join Blue and Green Zeo battling the monster. Tommy meanwhile was having fun with Goldar. The Red Zeo Ranger had fought the simian monster so many times they knew each other's moves in advance. With a quick punch, Tommy sent the monkey to the ground and moved in for the kill.

If Tommy was having fun with Goldar then Jason was enjoying himself even more. The Gold Ranger thrust his sword through the Alien's rib before kicking him away. Jason readied his sword to strike again but stopped unexpectedly.

Matt watched as the Gold Ranger doubled over, groaning in pain. His uniform began to flicker and Matt felt a wave of sympathy for the fallen Ranger. He remembered the feeling of hopelessness during his time as Rita's prisoner. The look of desperation on Jason's face as the teen realised he was helpless, was a look Matt remembered seeing in the mirror for months after his ordeal. When he saw Rito move in for the kill, he knew he had to do something, but what?

"Let me introduce you to my Flashgun," Freeze Frame told the four Rangers attacking him.

A transparent cube appeared in Freeze Frame's hand and as he turned it, the cube flashed brightly. With each turn, one of the Rangers was frozen in place. Laughing maniacally he produced a length of film and whipped the disabled Rangers. The Rangers' suits sparked as they were thrown backwards by the whip. There was a loud sucking noise as the Rangers were pulled inside Freeze Frame. He pointed his finger and four black and white copies of the Rangers were created.

Tommy leapt through the air, drawing his Zeo V Power Sword as he did so. He pointed the blade down towards the spot where Goldar lay. The simian raised his sword and knocked the Red Ranger aside. Tommy rolled with the blow and adjusted his stance to land safely. He was upright immediately, his sword at the ready for Goldar's follow-up attack.

But it was not Goldar who attacked. The copies, which Freeze Frame had created, jumped past the armoured monkey and lunged at the Red Ranger, each ready to rip him to pieces. Off to one side, Tommy noticed Rito was busy hacking at an unmoving Gold Ranger, the latter glowing with a green light. He couldn't make a move to help his friend though because at that moment the copies pounced on him.

Matt was growing desperate. He needed to do something but had no idea what he should do. He didn't think for a moment he had a chance against the Tengas; he knew he didn't stand a chance against Goldar. But he needed to act or one of the Rangers would die. That was unacceptable. He moved as quietly as possible, but a Tenga spotted his movement and suddenly he was a target. Then the world around him turned green and he saw the Green Ranger standing in front of him.


A green lightning bolt shot from the sky, striking the copies. The duplicates disappeared as quickly as they had been created.

Matt felt the hairs on his skin stand on end as the lightning struck the ground around him. It wasn't really lightning, just a manifestation of the Power, but Matt was not a Ranger and could only look on in wonder. Another bolt of lightning forked across the sky, it changed from light green to a darker shade before striking the Green Ranger. An advanced Blade Blaster formed at his hip and the familiar Dragon Dagger appeared in his waiting hand. Matt's eyes were drawn to the dagger and watched as it was transformed into a powerful-looking sword. On the hilt was the head of the Dragon, complemented by the inscription of a dragon's claw on the blade.

Finally, the golden shield, which had protected the Green Ranger for many years formed on the Ranger's shoulders. Matt had the impression that it could shift between a compact armour and a thick material that while resistant was extremely flexible, although he had no idea where that knowledge came from. Thinking back he could remember battles where the shield had looked different.

Matt allowed himself a sigh of relief as the Green Ranger charged into battle. It seemed he was not going to have to put himself in danger after all.

Goldar and Rito exchanged a worried glance as they saw the first lightning bolt. Tommy was slowly picking himself up, his legs a little rubbery. They had not seen the other lightning bolt and were looking around for the source of the lightning.

Tommy turned in time to see a green figure leap from the top of the bus, striking Goldar and Rito with a single blow. The figure ignored the Red Zeo Ranger, turning his attention to Freeze Frame. Leaping into the air a second time the Green Ranger produced a sword and stabbed the monster through the lens.

In a bright flash of light, the four remaining Zeo Rangers were freed of the monster's power. The green figure turned to where the Rangers lay and pointed his sword. The spell preventing Zordon from teleporting them vanished and the six Rangers were removed from danger.

With Tommy and the others safe, Green Ranger attacked again. He connected with a blow to all three monsters, causing them to retreat, and leaving the rest of the students frozen in place.

As soon as the Rangers appeared in the Power Chamber, Tommy ripped off his helmet, desperately gasping for breath. When he finally had the strength to look at his mentor he asked the question on everybody's mind.

"Zordon, who was that?"

