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State of Flux

The Power Rangers and their allies were too late, Minion's insane gamble paid off and existence ceased to be. But in the darkness a single reality remained, shifting in time and space, reflecting the many realities that had been lost; sustained by what remained of the Great Power.

Now the task falls to a team of heroes who never wanted to become saviours to accept the role that fate bestowed upon them. Will these unlikely guardians of what remains succeed to restore what had come before, especially when they realise the cost?

Shatter Point

The Brink of Destruction

The starting point

The Rebirth

What lay shattered had been restored.

After the Fact


The Great Power exploded and Reality was lost. Time stopped and the Multiverse died. So what happened next?

Loose Ends

Reality was destroyed and then restored in less than a second. But not everything was restored and eight of the greatest heroes the universe never knew were left without a home. Fortunately somebody was prepared to change the world to give them a fresh start.

Thrill of the Night

Jeff Kincaid has had an awful life. Then he met Mark Kinega and entered the world of the Night Rangers. Suddenly his old life didn't seem so bad.

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