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Dark Season
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The forces of darkness have been unleashed across the universe as the Grand Monarch of Evil begins a campaign that will see the forces of light crumbled before him. And with a previously forgotten villain masterminding his own schemes, can the defenders of the planet Earth hold back the growing darkness knowing that ultimately their world is the prize sought by villains old and new?

With Rita, Zedd, the Machine Empire and Divatox assigned elsewhere, Earth looked to enjoy a period of peace. But with only the servants of Queen Bansheera to worry about, the Rangers cannot afford to let their guard down. For there are some willing to take the opportunity to claim the planet for their own. In a time of uncertainty where not everything is as clear as it was before and in order to survive, the Heroes of Earth need to prepare for the changes to come before it is too late.

With the odds against them and the stakes growing greater, in the end it might be a question of what the Rangers are willing to sacrifice to win the day.

The Next Scoop

Things have been a little quiet in Peter Parker's life. But a new story for the Daily Bugle might be just what he needs.

The Iron Bat Man?

When the Avengers and JLA were closed down, Tony Stark decided to share his armour with some of his fellow heroes. And just what is going on with the Joker?

Lightspeed: Hunt and Rescue

In an attempt to extend Lightspeed's limited ability to hunt down Queen Bansheera's forces and rescue those in need beyond the limited scope of Mariner Bay, Captain Mitchell decided it was time to seek out additional support: the International Rescue Force and the Demon Hunters.

Ch'rell Shock, The Shredder Returns

The Shredder was defeated by the Power Rangers and faded from sight. Where did he go? What has he been up to? Is he even the Shredder? There are secrets that the supposed ninja master has been keeping from even his closest follower Oroku Saki. And it seems that part of that secret relates to Saki's own link to the title of The Shredder.

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