"I am not certain," Zordon replied. "Alpha and I detected the energy of the Green Ranger earlier today, but we were unable to determine its source. We detected the same energy signature during your battle, but even though the Green Ranger appeared, he vanished immediately after he rescued you; we have now been unable to find him again."

"What if he's not on our side?" Rocky asked, remembering the first time he had been face-to-face with the Green Ranger.

"If he was against us, he would not have stopped Rito from chopping me up," Jason replied from where he was being checked by Alpha. Of all the Rangers, Jason had the most experience when it came to the Green Ranger... with the obvious exception of Tommy.

"Whoever it is," Tommy said. "We can't just let him fight alone, he will need help and we could use the help. Are you with me guys?"

Tanya and Kat had been watching the Viewing Globe to see if the other students had returned to normal. Usually, the monster's death would have reversed the effects of any spells they had used. The fact the students and teacher remained frozen meant Freeze Frame was still alive.

"What do we do?" Kat asked.

"Unfortunately Katherine, we will need to wait for Freeze Frame to return. The computer says that is the only way to free them." Zordon silently hoped it would not take too long.

The Moon

"How dare you show your faces in here?!" Zedd bellowed as Rito, Goldar and Freeze Frame appeared in his throne room. "You were told to destroy either the Green Ranger or the Gold Ranger and you could not even manage that!"

"It wasn't my fault Ed," Rito protested, "Goldar ran first."

"He is lying my Lord," Goldar grovelled as he entered the room. "I would never run from a battle. Give me another chance to bring you victory."

"Silence!" Zedd commanded. "You are both useless."

Faster than Rito could have imagined Zedd turned and struck him with the tip of his staff. Rito's head fell to the ground and the evil monarch watched as his brother-in-law tried to find it again. "Let that be your final warning, my name is Zedd, not Ed!" Satisfied that he could continue Zedd turned back to the other two monsters. "And as for you Goldar... this wretched planet has corrupted you. This is not the bold leader of the Pack who vowed his allegiance. Your snivelling cowardice will no longer be tolerated."

Zedd aimed his staff at the grovelling simian, and a blast of energy hit the golden monkey. Goldar appeared to grow larger, his fangs sharper and for a moment Zedd feared he had gone too far. Then he remembered that this was simply a stream of dark energy to reinvigorate the evil that lurked within Goldar's heart, countering the effects of long-term exposure to the Earth.

"Thank you, Lord Zedd," Goldar said at last. He rose from the floor and bowed to Rita, who until that point had remained in the background. "Lady Rita, how may I serve you?"

"Zeddy, this might be the best thing you have ever done," Rita laughed happily.

Zedd finally turned to Freeze Frame. "You have failed to carry out your mission. Return to the bus and destroy those wretched humans. If we cannot have victory, we will settle for fun. If the Rangers return, destroy them!

Freeze Frame bowed and disappeared from the throne room, leaving Rita with a shocked expression on her face.

"You let him go, just like that?" she asked angrily.

Zedd groaned at the beginning of yet another argument.

Matt awoke next to the school bus and found the Green Ranger was gone. The teens he knew as the Power Rangers were also missing; his classmates, teacher, and the bus driver remained frozen in place. Not for the first time, Matt wondered if he was delusional and just imagining the strange happenings of Angel Grove. For now, his survival instincts screamed at him to remain still and hope the Rangers returned before Rita and Zedd decided to send another monster down to finish the job.

Of course, his luck would not be that good. Freeze Frame reappeared next to the school bus and a quick push sent the vehicle off the road, giving him a clear shot at the helpless humans still frozen in place following his Flashgun attack.


Luckily it seemed the Power Rangers were not far behind as the Red Zeo Ranger landed two fierce kicks before switching to the Zeo V Power Sword. He soon replaced the Zeo V Power Sword in its subspace pocket and launched himself at the monster for a second time. He looked up as his five teammates joined the battle.

"Okay guys, let's show him the power of teamwork," Red Zeo said, gesturing for the Rangers to get into position.

Tommy and Jason produced their swords and ran at their fellow Rangers. Kat and Tanya had crouched down with their hands ready to act as a step for their fellow Rangers. As Tommy and Jason stepped on their hands Kat and Tanya pushed them into the air. Tommy and Jason found themselves landing horizontally on Adam and Rocky, who had stretched their arms upwards to receive their leaders. Tommy and Jason held their swords pointed towards Freeze Frame. Kat and gathering gave them a push to send both the Rangers into the monster.

Tommy's Zeo Power Sword disarmed the monster whilst Jason used his sword to pierce the monster's lens. Freeze Frame fell back, his lens exploding in a shower of sparks, releasing the spell in the process.

