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Shadow Ranger's Fanfiction

A Taste of Things to Come

The Silver Zeo Saga

Endings and New Beginnings

United Psychos No More

In an Ideal World

Lure of Silver

Secrets Revealed

Acceptance of Destiny

The Fires of Olympus

Fires of Olympus Part 1

Fires of Olympus Part 2

Fires of Olympus Part 3

Fires of Olympus Part 4

Embers of the Flame

Cyber Wars

Cyber Wars Part 1 - Welcome to North Valley

Cyber Wars Part 2 - War on two fronts

Prelude to Minion's Legacy

King of Fighters'95

Training Days

Crossroads of Evil - Part 1

Crossroads of Evil - Part 2

The KOF Tournament as started and the forces of light and darkness are about to learn some valuable lessons.

Crossroads of Evil - Part 3

Crossroads of Evil - Part 4

Crossroads of Evil - Part 5

Crossroads of Evil - Part 6

Crossroads of Evil - Part 7

The Liberation of Aquitar

Mission Accepted


High Treason

Failure or Regroup

Live by the Sword...

... Die by the Sword

Killing Blows

Mission Complete


The Ravalox Chamber

Trials and Wars

Lost Galaxy

The First Step of the Journey

Minion's Legacy

Primal Conflict

Shifts in Reality

Deceptions and Capture

The Abhorrence of a Vacuum

Atrocities in the Name of Evil

Selection of a Lunar Wolf


The Lost Kingdom


The Final Conflict

In Space

The Lone Ranger

Unique Meetings

Rebirth of the Astros


The Journey

Pasts and Futures

The Midnight Hour

Every decision has a consequence. Sometimes the consequences of those actions are not felt until years or decades have passed. But in the end, the losses must be adjusted or the balance will be lost. As the Midnight Hour approaches, a small group must face up to the choice they made long ago and decide if they are willing to pay a price they had never been told.

Prologue: History Revisited

The more times you study something, the more you discover. History is very much the same.

Countdown to Destruction

The Midnight Hour approaches when all shall cease. Tommy, Jason and the rest of their teams must face up to consequences of the decisions. Will they change their minds or will they have the conviction to stand by their previous choice?

A New Day

Hope and luck are all that are needed to spark the spark. The Midnight Hour has passed and as the dawn approaches, everything that survived must step boldly onward.

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