"This isn't over yet Rangers," Freeze Frame promised. "It's time to get big!"

The Rangers were having a tough time dealing with Freeze Frame. The giant-sized monster had survived the Zords' strongest attacks and was still standing. The new Flashgun in his hand had paralysed the Zeo Megazord and Warrior Wheel, leaving only the Super Zeo Megazord and Red Battlezord to fight.

"It's times like this I miss Pyramidas," Jason noted from the Super Zeo Megazord's cockpit. He had taken over from Tommy while the team leader piloted his own Zord.

The monster aimed his lens at the two disabled Zords, pulling them inside and producing two black and white copies. As the monster stepped back, the copies attacked, taking the Rangers by surprise.

The copy of the Zeo Megazord threw the Warrior Wheel into the Red Battlezord for the third time, causing the Battlezord to crash to the ground in a shower of sparks. The Super Zeo Megazord found itself on the receiving end of a blast from the copy Megazord's cannon.

Jason had even tried calling forth Auric the Conqueror in the hope the mystical warrior could help them. Auric had fought well for a short time, but facing two foes soon caused him to retreat into his Tiki.

Freeze Frame recalled the copy Zords back into himself, deciding to finish the Rangers personally. Summoning a sword he stood over the fallen Zords and prepared to finish the job he had started only half an hour before.

A lone figure teleported to the Angel Grove docks and held his hand out towards the spot where the Dragonzord lay sleeping. "Time to wake up old friend."

In his hand appeared the fully charged morpher of the Green Ranger. He looked at it for a moment and then teleported to the bus where he had last seen the monster. As he arrived, he saw the Rangers' Megazords being hit by two other Zords. The monster had called his copy Zords and dumped the captured Zords on the ground.

He watched as Freeze Frame drew a sword and moved in to finish the job. Without a second thought, he pulled out his morpher, no longer worried about who knew his location. "Dragonzord!"

As his green armour finished forming he had already drawn his sword. Pointing it at the sky, he concentrated on the sleeping Zord deep beneath the sea. A connection formed between the Ranger and the mighty machine, the power telling him how to call the Zord.

"I need Dinozord power, now!"

In his mind, he could hear the sound of the Dragon Flute, summoning his old companion to the fight. As the Zord drew near, he leapt into the cockpit, taking control.

"Warrior Wheel is offline, Zeo Megazord and Red Battlezord will take time to restore and the Super Zeo Megazord is out of power," Tanya reported.

"How about forming the Zeo MegaBattlezord or just separating for individual attacks?" Jason asked.

"No good," Adam replied. "We haven't got enough power. I doubt we could even summon Cannon Power and aim the helmet."

"Defender Wheel is operational," Kat told them. "But unless we can get upright it's trapped inside the Phoenix."

A familiar sound filled the air, causing Tommy, Jason, Rocky and Adam to look towards the sky. "Did you hear that?" Adam asked.

"It sounded like..." Jason began.

"It can't be..." Rocky said, wishing it were possible.

"Look!" Tanya called.

"Is that?" Kat asked, looking at Tommy.

"Dragonzord," Tommy said as he watched his first Zord make its way towards them.

Freeze Frame stood over the Red Battlezord, his sword pointed towards the cockpit. One simple thrust and the Red Ranger and his Zord would be history. He listened briefly to the Rangers trying to find a way to fight back. He laughed as he heard one of the Rangers find a solution and in the same breath realised it was impossible. Lifting his sword a bit higher he prepared to thrust.

Then he heard the sound all monsters were able to recognise. It was a call for help, a shout of warning and a greeting to friends. It was the sound of the Dragon Flute. For a moment Freeze Frame shrugged off the fear he had felt. A moment later it was back as he heard the Dragonzord roar, and watched as the Green Ranger jumped into his Zord.

It had taken him a while to reacquaint himself with the Zord. Just as his uniform had changed so had the Dragonzord. Its tail drill had been modified, so in addition to the normal spinning attack, two blades could extend to provide an extra edge. He looked at the controls and noticed three new controls along with an empty slot where the control stick used to be.

The power told him to insert his sword into the slot. As he did so, the Zord came alive and moved towards the threat.

"Fire!" Green Ranger commanded.

The arm rockets fired, striking the monster and causing it to fly back away from the Rangers. He waited until the monster stood again and then used the new tail blade to smash him across the face before using the drill to smash the lens.

Freeze Frame retaliated, striking the Dragonzord's chest with his sword. Green Ranger pushed the first button on his control board. The arms of the Dragonzord extended outward, hitting Freeze Frame in the chest. The head and neck changed position as the Zord's body dropped forward so it was standing on four legs. The Dragonzord's mouth opened, releasing a fireball at the monster.

Freeze Frame screamed in pain as the fire started to burn him. He turned back towards his attacker and froze at the sight of something it hadn't seen before.

"Turtle Battle Dragonzord, online!" Green Ranger cried.

Green Ranger pressed the second button on his control panel and pulled the control stick back. The Dragonzord reverted to biped form. The Zord's tail inserted into the ground lifting it into the air. The arms and legs were pulled into the body as they had when forming the Battle Dragonzord.

From nearby the lumbering form of Tor, the Shuttle Zord moved into view and converted to stand upright. The top split from the bottom, which had transformed into a pair of legs. The Dragonzord dropped into place on top of the legs to form the body and head, the top part of Tor split in half from top to bottom, both halves transforming and connecting to the body as arms. Finally, the Dragonzord's tail transformed to form the lance the Rangers had once used as part of the old Battle Dragonzord combination.

With a final effort, Freeze Frame howled and charged the giant Zord. Lightning struck the lance, feeding power into it. The Zord lifted the lance into the air and drove the point into the charging monster.

As the Rangers watched, Freeze Frame exploded, simultaneously restoring the bus and its passengers to their previous state. As the students woke up, they noticed the four Megazords lying on the floor with the Turtle Battle Dragonzord standing over them. Knowing this was bad for public relations, Green Ranger used his Zord to help the Red Battlezord and Super Zeo Megazord back to their feet, at the same time recharging the remaining Zords with enough energy to teleport back to their holding bay.

Satisfied that the job was finished he pulled the sword from the control board, sending his Zords back to their hiding places before he too faded from view just as Tommy and company emerged from the bus where they had been frozen.

"Alright students," Ms Randall said, taking a final look at the wrecked monster in front of them and thankful the Power Rangers had been here to help. "I think we should head back to Angel Grove High. The trip will have to wait for another day." Luckily in the aftermath of the attack, the bus had been restored to its previous condition.

"Enough," Zedd bellowed, causing his wife to shrink back. "Freeze Frame was a poor attempt at a monster, but he deserved his chance. If he had succeeded, all the better. He failed, as expected, so it no longer matters. Something has changed Rita, I can feel it. There has been a shift in the balance of the Morphin Grid. Its dark side has become stronger than I remember. The Green Ranger returning is a sign that the Grid has also sensed the change and is attempting to restore the balance. This is something we can use to our advantage."

"Then perhaps Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa... I can be of service."

Power Chamber, Later

With Alpha's help, Adam and the others had finally managed to restore the Zords to fighting condition. The Warrior Wheel was still offline, but they hoped it would be repaired by the next day. In the meantime, the main discussion had been about the Green Ranger.

"Do you have any idea who he is?" Tommy asked Zordon when Rocky, Adam, Kat and Tanya had left.

"No Tommy," Zordon replied. "During the battle, I was unable to learn his identity or trace him when the fighting concluded."

Listening to the conversation Jason remembered something he had meant to ask earlier, "Zordon, why did my uniform change?"

"There are three reasons why this had happened," Zordon told him. "First, the Gold Ranger Powers were designed for Trey, you were never their true owner so they kept the form Trey had selected. The power you are using now is based partly on your connection to Trey's power and partly on your link to the Morphin Grid. Therefore the Power allowed you to make a few changes so you were comfortable."

"Secondly, your powers are weaker and providing the full Gold Ranger suit would drain them faster. The sword will help you to make up for the lack of defence with a more effective offence."

"Finally, I believe that the Ranger powers are constantly adapting to new situations. These changes you experienced could well be a part of those adaptations."

"Oh," Jason said as he teleported out of the Power Chamber with Tommy.

Once he was sure they were alone, Zordon turned his attention to Alpha. "Have you completed the scans yet?"

"Yes Zordon, but I cannot detect any unusual energy readings on the Moon," Alpha replied. "Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi, the computer says that Rita and Zedd have gone!"

Zordon double-checked Alpha's findings and discovered he was correct. He checked the remains of Machine Empire and found they were where he expected them to be. ~Perhaps something has happened and Earth is safe again,~ he thought. He doubted this was the case, but it never hurt to hope.

He silently watched as his Rangers went on with their lives, happy they had survived another fight. "Alpha, if you need me, I will be meditating," he said as he teleported away. "He had a sense that something was wrong and the disappearance of Rita and Zedd was just the beginning.

Alpha continued to work as the Power Chamber went dark, the little machine happy the Rangers were safe and away from the fighting.

End of Part

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